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Posts from — June 2009

The Thomas Recipe for Opiate Detox

I’ve heard a few people talk about using the “Thomas Recipe” for detoxing from opiates. Most of the herbs and drugs that are part of that regimen can be found right here on our own post about drugs for detox, but I thought I’d put the recipe up here too since it follows a specific set of instructions.... continue

June 11, 2009   935 Comments

No Painkillers: Pain Management Techniques Part 1

I’ve received more than a few emails from opiate dependent folks who suffer from chronic pain. The thought of living a life without narcotics is hard for them to swallow, but more often than not, they’ve reached out to me because the pills no longer work.... continue

June 10, 2009   17 Comments

Lofexidine; The New Treatment Alternative?

I thought I’d open up discussion about a new drug that’s most likely going to hit the market in the coming years, called lofexidine. It’s a hypertensive, very similar in structure to clonidine, but supposedly more effective at curbing WD’s and for a longer duration.... continue

June 4, 2009   5 Comments

Vicodin (Opiate) Tolerance Development

I recently read an article about opiate tolerance, and there was a quote from it that addressed a problem we’ve all encountered in one way or another.... continue

June 3, 2009   6 Comments

Opiates and the Immune System

I’m always reluctant to write about medically related topics, because I don’t want to represent anything incorrectly. Since I’m not a Doctor, I try not to give any medical advice so I don’t steer anybody in the wrong direction. With this post I’m just going to give you my experience and what little I know about how opiates like vicodin affect the immune system.... continue

June 2, 2009   30 Comments