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The Opiate Withdrawal Survival Kit Part 2: Drugs for Detox

The Kick Pack
I remember when I was younger, there was a clinic by my house that would give patients an opiate withdrawal “kick pack” to help them with their detox. You had to sign all of this paperwork, much like the methadone clinics of today, and then they’d give you this little kit full of drugs that you could use to detox with. I personally never got the thing, but I’d heard that it had stuff in it like, Darvocet (warning: do not use Darvocet/Darvon/Propoxyphene), Clonidine, and maybe some Valium or other tranquilizer. Ideally, you want to get through your detox without having to resort to using any other drugs, but sometimes that’s either too difficult, or just not feasible. If you believe in harm reduction, then this post is for you. If you think that a good detox is one that is completely “cold turkey,” then that is understandable, and more power to you…go for it!

Anyway, throughout the years, I kind of created my own kick pack, that helped me get through my withdrawals. It really varied depending on what I had available at the time.

Several participants in the comment section of this site have recommended Kratom as a great aid for withdrawal. I’ve personally tried it myself, and can vouch that it works very much like other opiates because the main ingredient targets the same areas of the brain. The downside is that there haven’t been many studies into the plant, so use it at your own risk. Kratom is legal in the US, so it can be purchased without any problem. I’m not sure how long that will last though. There are several online sites that sell the stuff. There are several online sites that sell the stuff. ArenaEthnobotanicals was mentioned as a good resource.

Over the Counter Remedies
There are a ton of over the counter herbal type remedies that will help you out during the final stages of your withdrawal. They are usually worthless during the initial stages, just because none of them are powerful enough to have any impact when your symptoms are at their worst.

With that said, you might want to give Withdrawal-Ease a try. It’s a combination of a bunch of plants and herbs like, passion flower, cayenne, ginger, milk thistle, l-tyrosine, magnesium, and a whole list of other ingredients. The price is pretty decent too. You’d probably pay much more if you were to buy all the supplements individually.

Herbs like Valerian, Kava Kava and Chamomile all have relaxing effects on the body and mind. Valerian has actually been a great stress reliever and sleep aid for me since I’ve been sober. It’s closely related to benzodiazepines, which include the above mentioned tranquilizers.

The weed was really more for the mental anguish that came as a by product of detox. When you’re coming off of vicodin, you’re chemicals are all out of whack so depression is a major symptom. I used to get very depressed for those first few days, and actually even stayed depressed for months. There were times when I felt like I would snap, but smoking a joint really helped ease my thoughts enough to where I didn’t feel like using opiates again. So if you can get a hold of some good bud, then I would recommend you include that as part of your kick pack, but remember that your ultimate goal is to get clean. Don’t let the weed become another drug that you end up having to withdraw from. You’ll get stuck in a horrible cycle of using one drug to kick another.

The next drug that has been known to help with opioid withdrawal is Clonidine. Clonidine is a antihypertensive, so basically it helps to reduce your blood pressure which usually spikes during a detox. The Clonidine helps with the chills and hot flashes that can be horrible in and of themselves. I’ve personally never tried Clonidine but I’ve talked to people who have used the Catapres patch, and they said it worked wonders for them. There are however some dangers involved, so be sure to do your research on this.

There are a few other prescription opioid drugs that have been clinically proven to help you kick the habit like Buprenorphine and Methadone, but I’m going to have an entirely separate post for both of those drugs so stay tuned.

Tranquilizers like Valium, Xanax and Clonopin can all work wonders for the stress and anxiety involved with a kick, but withdrawing from those drugs can be even worse, so again, proceed with caution.

All the drugs in this post are options that you can use to minimize the unpleasantness of withdrawal, however, they are not meant to be used as substitutes. If you’re dedicated to getting clean and staying that way, you should resolve to eliminate your dependence on any of these drugs as soon as you’re able to lead a normal life. That way you can be sure that you’ll never have to go through something like this again.


1 Vicodin Withdrawal » The Opiate Withdrawal Survival Kit Part 3: The Detox { 08.09.08 at 12:13 am }

[...] that we’ve talked about how to prepare, and what detox medications you can use to help with your withdrawal, it’s time to get through the actual detox [...]

2 James { 09.29.08 at 10:23 am }

This is the FIRST on hands, approach to detox I’ve read, at it makes complete sense..
Being a strapping 240 Lb police officer who is also HIV positive for 22 yrs at 47 yrs of age, I became addictive to opioid’s from the long term effects of standing peripheral nueropathy from my job.
Now with Entry Inhibitors for HIV such as the combination as Insentress and Intellence the life expectancy of people like me is a reality.
I was needle stuck during a drug bust during the late 80′s then Firist given Hyrocodine and later as symptoms from HIv infection increased I needed the care of pain management specialist, fortunately for me he is a surgeon too, that has stretched my responsibility in progression through different opiods in strength
But I have considered detox since small resistivity of HIV are being removed from my body month to month down to smallest lymph node and I am left with detox as the next hurtle and I have no plans to beat my self up over it, I love the detox centers approach, Here go to group and hold this magic crystal, it will help!
If retirement to smoke pot a factor so be it, I ‘m on the same page with you on that, shitting and sweating oneself to death, be there done that as they say!

3 admin { 10.05.08 at 12:14 am }

Thanks so much for the comment, and sorry I didn’t get to this one quicker.

I’m a big advocate for taking the road that works best for you. I really don’t like cookie cutter approaches to detox, because the truth is, that there is no one answer.

Given your circumstances, I would be hard pressed to tell you that you shouldn’t take whatever you need to help you with what you’re going through. Who am I to try and push any one particular solution on anyone, and that’s the kind of stuff that irks me about some traditional forms of detox therapy.

That’s why I just tell my story here, and hope it helps someone else out. It makes me real happy to hear comments like yours.

Thanks again James. I wish you the best in your journey. I would say stay strong, but I have a feeling you already know how to do that.

God bless

4 Heather Leigh { 10.11.08 at 7:55 pm }

Today is day one of going to bed with no pills,and i am terrified. i have been on percocet, morophine, lorocet, oxycontin, and whatever else came along for two years. i have legitamate pain due to herniated and degeverated discs, also nerve damage to my neck and back. i have been entirely out of control. enough is enough and i want to know what my true pain level is. as of yet i have suffered only mild sweats and bathroom runs. xanax helps, as does the green. i did wean myself for almost 2 weeks using lower doses of methadone. i am hoping that i will not suffer horribly. now i just want to say “what do i do now?” wish me well and my advice to all is to wean as much as possible with whatever you may have and pray.

5 Heather Leigh { 10.11.08 at 7:58 pm }

I do believe that this website is very helpful, if for no other reason than to know that you are not alone and that others have gone before you.

6 Mike { 01.11.09 at 2:21 pm }

Ive taken pain pills for the last two years. Ive never had a scrip so ive probably spent over 10 grand on pils being that the street value of these things are a dollar a mg. ive gone throught the wd symptoms probabyly 20 times in the last two years and i admit they suck, but honestly during the symptoms ive had to get up and work everyday and suck it up which is probably the rerason why i think all of you are cry babys. i mean really if you feel bad and you lay in bed all day you will feel worse. get the heck up move around and honestly force yourself to workout. i pefer wieght training. believe me after the first five minutes you wont want to stop because youll be releasing endorphines. i admit the withdrawals suck but i never thought they sucked that bad untill i read all the horror storys from people on these web sites, Ive realized its only as bad as you let yourself believe it is. I gauruntee if you get up in the morning (this honestly really is the worst part) and eat a healthy breakfast drink a cup of coffee(this can suck later…) hop in the shower then work out hard as possible for a half hour you will feel great all day not 100% but a hell of a lot better. just do it, i know it sucks but ive never laid in bed for a week feeling sorry for myself. i do get a syptom that noone else gets though… my throught gets so itchy and it feels like somthing prickly is in there? this honeslt sucks worse then the body pains, any recomendations? i hope i helped someone

7 admin { 01.13.09 at 9:58 pm }

Hi Mike,

Although I think your opinion on using your mind to help you through WD’s is valid, I know for a fact that your comments about everyone here being a “bunch of babies” is way off.

Opiate withdrawal is never the same across all individuals, and you definitely can’t expect everyone to handle it the same way. Spend a little more time reading my comments, and you’ll see that I give encouragement to all my readers to “stay strong” to the best of their ability without calling them a bunch of babies. There are some who have an endorphin deficiency to begin with, so imagine how those folks feel when they wake up from a nice kick. A kick that a little coffee might not help.

Nobody is telling you to feel sorry for yourself, that’s self-defeating and discouraged on this site. However, some people might not have the mental strength that you have, so the best way to get through to them is to help them, not by chastising them.

With that said, I’ve never heard of the itchy throat, that’s a first for me. I do remember getting this feeling that I had like a “loogy” stuck back there. Maybe that’s it. Either way, doesn’t sound like fun.

8 Steve { 01.30.09 at 7:21 pm }

There is a lot of medicinal help at your local drug store. Imodium AD, Benadryl, Dramamine (occasionally) Potassium, Asprin, vitamin b6, and detox tea is all very good to have on hand during these times. I’m using all of these and have been for over 10 days now. Fortunately I was able to get some Clonidine and Atavan from my doctor. Also it never hurts to go the ER if the w/ds start to become unbearable, they can get you through the night. And remember that physical withdrawals can last up to and around 21 days.. so be prepared for anything. Good luck all.

9 Lisa { 02.02.09 at 5:10 pm }

First, let me say, thank you to those that have created and maintained this site. It has been very helpful to me. I started taking pain pills 4.5 yrs. ago. Although they are not prescribed to me on a regular basis, they are or were readily available to me. I started taking them, innocently enough, for pain due to migraines and back pain (L4, L5 herniated discs). Unfortunately, along the way, I found that the opiates gave me the energy & ambition I needed to cope with my massively over stressed and over worked lifestyle. Unlike the alcohol I used to abuse moderatly (I was never a true alcoholic) that relaxed me & helped me get away from all the stress in my life, the pain meds actually enhanced my performance and best of all – no hangover – or so I thought! After being without meds a number of times over the past 4.5 years, I can honestly say that opiate withdrawals are one thousand times worse than the worst handover I’ve ever had. This leads me to my reason for writing; I’d like to respond to Mike’s post above.

First off, Mike, you admittedly, have only been taking the pain pills for two years, correct? Second, I’d be interested to know how many you take on a daily basis (mgs) and what opiate pain pill you take (your drug of choice, so to speak)? The reason I ask is if you are able to do all that you say and basically mind over matter your withdrawals, I’d have to imagine that your habit isn’t too severe – that you are taking a lesser opiate, lesser quanitity and/or for lesser periods of time, than many that have posted. To call these people, myself included, babies or say that we should just suck it up is ridiculous. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve been in the throws of withdrawals where I just wanted to kill myself and said to myself, “why can’t you just suck it up and get out of bed?” Sadly it’s just not possible. Let me also tell you, that like you, I’ve NEVER been one to stay in bed all day. Even before opiates, I’ve always been a very active type A personality who could no more stand to spend a day in bed than you. Part of the reason the whole withdrawal process is so damn difficult for me is that I stress over getting out of bed, however, just cannot physically do it, no matter how hard I try.

If you had the level of addiction, or were taking the amounts or types of pain meds that I and many are taking, I highly doubt you would be getting up and going to work every day. I don’t collect disability, I’m not independently wealthy, and I have to get up and work all day and take care of a family. I, however, cannot do this when I am going through withdrawals. Most of us can’t. I’m fortunate to have an understanding employer who knows my problem and is helping me to get off of these damn things. I agree that if you feel bad, lay in bed all day, you will feel worse, however, if everytime you get out of bed you are throwing up, have explosive diahrrea, feel like your head is going to pop off your body and explode and your entire body feels like you just got run over by a truck, sorry, babe, but you’re stuck in that bed, unless, of course, you can make it to the tub for a hot soak (which by the way, does help).

I also agree with you about working out, but belittling people for not being able to do it is highly insensitive. Moderate excercise when and if it is possible will, of course, help with withdrawals, and usually after my fifth day I’m able to get out of bed and start moving around a bit – short walks and the like – and it does help, however, doing that during days 1 – 4? IMPOSSIBLE!

.”i admit the withdrawals suck but i never thought they sucked that bad untill i read all the horror storys from people on these web sites, Ive realized its only as bad as you let yourself believe it is.”

The quote above from your post is the important part Mike. THE WITHDRAWALS DO SUCK THAT BAD for most people! It’s not an issue of mind over matter, as you assume. I can only imagine that you are very lucky to not have nearly the addiction that many of us have and if that’s the case you should save yourself while you can and never touch another opiate again! I can guarantee you, if you continue taking them and building a higer tolerance/taking stronger opiates, in about a few years time or so, you’ll want to be retracting this post for sure!

I don’t think your post has really helped anyone. Perhaps if you had suggested your method of getting out of bed and working out without, at the same time, insulting those of us who are sick as hell, depressed already, and in need of support, your post would have been beneficial, however, I would imagine most, like me, will see it as the post of a less ‘experienced’ user who is living in denial.

Do yourself a favor now – get out of the pain med game while you can – I promise you the lack of difficulty you are having with w/d now will only get worse the longer you use!


“Birds sing after a storm, why shouldn’t we?” – Rose Kennedy

10 Stayathomemommy { 02.18.09 at 3:56 am }

I have been on many different pain meds for a couple of years and could easily go through 20 tablets a day. I have lost alot along the way such as time with my kids while being sober and the trust of my husband of whom i never confided in until i had to be rushed to the hospital. I have realized how this use has affected my children especially my oldest son who is 16 years old. I had that wonderful excuse that “hey these are prescribed so its all good” when in reality im not any different than and alcoholic or heroin addict. Im really trying to be positive through this (on my second day) but it is proving to be very difficult. I have to do this for my children and my husband but i am in a living hell right now. On top of that im battling a major sinus infection. Does anyone have any idea on how to get some sleep? Ive tried over the counter sleep meds and have no access to ativan xanax and such as the docs wont prescribe anything else to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

11 admin { 02.19.09 at 6:40 pm }

Everyone! Soooo sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I haven’t had a chance to get updated because I had to attend to a family emergency for a few weeks.

I do think that if you can wean yourself off, then that is the best way to go about this, but remember, you need a lot of supply to slowly get your dose down to something manageable. Otherwise, you’ll still face some WD’s. Thanks for your support. :)

Great points, I forgot to mention the Imodium, but the antihistamines always made my RLS ridiculously worse.

Amen!!! Thank you so much for that.

Please hang in there. Believe me, you’re going to go through all kinds of different scenarios in your head to think up how you can get some relief. For the things that you have available to you over-the-counter, then I say try as many as you can. Take hot baths, whatever you need to do, but there is one very very important aspect to all of this. Is this the last time? You need to bury this thing…for good. The power that you feel when you know that you are ready to kill your dependence on those pills is amazing. I know you feel physically horrible right now, but think about it this way. You only have to do this once…it’s up to you.

12 Jason { 02.21.09 at 6:32 am }

I’ve spoken with both my pain management doctor and my neurologist about substitiute medications to help me get off hydrocodone (I’m a migraine sufferer) and both suggested Ultram. It has only been marginally helpful for me, but it might be better for others.

Good luck everyone, I’m on Day 3, it’s harder than I though but I’m going to make it!

13 admin { 02.21.09 at 9:38 am }

Keep at it Jason. You already have the right attitude, so I know you’ll be just fine.

If you want my recommendation, I would stay away from the Ultram (Tramadol). I’ve had to detox from it in the past, and I have to say that it was the worst WD’s I’ve had, given the small dose that I was taking. I was totally taken by surprise because my Doctor had told me that they were safe. The worst part of the withdrawals were these Neurological Tremors that I would get. Like this “electric shock” feeling…it was horrible.

I think in low doses, it may be helpful for getting off other opiates, but please be careful with the stuff.

14 Pillpopper { 02.21.09 at 11:00 am }

This is day 3 and I am in a world of hurt. Day one wasn’t so bad I think I still had enough vicodin in my system. However, yesterday and last night was pure HELL. I can’t eat or think straight. Every sound like my husband and kids in the other room make me want to kill someone. My head is pounding something fierce and I don’t know about this one none of you mentioned it earlier but my legs have a mind and a life of their own. They are moving, jerking and extremely painful. I wish I had a machete and I could hack them off. I used the above mentioned link to “withdraw-ease” I sent them $123.00 to have their remedy overnighted to me and so far no luck. It has been over 36 hours and I haven’t gotten it yet. I am really pissed, hurting and my nerves feel completely raw. I hate that I have a problem with pills. They helped me like “Lisa” posted above to have energy and ambition. Pop 3 or 4 pills every couple of hours and I could cook clean go to work do it all and feel great doing it, but that all changes. A couple of years of that you are bound to crash. You have to take more and more to get the same effects and the mood swings become more severe and your life starts to revolve around taking pills. It was no way to live and that is why I want to stop. But right now I want out of my skin. I wish I had 10k to sleep through it or some other way to cope. Hopefully that “Withdraw-Ease” shows up today and I can let you know how it works. Has anyone else taken it? If so please share and tell.

15 Jason { 02.22.09 at 2:51 pm }

I almost broke down yesterday and took a dose of hydrocodone, it took everything I had and strong encouragement of my wife but I made it through the day without it. My head was just pounding but I feel much better and good about myself today. Everything else seems to hurt, just achey all over and I have no energy but today is a better day. Thanks for the Tramadol advice.

16 admin { 03.04.09 at 12:37 pm }


Terribly sorry for the delay. I hope everything is ok with you. Did you receive that remedy that you purchased? Please let us know how you’re doing, and whether or not that stuff worked. God Bless.

17 jj { 03.05.09 at 12:46 pm }

i have been taking about ten vicodin a day for two months and knew nothing about prescribed meds before that but what amazed me was how quick the addiction came on i have not had a problem with pills before and am 40 hours into my withdrawal and feel like my skin is crawling!!! legs kicking at night and cant sleep it is very tough!!! now im hearing of people saying they have used for two or four years and coming out the other end in a week. so my question is when will sleep get better and when will the crawling skin ease or what over the counter medication can i take thanks for any help

18 admin { 03.05.09 at 1:51 pm }


If this is your first detox, then you should be ok within about 72hrs. I remember in my early detox days, I would be pretty good by about day 3 or 4. As my struggle progressed, my withdrawals became longer and longer. Nowadays, if I wanted to go on a two or three week binge, then it would probably take that long for me to get back to normal.

As for the OTC meds; I have some recommendations at the bottom of the page on this post. Those might help you out.

Take care

19 JasonB05 { 03.31.09 at 12:47 pm }

I have been an addict of opiates now for about 9 years. Over the years I have went through withdrawals many times. Each time they got longer and longer. I recently (Sept) quit for 39 days and it was day 11 or so before I slept longer than 30 mins before waking up sweating and having my eyes moving around like crazy. I was only getting about 2 hrs of sleep before waking up during day 20 up to about the time I relapsted. Now its going to be my last time doing this and ive decided to quite smoking at the same time. It has been 8 days since my last dose and 5 since my last drag. I havent slept more than 5 hrs in the last 8 days! I feel like crying for every single sappy commercial I see and I dont know why! I need to get back to work but there is no way I can work when I cant even sleep. I dont want to take another drug to get me through this one because what would be the point. What can I do to sleep!!!!???? Please O PLEASE someone help me!! Sleepless in Indiana

20 wind { 04.02.09 at 4:19 pm }

i am in withdrawl tapering from 400mg oxycontin taken for 4 or 5 years with Dr.s script for very severe Migraines. I am down from taking 5 80mg pill a day to taking 1 80. I am afraid to just go cold turkey from 80 to 0. Does anyone know if this is safe to do? what to expect? good luck to all ! i care how you are. wind

21 admin { 04.04.09 at 9:54 am }


I think 80mg’s is still quite a bit to detox from. Oxycodone (Oxycontin) is a much more potent opiate, and if you were to translate your dose into Hydrocodone, which is the active ingredient in Vicodin, it would be the equivalent of 120mg’s of hydro. That’s no joke. That’s like 24 – 5mg Vicodin’s per day.

If I was you, I would taper that 80mg’s down slowly, until you’re dealing with something like 5mg’s per day, now that’s much more manageable.

Best of luck to you wind. Take care.

22 admin { 04.04.09 at 10:02 am }


I understand what you’re going through buddy, and I wish there was an easy answer to it. Withdrawals suck period!! And after 9 years of struggle, I know it can be even harder to make it through mentally. Have you tried any over-the-counter sleep aids? Sometimes they can work, and other times they won’t even put a dent in your discomfort, but it’s still worth a try.

Do you have to give up the smoking right now? I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but I remember countless times when I would try to just give up all of my drug habits at once, and besides a miracle from God, it’s very very difficult for any human to attempt something like that. Our brains have trouble coping without just one drug that we’re hooked on, imagine taking out all at once. I know that after 9 years you just want to be done with this, but my advice is to take the detox slowly, but take whatever measure necessary to make sure you never ever have to go through this again. Make that choice today Jason. Choose a side. Addiction or Freedom?

God Bless.

23 wind { 04.04.09 at 10:23 am }

please any help would most likely help me to save my life. anyone? i need someone, i feel so alone and can not confide in my doctor- he’s the one whom i let put me in this debilitating position. I also do not want drug addiction on my record. it was hard enough getting any help for my severe, debilitating Migraines with one pupil that blows out[completely dialates]. while not being labeled and judged as an addict. I feel that with this ‘withdrawl” labeling me, it could be near impossible for me to get what I need when I really need it. Feeling very afraid April 12,2009 will be my final jump cold turkey from one 80 mg oxycontin to nothing. I will have gone from 400mg oxycontin to 0 mg in one month- after having taken it for more than 5 years. I already experience skin “crawling” hot , cold, flu like symptoms, horrible headaches, i feel like I have no one to rely on but myself and i don’ feel emotionally stable at all. I stand to lose everything. This is my rock bottom. I stand to lose my husband of 25 years, the roof over my head. I have no family living. I am scared.
this is the first and only chance I will get, and even that holds no guarentee that I will be abled to hold on to what i have. I have left in my wake, sadness, lies, broken trust, lost friends, i must do this for me. my spirit feels broken but I know that I have to do this complete with meetings, support group, therapy, learning new ways to deal with both my emotion pain and the pain i have in my body. I need help…I am past the point of feeling sorry for myself. I have put on my big-girl pants and I am doing al that i know to do short of getting locked down in rehab- not good for the “record” either. Pre-oxycontin I was suffering from 4 to 6 migraines per month, each lasting 2 to 7 days! I am terrified to go back to that existence with the Dr.s treating me like a neurotic woman and drug shopper/seeker. please is there anyone out there? love and peace to all- we can do this very truly, wind

24 jamibad { 04.15.09 at 12:39 am }

to all on this thread, have you all heard of suboxone, it helps with w/d in as much as 24 hours after your last dose of opiates. I’ve done it, and have relasped, getting ready to do it again, and, LOL, i remember doing this w/d thing with out knowledge of the ‘sub’. I’m still dreading the beginnings of w/d but knowing after 24 hours, i can put this wonder drug under my tongue, and in about 20 minutes be feeling like a normal person, beats all this long drawn out detox. I’m so mad at the medical field for not allowing people to know about this drug, and believe me, it does work ! You just have to wait till your in withdrawel to take it, search it in your google, suboxone, you’ll thank yourself that you did, but, if your already sick, and in bed, you may have to wait for a while to get it, as only certain doctors can precribe it, it’s expensive, no one wants to take your insurance and it runs anywhere from 150.00 to 250.00 for an appointment and than it cost around 6.50 a pill at your local cvs pharmacy, has anyone heard of this ? I get it off the street, thank my lord, by luck, i ran into someone who no longer feels they need it, i had a cervical spine surgery, plate put in from c3 thru c7 and believe me, my addiction was doctor induced, but no way have they helped me in this area. Good luck to everyone struggling on this site, i’ve done it too many times, but i have my own demons to deal with, i need to stay away from the meds, and take my suboxone regurarly, and no more of this w/d stuff. good luck and please, do a search on this suboxone, maybe you can get help now, otherwise , down the road you’ll know about it, and can turn to it, should you need it. god bless everyone, ciao, jami

25 crimn { 04.16.09 at 4:37 am }

i h ave been on oxy’s and moved to heroin for about a year since it was cheaper. all i can say is everyone is different. i never vomit or get the legs kicks. i do notice everyone has problem with sleeping and apetite. i like to exercise but it make the wd’s worse and i hate the sweats. what has worked somewhat is clonazepam and hot showers. it does take a strength of chrarcter and the decision to stop. i keep osciallating between getting off opiates and staying off them. it makes it worse i think as opposed to just deciding to quit forever!!!! when i detox, my mind starts to count the days until my next dr appointment where i can get my oxy’s. i find the more you try to detox the hrder and longer it takes.

26 crimn { 04.16.09 at 4:47 am }

one more thing to mention is talking to someone who has been through it and succeeded. i hate hearing these dr’s talk about how it is just like the flu and only takes 72hrs. unless
someone has lived through opiate withdrawl, they have no clue what it is like. but i must say the worst part of detox and wd’s is time seems to go soooo slow, especially if you are at home alone. a minute is like an hour!!!! actually the worst is sleeping for couple of hours, and having the worst nightmares, waking up sweating, and have nothing to take to make it go away!!!! when i am low on my supply i would rather have a bad night of no sleep to have something for the morning as opposed to taking it to sleep then wake up with nothing. by the way my issue is i want to get off for financial and work reasons. i detox for 3-4 days then relapse. this has happened 4-5 times in the last 2 months.
my problem is i haven’t put my foot down and made the decision to stop. my body always wins out in the end becasue i can only take so many days of no sleep and no apetite!!!!

27 admin { 04.16.09 at 12:43 pm }


It might just be time to make that decision. :)
Let me know if you’re ready, and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

28 mulberry drive { 05.04.09 at 3:56 pm }

I just wanna say thanks to websites like this one. I am on day 5 sober. Life has been all about pills, H, not being sick, and getting blasted when we have the money. My wife and I are doing this together. I just wanna say that it DOES depend on the person on the best way to detox. My wife is on a couple of days of suboxone. I quit cold turkey. I can’t do suboxone because it is the worst withdraw I have ever been through. I ended up in the ER last year due to it. My wife ,on the other hand, can’t quit cold turkey. Everyone is different. I did a lot of research on websites like this one. Everyone’s experiences and input really helped me put things into perspective. I hope this is the last time we ever go through this(God knows it’s not the first). Enough is enough. Good luck and thanks to all

29 mulberry drive { 05.04.09 at 4:00 pm }

To add on: we have been hard at this for around 5 years now. We would each do 200 mg morphine in one line for a good “blasting”(as an example)

30 mark { 05.07.09 at 4:33 am }

I’m on my 5th day off loratab and perks. I’m alright in the days but nights are hell. Leg aches are keeping me from sleep. My dr. gave me clonazepam. I don’t take them in the day. Last night I waited till 10:30 and took one, 2:00 am i”m still awake. If I could just get rid of this ache in my legs I would be alright. Any suggestions.

31 admin { 05.08.09 at 8:56 am }


Hope I’m not too late. The leg aches are hell. The only thing that worked for me, were hot showers. Just let the water run on your legs, or take a hot bath. The relief lasts for about 20 after your shower, but then they’re back to it again. If you can afford the water bill, then I’d just keep soaking. I’ve also heard that bananas help…yes bananas. But, I’ve personally never tried that. Definitely do the hot tub soak/showers though.

32 Ben { 05.09.09 at 8:41 am }

First of all thanks for the website, I’m on my third day without. I have been using 12 to 20 5mg vicodins a day for the last 2 and a half months. I don’t take them for pain, I take them for the euphoria and energy. I can’t sleep when I take them they keep me awake. Years ago I had a tooth pulled and they gave me vicodin for pain, thats where it started with the opiates. I am 55 years old. I quit drinking 20 years ago because that was a problem. The vicodens and oxys are a worse problem for me. The withdrawals are much worse. This with Gods help will be my last time through this Hell!! I had a heart attack Jan 4, 2009, was clean for 2 months felt great. What the hell is wrong with me? I have a wonderful wife and 3 great kids. My oldest son is doing all the same crap I did. I tell him of the misery and waste of this type of existence, but I’m such a Hypocrite because I still do this crap. Thanks for listening I feel like I will really make it this time. I really have to believe that.

33 lara { 05.15.09 at 11:49 am }

Is anyone out there? I’m going through withdrwal. It’s bad.

34 Cheryl { 05.16.09 at 7:23 am }

I am in day 11 of my withdrawals from morphine of 2 years and percodan for aprox. 5 years prior to that. Hey, I am not going to lie here…I did a lot of drugs…tons actually…when I was younger and never went through withdrawals from them…I guess I played around with too many and smoked too much green to notice.
Then for years I did not do any drugs. But…life kicks in and so did the headaches…nonstop for 8 years. So my doc, without any mention of addiction or withdrawal put me on percodan until I became allergic to that and then the morphine.
Praise God I am in day 11!
Nevertheless, I am still in withdrawals. The vomiting is past, but the diarrhea is holding on. Ammodiam over the counter is starting to help with that. I do have to say the hot water is a wonder for the legs!! Sometimes they are the worse. I am already on xanax and it is helping for sure…got myself a little green and it too seems to help.
I am determined to stop this time!!! The drug is still in the house due to my fiance’s back pain…I asked him not to offer it, do it in front of me or give it to me if I begged…I have not resorted to that yet…lol. I plan on starting counseling on Mon. in a group setting…I hope it will help.
After the “sick”, the body and mind are still going through hell!!! Prayer, xanax and green have helped but the feelings are still there on the surface.
I think that until I or anyone determines that they are “DONE” they are not ready to go through w/d’s. Why put yourself through that…but I have…if you are just going to take the med again? Ya know?
This is the hardest thing that I have ever done, gone through in my life. No help from my doc when I finally told her what I was doing. I am told this can last for months and am considering suboxone, but that is just another addiction.
I am hanging tough…with God!…and hope all of you are doing the same!!! This site has given me a better sense that I am not alone and ideas on how to help myself get through this. God bless for this site and the real people who can get honest with their pain, addiction and w/d’s…It helps tons!
11 days sober and staying that way…as we all know, “this too shall pass”…in the interrum it sucks!!! But be determined you are DONE and we will all get through it to a better life!!
God bless and keep up the fight…..

35 lara { 05.16.09 at 9:58 am }

I’m on day three. Doing this alone. Please tell me it gets better.

36 Cheryl { 05.16.09 at 10:32 am }

It does get better…but the time it takes is different for each of us. Day 11 here and it is better…not done, but better. hang in there and be strong…get your life back…it will eventually get better.
All you have to do is get through today…hot showers/baths…try some calcium/magneseum and tons of gator-aid.
be cool

37 Colleen { 05.25.09 at 7:53 pm }

Keep breathing everyone – you can do this! It gets better every day. In five days, you’ll know the other side.
You can do five days.

Attitude is your best ally, because when you make up your mind to stop the cycle, for your own reasons (it’s your body, your life) you’ll be at your strongest. At all times remember: this too shall pass. If you have a sense of humor, repeat that with every sudden, violent bathroom visit.

Preparation and support: yes! … be that in the form of a loved one (or two) that will follow you through the crucial first five days, or you setting up systems of support you can easy reach, well labeled etc. during those crisis days.
Think like a child, and lay out your preparations so they are that simple, easy.
You’ll reach a point of exhaustion, frustration, and hallucinations – worst case scenarios that accompany the insomnia, as well as intense RLS as your CNS goes nuclear. Each person experiences each withdrawal differently, to lesser and greater extremes. Honor the process. Approaching it with a thankful mind does help with the peace you’ll find pre, during and post W/D event.

Withdrawal, in our (my husband and I) observation, gets harder (defined as a little longer in duration, a little more fatiguing..) to accomplish with ease each time ‘it is time’ to banish the dependency demons.

Support person: by day three you’ll be exhausted like you’ve never been before. Follow the sleep schedule of your W/D person with sleep aids, or a rotating schedule of you and someone else to help you: support team!

What the hell do we know?
My husband: withdrawing, day 5 today, has done so about eight times in the past six years, and dozens of times in his life. He has a rare bleeding disorder that destroys joints = spontaneous internal bleeding and surgeries, joint replacements, pain like nuclear explosions in the body, all the time, no cure, treatment only (daily infusions of clotting factor so he’ll stop bleeding) He’s also co-challenged with HIV pain and Hep-C.
During W/D, he can begin an internal bleed that prevents him from taking anything solid to help with side effects: meaning we find ingenious ways to disguise it, or change it /them to liquid, injectable forms etc.
Me? Devoted wife with a serious set of certificates, classes, research etc. under my belt re: what works what doesn’t, alternative therapies etc…I teach these health aids, I look for better solutions always. When he’s lying in bed in pain, I am beside him online, reading, finding an expert…

Caution: DO NOT inject anything into your skin, body, or veins unless you know what the hell you’re doing…even then it’s a bad idea during W/Ding…you just aren’t your lucid, stable able self.

He’s withdrawn from 40 mg Oxycontin every 8 hours, to 280mg Oxycontin every 8 hours plus 40-80mg Dilaudid added to that every eight hours – successfully every time. When the pain ends, the drugs must end.
Eventually you reach that fork in the road, where you’re aware you’re serving the drugs, not the other way around.

medication preparation:
What helps overall : honestly, Ambien. Copious amounts for the first five days.
Sleep through the five hell days. Your body needs the rest, it and you do not need to suffer the very real physical and mental wars happening- so sleep. Whereas 1x10mg, or 1×12.5mg a night is the standard Ambien script dose, prepare to take 4-10 x10mg a day. Have someone supervise your dosing – because you won’t remember what you took and when.

On high doses of Ambien, combined with W/D, you will sleep walk, have amnesia – but the RLS (worst thing) nausea, sweats etc. will NOT keep you awake and in agony.
The idea is to stay in bed, sleep be sedated. W/Ding makes your brain and CNS think you have a physical war to get up and fight. However, your balance and sensory perception will be altered, so best avoid causing injuries and danger to you or your family: stay in bed. Stretch, walk around when you can, accompanied by a support person. No sense pushing it, and passing out because you got up faster than your system could handle.

no access to sleep aids?
Benzos (anti0anxiety meds) …Xanax, Valium…cheaper than Ambien. Again, prepare to match your CNS which has just gone from 0 to 10 in intensity of feeling and reaction for five days – by dosing with an adequate amount of anti-anxiety meds. Once you’re done with the five day hell ride, back of the benzos…
W/D from them is no picnic either…same with Ambien: back away slowly.
Combining a low dose Valium (10mg) with Ambien will boost the effectiveness of the Ambien.
Lunesta as a sleep aid is not as effective for most people, as Ambien is for W/D.
note: Ambien 10 mg size (white) crushed and added to juice or water will aid digestion for anyone experiencing violent diarrhea as an added W/D affect.
Ambien 12.5 mg has a built in time release inorganic coating that will render the medication useless, like a gel, if crushed. Add distilled water, heat it on the stove until you notice some of the icky silicone matter burning off, strain the icky floating binder/coating, and the remaining liquid will allow about 30% of the Ambien to reach your system to be helpful.
Note to big pharmas: how exactly is the binder/coating/time release material not toxic to the body?

Up any sleep aid, or anti-anxiety dose with extreme caution. Respiratory confusion can result…(body doesn’t remember how to breathe, and it’s just so tired anyway…)
Knock yourself out, don’t kill yourself. Support person or team: crucial really. Support yourself by having someone, some people helping you.

Detox tea, chamomile tea, stomach soother, Sleepy-time…
L-tyrosine (dopamine loss from opiate withdrawal is phenomenal, and continues well after the first intense five days. Dopamine is essential to brain chemistry, the feel neurotransmitter. L-tyrosine, a naturally occurring amino acid, repletes the missing dopamine, and tells your CNS to stop with the nasty W/Ds. Brain food!
L-tryptophan, precursor to Serotonin, also woefully lost post opiate use, also the feel good neurotransmitter …caution with L-tryptophan, over 50mg can make you, and make you feel, toxic.
SAM-e: can’t say enough about it’s helpful benefits. Varies in strength since most is made in Italy and arrives via?…exposed to light, temperature, or just plain long shelf life, the potency can vary up to 50%. Start with 200mg, go as high as 1600mg.

Caution: stay low dose (200mg) if you’re on any SSRI, SNRI (anti-depressants) because there will be serotonin/dopamine wars: respect your brain chemistry and pay attention to the slightest indication you’re messing with the wrong supplement. This caution applies to L-Tyrosine, and especially Trypophan doses. Know also however, that these neurotransmitter levels will plummet and stay low for some time post withdrawal, post opiates. More might be better first, then quickly, less. if you’re doing the rest of the withdrawal without physician support, this would be the one area to consider getting such guidance on. http://www.crazymeds.us: can;t say enough about Jared and community. Amazing knowledge and DIY support for brain chemical matters.

magnesium: 500-1000mg easily per 8 hours during the extreme RLS phase. More? Start low. Compliments Ambien’s RLS help beautifully.
Iron, if you can stomach it (always take with stool softeners even though you don’t need help with soft stools at this time, and 500mg Vitamin C to absorb well) also helps immensely with RLS, crawly, electric legs.

Since adding supplements can upset the stomach which likely hasn’t been able to stomach anything besides juice, tea, broth for days, add a banana. The body needs potassium now, electrolyte balance.. Bananas help stop nausea, (bland, neutral taste and consistency) help gently bind stools, and coats the stomach so it doesn’t immediately reject anything added there.
Bland foods: think cream of wheat, oatmeal, GF equivalent. Straws that bend are also really helpful when the W/D person is so wiped out they can’t ger their head off the pillow. There’s an excellent liquid vitamin/mineral supplement called “Complete” (compnay called Awareness, Canada, organic sourced) that tastes like juice. Added in small amounts to fruit juice over the day, one gets what they nutrionally need through the hell days that won’t allow or stomach anything else.

Keep the lights low/no, sound low/no, have mindless DVDs on hand, LOTS of water…insist on hydration.

The body sends out the extra energy it has through the feet. Ever wondered why its the legs doing the jerky motions? We’re an electrical system. The CNS is just doing its job.

Massage the calves and feet often…yup, in the middle of the night when you’re dead tired, think of how the person going through the W/Ds feels, and massage away. Use a peppermint based lotion, to cool the feet. Press in with your finger pads on the bottoms of the feet until you feel ‘little rocks’. Theses are uric acid crystals suggesting more water is needed, and that lactic acid is releasing.
A not-so-loud cooling fan is great, and helps keep the peppermint lotion you’re using soothing the feet.

Lactic acid will build up. Releasing it from the muscles and cracks and crevices in which opiates like to hide in, wrapping themselves around like tentacles (receptor action) feels SOOO good for the person experiencing W/Ds (the rubs, not the tentacles).
You’ll want to use lots of pressure to banish the W/D demons – but use heavy intention, and light touch instead. A person in W/D being touched, is welcoming, comforting, but can also feel like being shocked with electric needles.

Use a simple carrier oil like olive or sesame oil, add a few drops of lavendar (relax) chamomile (relax) peppermint (awake, refresh), grapefruit, lime (refresh, renew) essential oils to add yet another medicine to the mix. Our skin, the largest organ, is a giant sponge. Adding beneficial powerful herbal/plant medicines via such a pathway is amazing medicine.

Caution: less is more wth essential oils. Never apply an undiluted oil. Dilute ratios vary, but for rubs, 4-20 drops per cup of oil (start low) works.

Massage/reflexology aside, you’ll notice the feet are hot, cold, dry.
Confusing the CNS with jolts of extreme changes in temperature my make your W/D’ing person react in shock, panic or anger – but the CNS relief from applying COLD cloths to the feet (tricky part) one in each hand, at the same time, suddenly, is amazing once the shock has passed. Since the W/Ding person is feeling temperatures in a more sensitive way, DO NOT boil water for the hot temperature shock: water warm enough that you would ‘steam’ you own face with it applied is sufficient. If it’s too hot to hold, it’s too hot to apply to the feet.
Of course, showers and soaks are great (unless there’s an inflammation issue involved: heat will make that an uncomfortable addition to the W/D).
Bring the bath to the person. Even slothing the feet with a good peppermint scrub, is heaven. Rinse with a $3. RV plastic sink you guide and dunk the slothed/scrubbed foot in one at a time, then dry it off.
Sponge baths, regular changes of PJs and sheets: all refresh the energy and encourage the “this too shall pass” feeling.

Anti-hemetics (anti-nausea help): go liquid if you can, on as many of your medications as possible. Your body’s digestive system is stressed at this time, and will instinctively expel any pill. Simple OTC Gravol/Dramamine can be helpful. Ginger ale doesn’t actually have ginger in it, but perception and smell is everything. Rub diluted essential peppermint oil under your nose. Very helpful. Can you tolerate the intensity of ginger? Eat some, or dilute it in hot water and drink as a tea.

Snuggles: yes.
Be aware, softly check in with your W/D’ing, until they (and you) are sick of hearing your voice) watch for their body posturing to indicate levels of comfort if they are not able to be verbal with you. Knowing someone is there, caring, being compassionate, encouraging is wondrous to the process.

Aftercare: the first five days is the hell ride. After that, re-build. Think (know) that you have a clean slate. Fill your body with all the good things it needs, deserves. Congratulations you just walked through hell came out the other side, and all the world is yours with more awareness of it for you than you can recall in any recent time. Wa-hoo!
Best wishes all!

38 admin { 05.25.09 at 8:19 pm }


Thank you so much for the detailed post. I’m sure there will be a TON of people who will not only find it helpful with their withdrawal’s. I’m going to take a look at that crazy med’s site too. :)

39 lara { 05.27.09 at 4:52 pm }

OK, WHERE is Colleen?? She is fabulous.

40 Helper { 06.27.09 at 4:44 pm }

Thank you so very much for your detailed post. I’m doing my best to help my husband, but have no understanding of what he’s going through. Your post not only helps me understand, but gives tons of options of how to support and care for him.
You’re awesome, girl!

41 Vanessa { 07.03.09 at 7:12 pm }

Hi all,

I have been taking vicodin for about 1.5/2 years due to chronic back pain. I want to stop taking it because I am tired of dealing with it. I’ve only taken 5/500 mg x2 every day, sometimes I’ve gone up to 3 or 4 pills, but usually only 2. As I read all of your posts I don’t know how I managed to stay at this small amount, I guess I have just always been terrified of the addiction/withdrawal. I have gone through withdrawal from anti-depressants and it was the worst thing I’ve felt in my life. I’m tapering to one pill a day, on day 2 of the same 5/500 dose, and I feel pretty much fine. I take klonopin for panic attacks, have for about 10 years, and I know that will help me. Does anyone think this will be really hard for to get off of at the dose I have been taking for the period of time I have been taking it? To everyone on here – stay strong! You can and WILL get through it. :)

42 Vanessa { 07.03.09 at 7:16 pm }

I have also started a 2 week cleanse – I have actually felt happier taking less of the Vicodin. I don’t know if it’s the cleanse, or what…I suffer from sesvere depression and I think they have been making it much worse. They make my anxiety worse as well – not just the pill itself, but constantly being worried about getting more. Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated – I have been having some heart palpitations, but I’ve always had them…I also don’t have a dr. anymore, so I’m only able to work with the pills that I have left. Which makes me anxious…

43 Justin { 07.12.09 at 10:14 pm }

Today is day 14 of my suboxone w/d’s anyone considering taking suboxone should really study this drug before taking it. These are some of the worst w/d’s that i’ve had. Not to forget the length of time b/c sub. has an extremely long half life that sticks w/ you for a long time. I’m a Firefighter with degenerative disc disease and spinal nerve problems. so i was prescribed 40mg oxycodone for the pain. I felt like super man nothing hurt and i had more drive to work than ever. Then the tolerance demon jumped aboard so i went from 120 oxycodone per month to 240 40 mg per month. i kept my pockets full of pills and worked like a mule. You should have seen me fight fires. But then something i did expect to happen did happen, my wife got pregnant and let me tell you that when she was born drugs were no longer an option period. So i started suboxone and was told that it was extremely safe so i stayed on it for a year. suboxone is either short term or for life. I got so sick of spending my family’s hard earned money on this crap so i quit! Day 14 baby and i see the light, still have some back pain but decreases every day. God is with me and totally believe he’ll bring me through this. Good luck to all who fight this demon of addiction!

44 Adam { 07.15.09 at 12:18 pm }


You’re are absolutely right that Suboxone is either “short-term” or “for-life.” I would take being a daily user of Oxy’s over being a daily user of Sub’s or Methadone for that matter. That half-life is KILLER!!

I’m extremely happy to hear that you’re off the pills. I can’t deny that they are not only helpful, but also pleasurable, however, in the long-run they always catch up to you. I started a post on pain management without narcotics. You can read it here: http://www.vicodinwithdrawal.org/pain-management/painkillers-pain-management-techniques-part-1/

I’ll be adding to it pretty soon, so please check back, soon.

Btw, I think I speak for all of here at the community…Firefighters are AWESOME!!! Especially here in California. Keep up the great work!

45 Laura { 07.22.09 at 11:28 am }

Hi everyone! I have been taking oxycontin for about 5 years now and have realized that I stand to loose everything including my husband and son if I don’t stop. Fortunately I found a doctor who actually admitted that they are as much responsible for my addiction as I am because they enabled me to get the meds. She consulted the pharmasist at our local hospital and together they came up with a plan to wean me off as gently as they could. They made up the doses for me to take and blister packed them in decreasing quantities. I definitely still went through withdrawals, leg aches, body aches and headaches. They did assist me with a small dose of clonidine and just a tiny dose of ativan. I am now on day 14 of being without pills and can honestly tell you that it does get better. I was also told by my doctor that if you come off the drugs slower your withdrawals aren’t as bad and you are less likely to relapse.
Hang in there everyone, it really does get better with each passing day! I know that you can do it! Good luck and keep up the good work!

46 luckygirl { 07.31.09 at 6:02 am }

I suggest trying chelated magnesium for the RLS. It seems to work for me. Any one have suggestions on what to do when you get the shakes?

47 Adam { 08.18.09 at 10:31 pm }


I’ve never had the shakes from withdrawal, but the magnesium has worked wonders for my RLS. Hopefully, someone else can help you out with that. In the meantime, I’ll keep my eye out for you.

48 James L. { 08.23.09 at 2:19 pm }

I have been through Dilaudid withdrawal when I broke my neck at 19 y/o.Methadone withdrawal several years ago and now Morphine use for the last 5 years due to Scoliosis,old neck injury,arthritis and back and neck disk problems.Now 45 y/o I am planning to stop the morphine this week,again…My suggestion is: 1.Atarax for anxiety (antihistamine been around since 1950′s)This is a sub for Valium. 2.Tramadol for pain (or Neurontin)This is a synthetic opioid,but not at all like Vicodin or others. 3.Loperamide (over the counter) for diarrhea 4.Pink Bismuth for stomach (chewable tablets) 5.Maybe ask for Ambien CR or something for sleep.As you may know,getting sleep is all important during withdrawal.Drink water.Keep your blood sugar low.Avoid alcohol and caffeine.I know how difficult it is, but try to be as physically active as possible.Sitting or laying around will only make matters worse.Exercise releases chemicals (endorphins,dopamine) in your brain that will help you.Sweat releases toxins.Walk the dog, go bowling, walk circles in your living room,please do anything you can.You will be surprised how much forcing yourself to move around will help you! Also, do other things to occupy your MIND. Much of the difficulty of withdrawal is physical ,but alot is mental (dwelling on your misery)Your G.P. should have no problem prescribing ATARAX,TRAMADOL AND AMBIEN.Tramadol may be a schedule 4,I am not sure about this,but my G.P.,who is extremely apprehensive about hydrocodone and Valium,etc..has no problem with prescribing Tramadol.Doctors are pleased when patients ask for non-narcotics and are usually willing to give you adequate amounts..I do not know how I will be able to deal with my constant pain or whether I will be able to continue to work,but I am sick and tired of the struggles I have to endure to get the pain killers and anti-anxiety drugs that I need.Whether through doctors or not,it controls my life.Since I do not abuse/overuse, I may find my quality of life even more miserable w/o meds, but at least I will have my freedom.The invasion into my personal life,the pissing in cups,the attempts to reduce dosages when I have been at the same level for years,The fear of traveling with narcotics,the pill counts,the questioning,the people who know you are on it are asking for it,the rotting teeth,the weight loss,the depression,is it really worth it all? Perhaps I will be more willing to try alternative methods to find relief…The extra money won’t hurt either! Survive two weeks and you will be done with the worst of it. Like I said,start moving around as soon as you are able and keep it up once you are cleaned out…Self control and self respect are all important when using other drugs to get off your problem drugs.Be careful…Have a goal to work towards and tell yourself ” I am going to win this one!” because it IS a war that you are fighting.Maybe getting off the drugs will get you the new car or the new job that you have dreamed of.Start taking the money you spend on doctors and/or drugs and put it in a jar.Watch it add up.Look at ourself in the mirror and watch your appearance improve as drug free time goes by.Relationships will improve,etc…Fight for yourself and for your life…

49 Adam { 08.25.09 at 9:41 am }


Thanks for the great post. The end was what really stuck with me. I don’t go to meetings now, but back when I did do some NA meetings, I met a bunch of really insightful people. One in particular, whom actually became my sponsor for a bit, told me this…

“When we’re using, we can’t see that silver lining. We only see the darkness. I’m here to tell you that I was in that darkness, and I guarantee you that there is a silver lining. Hold on to that. Remember that. You’re life will be better than you could ever imagine, but the only thing you have to go on right now, is faith in my words.”

50 lesmac { 08.30.09 at 4:05 pm }

Hello fellow addicts:

I have been hooked on painkillers which I started for the energy/euphoria that helped me through a miserable job. I have no legitimate reason for doing them. I feel really bad for people who are in genuine pain! I was and am in mental pain, and that’s no picnic either.
Anyway, I just read this entire site. Anybody here feel like getting really pissed off about the way this country and it’s “health care system” works, and what they keep from us? And what they GIVE to us which creates all us addicts in the first place?
I haven’t heard one single comment on “ibogaine”.Just slightly surprised, because it’s one of those “sounds too good to be true” things. I discovered it’s existence completely by accident, and the more I read, the madder I get. Sorry, but NOBODY can convince me that there isn’t something to this; that many drug addicts have no reason to lie, and there are clinics all over the world who administer the treatment everywhere except the U.S. and Belgium. Well, they DO administer it in the U.S. under something called “rapid detox” whereas they charge one something like twenty-five to thirty grand. Nice work if you can get it. I believe that to get around the laws here they take you on a fancy boat offshore…..
I’m not lying. I’m not stupid. I’ve done a LOT of research. I’ve talked on the phone numerous times to one of the pioneers of this substance, which is a plant that grows in Africa. I’m not going to say any more. You can research it yourself, because some people are surely going to say, it’s bogus, it’s a scam, it won’t work, it can’t be true, etc., etc. But it IS true, and the reason we can’t have it is because of the same old story. The almighty FDA and the pharmaceutical companies not only cannot patent a plant, they can make NO money from it because it requires only one or two treatments. Not only will they not make money from it, they stand to lose billions in lost revenues from pushing their poison pills. People who want to open clinics in Mexico have also been stopped and threatened by drug lords for years. decades.
nuff said. I can already hear all of you out there saying what a sucker I am to believe this. Do me a favor. Spend one full day reading everything you can find on the subject.

51 Adam { 09.09.09 at 10:23 pm }


I’ve personally read about Ibogaine, and you’re wrong about me thinking that you’re a sucker. I’m open to any type of alternative medicine. I’m not about getting on anyone’s case about their opinions in regards to certain remedies. The simple fact is that if it works, it works. But until it becomes readily available, I can’t really place my hope in it. And you’re absolutely right about all the special interest groups that are making damn sure that these alternatives are kept restricted. Long-term profits are much better than a one time drug fix like Ibogaine claims to be. They just can’t make money on that the way they can something like Methadone.

52 t { 10.05.09 at 11:57 am }

omg i thought i was the only one who was going threw this how long does it take to get off this crap. my stomach hurts all the time i cant keep food down i have dropped like 40 lbs not to mention the other crap your body goes threw. i have been a 4 year user at about 20 10mg pills aday can anybody help me to tell me what to do so i can get up everyday and not be in pain how long does it last tyla4420@hotmail.com

53 davila { 10.18.09 at 12:52 pm }


54 joe fischer { 11.01.09 at 12:41 pm }

Has anyone use the withdrawal -ease kit . Does it work?

55 The Thomas Recipe for Opiate Detox | VicodinWithdrawal.org { 11.06.09 at 11:09 pm }

[...] of the herbs and drugs that are part of that regimen can be found right here on our own post about drugs for detox, but I thought I’d put the recipe up here too since it follows a specific set of [...]

56 Mama { 11.09.09 at 2:42 pm }

Thank God I have found this website. My son is addicted to “my” vicodin. I am on 8 a day but he takes 6 of those 8 and sometimes more leaving us both without for days at a time before I can get more. I hid them, locked them up, kept them on me at all times to keep him out, but he still finds them. I experienced the withdrawals myself on just the 2 a day I take so I can only imagine what he goes through. We are going to detox each other by Thanksgiving and stop living this half-life. Thanks to all who have posted and my thoughts and prayers are with you and I know I’ll be on here soon myself asking for help to get me through the first, second, third and fourth days. Hopefully, knowing what to expect and how to alleviate the problems will make our journey a little easier. Love to all.

57 Ty { 11.12.09 at 10:41 pm }

I have found the drug Gabpentin (Neurontin) to relive almost all symptoms of opiate withdrawal. I was on several 80mg Oxys a day for months, also poppy pod tea and smoking straight fentanyl gel. Gabapentin is a non-narcotic and used for many things from controlling seizures to nerve pain and off label use for anxiety and depression. I find it gets rid of all the hard-core parts of withdrawal including the shits, goose flesh, cold sweats, shivers, lack of apatite, depression and allows me to sleep incredibly well. It really is a miracle drug and detox clinics are now starting to use this drug for this exact reason. The only thing it is it will make you a bit more lethargic but that goes away after a few days. Its pretty easy to get this drug prescribed, and honestly I wouldn’t have been able to kick without it. It saved my life in my opinion. I was able to function as a normal person during the worst part of my withdrawals, this is absolutely incredible considering I should have been stuck in bed wanting to die. I am now opiate free and living a healthy new life thanks to this drug.

ps: Gabapentin needs to be taken in very high doses to be effective in treating opiate withdrawals, I am prescribed 300mg 3x a day for nerve pain i have. But I find taking about 2000mg in the morning, and another 3000mg spread throughout the day completely gets rid of the effects of opiate withdrawal and makes me feel great!

58 Morgan { 12.04.09 at 1:09 am }


Thank you all for sharing your stories. They are inspirational and you should be commended on your courage for facing them in writing, a pretty tough admission in itself. I’m a 30 year old female with severe endometriosis and scoliosis. I was diagnosed at 21 and, after 2 unsuccessful surgeries and 180 days in the hospital with complications(infertility as a result), was prescribed Tramadol for pain management. I had never put a drug in my body prior to this, not even alcohol. I was offered Percocet but declined because of the many horror stories I had heard so when doctors informed me that Ultram(Tramadol and Tylenol) was NOT a narcotic, I accepted. I have been gradually increased over the years by my doctor because, as we all know, tolerance increases. I am now taking 6-8 50mg tablets/day, the highest recommended dose.

I really wanted to address all those considering using Tramadol for withdrawal symptoms. Please do your research on this drug first. It should be classed as a narcotic because it is a narcotic and too few doctors take the time to explain how that works. Synthetic as it may be, your body doesn’t know the difference. In all aspects, it mimics an opiate. That’s why it works so well. When stopped, it mimics the withdrawal as well. Again, your body doesn’t know it’s not the “real” deal because, for all intents and purposes, it is. To make matters worse, there is another ingredient in this little underestimated pill which drastically fools with your serotonin(think “happiness”) production. Once Tramadol begins to leave your system, you will not only suffer your dreaded opiate withdrawals; you can count on the myriad of horrific effects of quitting an antidepressant too. Consider it a bonus, a 2 for 1, from our friendly pals at the pharmaceutical companies. I know, all too well, how unpleasant that can be. I’ve stopped using Tramadol many times, sometimes because I was sick of being on it and sometimes because I forget to call for refills or I was traveling and couldn’t get to the pharmacy. It was unbelievably terrible every time. Anyway, I just wanted to share what I’ve experienced with you. Hope it helps in your decision-making.

Just a side note… My husband and I would like to have children so I, of course, want a drug-free body before even considering any last resort conception options. Guess what my doctor suggested I take to wean me off Tramadol? Percocet. Oh, the irony!

59 Mike { 12.06.09 at 3:36 pm }

God is the most important part of kicking anyhabit!

60 Jacko { 12.13.09 at 7:48 pm }

Ok here i go, Please research,– Kratom, it is an herb you can buy on the net, here is one source, http://www.arenaethnobotanicals.com/ It is a opiate substitute used in Asia and is all natural. I have not personally tried it yet but am about to. I have a friend who was on 30 loracets a day and it worked for him, although he had to take a bunch on it. Anything is better then Suboxone, especially long term, I was on the sub for 8 months and it was the hardest thing ever to get off of. Good luck all and smile, always helps.

61 Bronco { 12.20.09 at 11:21 am }

Hello all. Thanks for the posts. I’m in day 2 of w/d off of Vikes 18- 7.5mg/day and Opana ER 20 Snorting. I am a fiend. This is my 3rd time to w/d. I’ve used Ultram in the past to successfully get off. This time no access. I don’t have a Dr so this has been an expensive addiction this time. The times before I was a Nurse and could easily get morphine and demerol. I got out of Nursing to get away from drugs. And wouldn’t know it the drugs found me. They called me via a Nurse that is taking pills home to sell to supplement his salary. It always amazes me how people can have 300 -10mg vikes and not take them all in 3 days. He just has them in this big baggie just sitting in his truck console. He even drops a few between the seats when he reaches in to get my “order” and doesn’t think anything of it. Ok back to w/ds. the typing is actually getting my mind off of the “fiery” skin. i wish i could be drawn and quartered enough to satisfy the movements my body wants to make. I’m going to try and get Neurontin tomorrow, but again i don’t have a Dr. I know plenty since i was a nurse. I would consider myself a professional, I have a wonderful family, and my job is awesome. and i sit here in my living room pretending to have the flu. My dog seems to know something is wrong.lol. I have to go to work tomorrow and i don’t know what the am will bring. i haven’t slept in 48 hours. anyway i love you all, I am proud of all of you, and i thank you all. Send good vibes. no i don’t want anymore vibes send good thoughts…

62 Jonathan { 12.23.09 at 1:41 pm }

On day 3 of Detox from Vicodin 10/500. Used for 5yrs and at worst was taking 8-12 per day. Weaned down to 4 a day, then went to my health care and said I wanted help getting off it. They got me in that day with the Chemical Dependency Recovery Program and set me up to speak with the DR in charge of Detox. I was put on Ultram to get me off the mental addiction of Vicodin. I was using for the way it made me feel, not so much for the pain. I had used the last several months to do simple workouts (no wieghts, just pushups and dips) to strengthen my core and back in prep for this quitting. So far the Ultram is working GREAT. Just like everyone else’s symptoms, I to have a problem sleeping, but i just nap when i can. I havent had any cramping or “the runs” yet, nor have i had the restless legs or the skin feelings. Only major W/D symptom is the headaches all day. This was to be expected and can be managed. Small price to pay for not having full blown W/D symptoms!
Anyhow, this Ultram has gotten mixed reviews on here. Since we are all different, i will share what i think.
It feels much stronger then the 10/500mg Vicodin’s I was using. The head trip is strong, so I can see how this med might actually make the person want it instead! I wont since I am quitting for myself and family. Since the med is a very slight Opiat, it can also mask your true pain levels. I was told that it wont do anything for my pain i suffer, but so far I havent felt the pains like I did when i tried to quit “Cold Turkey”. Yes I’m achy and stiff/sore, but not throbbing pain where i wanted to curl up and die like before.
If you have a strong family and friends who will help support you and you have Health Insurance (Kaiser, Blue Shield, ETC) I HIGHLY suggest you talk to thier CDRP dept and let them help you detox and stay clean!! I will write to this blog again when I am around the 7 day mark and again later in my detox progress. Good luck all and YOU can do it!

63 Scott { 01.02.10 at 2:57 pm }

Thanks for all the wonderful info. I’ve been taking Lortab 7.5/500 for almost two years now due to herniated discs and degenerative nerve damage. As recently as two weeks ago, I would take 14 per day. My neurologist finally decided to stop giving me a perscription saying I was addicted but offered no other support – jerk. Anyway, I’m on day 3 now and was wondering where to go if I need Ultram, or darvocet or something else for this pain. I have trouble sleeping but the WD is becoming manageable (day 2 was bad…) but I am pissed that I was left hanging. As I have Crohns and 1/4 a colon already, I am very familiar with taking Imodium – ha!
Good luck to all.

64 Mama { 01.14.10 at 1:32 pm }

Just wanted to update my progress on helping my son kick the Vicodin habit. He is now down from about 12 a day to 1 a day just to help with his back pain. An Ambien, muscle relaxer and clonozapem at night helps with the withdrawals and I am so proud of his real struggle to kick this habit. For the first time in years my 30 days prescription for my own pain will last me till I can get them filled again because he isn’t stealing them anymore. Everyone hang in there and keep trying. Get someone to help you. You cannot do it by yourself. Next step is to get him off the cigarettes, wish me luck! God Bless you all.

65 Todd { 01.17.10 at 1:26 pm }

I’ve been taking opiates going on 16 years starting with vicodin, then percocet, and roxicodone. Whenever I got sick from a flu I would stop using for a week until I got over whatever flu-bug I caught, and then would start right back up. I’m not at 45-60mg. oxys a day and feel like I’m really staring down the precipice of no return if I don’t quit it now. I started feeling flu-like symptoms 3 days ago and stopped cold turkey again. I had to take 1mg. of xanax the first night for insomnia, and then .5mg last night (almost took a 2nd pill) to sleep. My symptoms have been mild compared to others (insomnia, diarrhea, malaise, anxiety, depression). I’m pretty concerned about what will happen in a week after I’ve gotten past this period of w/d. I’ve considered N/A, but I’m not religious (I’m atheist) at all and feel pretty lost and abandoned when the program turns to using the higher power.

I have a pretty significant supply stashed away in the back of a closet, but I just can’t bring myself to flush them down the toilet. I feel like if I really needed them for real pain or injury, I’d want to have them available. I’ve had several doctors refuse me pain meds for foot tendonitis, and was thankful that I had some on hand.

I have a lot going for me. I’m engaged and sometimes I wish that I had this monkey off my back for good. But I find myself falling into the clutches of boredom and then jonesing for some more euphoria.

66 tara { 01.22.10 at 2:04 pm }

I am on day 11 of stopping Suboxone. I am a RN that was using the leftover MS, demerol, fentanyl, etc. I only used for a period of about 6 weeks, then entered an inpatient treatment program, where I was started on Suboxone. I am trying to get my license back and am on a very strict monitoring program, in order to go back to work I had to quit the Subs, so I did cold turkey. I never knew it would be this hard, plus Iam not allowed to take anything while monitored. It sucks, Im a nurse and had no idea what hell this is. I have 4 small kids and a husband to tend and my brain is crazy. Good luck.

67 Say no 2 tramadol { 01.24.10 at 4:41 pm }

Hello to all!! Well, after years of taking pain medications for legit reasons, I accidentally became addicted. In fact, I had no idea I was addicted until I called my dr for a refill and she could not longer write controlled drugs. She had been busted for over writing. So the first time I stopped taking my pain medication which was lortab, it was hell. I did it cold turkey. After several days of this I finally got to an ok point but was still having my usual pain. That’s when I was given ultram/tramadol, because they said this was a safe drug. So I continued to take it for several years. When I decides to stop taking it because it caused me to have 2 seizures. The first one I almost died from because I fell out of a boat into water and was not conscience. I had to be given CPR. Anyway, trying to quit tramadol was a thousand times worse then quitting lortab. I strongly encourage to everyone to stay away from tramadol. I am not the only one that has had difficulty with this drug. It really upsets me that drs give it out like candy and don’t know a thing about it. Anyway, I have been taking lortab again for awhile now because I keep having kidney stones and infections. I was taking about 6 10mg each day. For two days now I have taken about half that and will be out of my last one tomorrow. I’ve decided to not call my dr and stop cold turkey for good. Today I’ve had stomach pains, headaches, depression and sweating. I will keep writing to let you know how it is going. I wish all if u that are going through this the best and keep your head up because u can do it. But please do not take the advice of “take tramadol to help ease withdrawls” u will only then be addicted to it and it’s soooo much worse!!

68 Angel { 01.29.10 at 9:58 pm }

I have been taking Dilaudid & Neurontin for 6 years now for a genetic condition equivilant to lupus & RA combined. I have been taking 1800 mg Neurontin & 32 mg Dilaudid daily – at least until last week when I had an anaphylactic reaction to the NEURONTIN. It was at that point I realized I was a slave to the pills & decided since I could no longer take the Neurontin, then I dont want the Dilaudid either.

Obviously I had to abruptly stop the Neurontin & let me tell u something the doctor wont – you WILL go thru wd’s from Neurontin, probably more severe than opiate wd’s. Your skin stings, burns, a lite touch feels like a million knives going thru you – this on top of traditional wd symptoms. So to those of you consiidering Neurontin to help your wd’s – do so with caution.

As for the Dilaudid, I decided to taper down 1st. I have an 8 yr old son that is physically equivilant to a 3 mo old so I have to be as “normal” as possible to care for him. I have, however, weaned myself from 32mg daily down to just 4mg daily in only 5 days. I will cut myself down to just 2mg daily over the next 2 days & hopefully will be done with it at that point.

Im scared of facing the pain associated with my condition, but Im terrified of dying from long-term use & leaving my son alone.

The road to recovery is like climbing a mountain – it’s a struggle to get to the top but the view is breath-taking once you get there & worth every painful step along the way.

69 Hoes A { 02.08.10 at 9:55 pm }

Well.. Im going in… time to take the big plunge that all us ope heads fear it’s time to get my life back on track! I live in south Florida so “blues” (oxycodone) as we call them is a huge epidemic here. I see people from all over the nation come here to visit these pain management clinics and not like other states they don’t charge by the mg here so typically they got for ten bux a pop and it’s everywhere so imagine how hard it is to stop when it’s so accessable. Tomorrow begins the first day of detox and I am dreading the thought of wrestless legs, and sleepless nights. I just want to progress with life and move on but this isn’t the first time I’ve been down this road the last time I withdrawled I had the pleasure of being in puerto RICO and trying to put on a straight face for my family so they wouldn’t suspect such a sudden and severe “illness”… terrible time but hey I went through it for the first week then by the next week I was great and able to enjoy myself.. I too am a believer of god and I thanked him everyday for taking me out of my junkie routine and bribing me to a 2 week hell/ paradise but as soon as I touch down in that ft lauderdale airport I felt that urge stronger then ever and went back to those same friends doing the same old dope routine so I absolutly agree with what you said about affirmation because the little voice in your head is so influential in a time like this and what sucks is that you know all of your aches and pains will go away with one…little…pill! I should have done my researcher before I even got into this but I can’t knock it because I’ve learned so much from my addiction and detox experience so I hope this time my experience will be a lesson learned not an on going session. Opiates, life changing and life stopping your whole life is on hold through your addiction all the way to the bitter end (withdrawal). Thank you for your post and everyones comments it’s comfortig to know that your not the only one feeling it and oh yeah I can wait to get that libido back It shocked me to see that I wasn’t the only withdrawing horny toad in the world! my god I was so stiff!!! time to jerk it again LOL thanx for everything

70 here I go again SUE { 02.10.10 at 12:20 pm }

I’ve been through Valium withdrawl before.. It was 40 days of hell. I was taking Mom’s Vicodin but she passed away. I want to quit but now I have to. I was only taking 3 Vic a day but am feeling anxious and running to the bathroom. I have to work and take care of fmaily too. I do have some Xanax but I dont want to get hooked on those too! How long will this last? Are the WD symptoms the same for Opiates as Valium/.Xanax?> It feels like it. I took some Xanax to sleep the last few nights and really want one now but that WD was horrible DOnt want to be hooked on them again..Glad I found this site. I took pills to cope with Moms illness and all the other things in my life. Now I have no reason. I want to be clean.. once a druggie always a druggie.I hate that. This site is great.. thanks for the words from everyone!
wish me luck! Sue

71 Adam { 02.10.10 at 10:58 pm }


Thanks for posting.

Are the WD symptoms the same for Opiates as Valium/.Xanax?

Although some things may feel similar, withdrawals from benzodiazepines are far different, and much more dangerous. I’d recommend you avoid them, especially if you don’t trust your own ability to control your use. I know it’s tough Sue, but that whole “once an addict, always an addict” is deceiving. There are plenty of other things that you can use to “feed” that part of your brain. The first order of business is for you to get enough clean time under your belt so you can think clearly, then as soon as you can, find other activities that turn you on. Drug addiction is a sort of romance, but eventually the romance ends, and it you just end up with a REALLY bad habit. There are so many other “romances” that can last forever. For me they’re exercise and writing for me. What are yours?

72 here I go again SUE { 02.11.10 at 1:29 pm }

Hi Adam, last night, when I got home from work. I was feeling good. then at about 7 that WD feeling came back.. I took a Xanax. I will not take any during the day.. as much as I feel like crap today.. I wont wont wont take a Xanax.. I just cant go without sleep at night tho. I have to work. I just lost my Mom and had about a week off with her dying so taking time off is not an option. I love love love the gym but can go like this. I will begin the gym as soon as I feel better. My gosh. the headache!! Its so awful. These feelings seem to be the same to me as with WD from the Benzos.. just with the Diarrhea and nausea. This sucks. man.. seriously My head ache hurts so bad! I have about 60 vicodin and 100 morphine tabs at home.. Boy, id love to pop one right now.. but I’m trying very very hard not to. So far so good. Should I be tapering? Is the WD easier when you taper? I spent so many years being clean. Cant believe I’m here again. Thanks so much to everyone for your writings.. I wish All of you good luck.. we can do this. I look foward to reading again tomorrow.. ! I know I shouldnt take the benzos.. but I just cant do this without it. I’ll try to go without sleep on the weekend.. that will be ugly I am sure. Should this last like a few days? A week? It was 40 days getting off a 10-15 10mg pill habit of benzos… I have only been taking 2-3 Vicodin a day.. cant believe I am here again.. just cant believe it.

73 here I go again SUE { 02.12.10 at 10:39 am }

Hey all.. ok today is day.. I forget.. Like 5 i’ve dealt with taper and full detox. I took 1/2 a pill yesterday at 300pm and .05 Xanax last night.. Slept Ok.. woke up just fine. Feeling a little anxiety.. but it’s about 1045 am and I feell pretty good. I am lucky I didnt get into taking more than 2-4 Vics a day… But I feel good.. Its friday.. Once I get through today I’ll be able to at least go without sleep if I have to or cut the Xanax in half… Its so hard.. this is such a great website.. thanks so much to all comments… I wish everyone luck.. Whatever you do. DONT get hooked on BENZO!! Xanax, Valium, Atavian… THAT WD is WORSE took me 40 days of hell!! pure hell.. I’m on my way.

74 here I go again SUE { 02.15.10 at 2:47 pm }

today is about a week or so on my taper.. going well!! feeling good. Only took 1/2 Vic each day for about 4 days now. .25 of a .20 Xanax at night to sleep… No WD symptoms now that require Vics.. Still a bit of craving and some minor headaches. taking IBUs for that… I think I am done with the hard stuff.. I hvae not yet been back to the gym but it’s on my radar for this weekend. I’ve been emotional but I expected that.. Just lost my Mom so I’m feeling it.. Anyway, good luck to all.. thank you for letting me share!

75 Ralph { 02.19.10 at 11:31 am }

It breaks my heart to see so many hurting people who have become addicted to the meds that they NEEDED for whatever reason. I have a failed, 3-level fusion in my back. It hurts every day. I have been on pain meds for about 9 years. It started innocently enough, but I’ve had 4 surgeries in this time frame, each one putting me in more pain. I went from 4 Norco to 10, then to Oxy’s, and a bunch in between. I am not one who can go cold turkey. I did some research and found out about Kratom on the web. It helped me enormously in the early days, (just this past November). But since I have had to take it every day to not feel the pain of W/D, I have since become addicted to the tea! Despite the fact that it is not an opiate, it works the same way in the brain, and now I am fighting with tea W/Ds! My doctor gave me a clonidine patch, which is great because I have high blood pressure, but it isn’t really helping with the W/D symptoms very much. As a cautionary note, the tea can be helpful, but can also cause problems. I haven’t taken an opioid pain pill in about 3 weeks, which is a long time for me, but I do have to drink the tea.
I hate the fact that the screwed my back up so bad that I became addicted to pills. Even now I question the idea of coming off pain meds with a screwed-up back. My heart goes out to everyone struggling with this issue. It has been mentioned numerous times, and is worth repeating, if you have not gone through W/Ds you don’t know what it’s like!

76 jb { 02.22.10 at 12:14 pm }

Hello all, I’m very thankful for forums like this. I’ve been on Tramadol for several years now. It IS a wonder drug, at first, but it is hell after that. It is highly addictive and incredibly hard to get off of, especially since it’s so readily available, stay away from it. Because Tram induces euphoria and a state of well-being without the cognitive impairment seen with other opioids it can cause severe dependence both physically and mentally. It’s sudden action on serotonin and norepinephrine levels give it a stimulant like effect as well as adding to the “euphoria”, but it also makes it that much harder to get off of. The first few days of Tram W/D see all the usual symptoms of other opiates as well as fatigue and depression that is really unbelievable. You can’t sleep but you can’t move, it’s hell, and you see no hope in sight.
I’m past the physical addiction, 14 days, but the mental addiction is tough. You develop a lifestyle of just taking a few pills and having everything be all right, you have energy, mental well being, drive, and focus, as well as good pain relief. Living without that ability is very hard, I feel, every minute, like I need something to take the edge off, to give me a mild euphoria, just to make it ok. That’s a very hard part.
I’ve found that a few natural remedies really have helped with the physical W/D’s as well as some of the mental part.

5-HTP first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach helps with mood and energy.
L-Tyrosine and B6. L-tyrosine is an amino acid that functions as a precursor for stimulating neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine. You have to take them together or they will not work. I take at least 2000 mg of Tyr and 100mg of B6 in the morning, a half hour or so after the 5-HTP. I take the same again later in the day, as energy levels start dropping. These have been lifesavers for me.

I am really considering trying Kratom though. Just for the calming and mental effect, the old need to take something maybe. I’ve heard good things but I don’t want to become addicted to that as well. If I could use Tramadol like you’re supposed to, take a few a day, I totally would. It does have great benefits, but your tolerance rises quickly and it becomes like crack, you need it all the time!

77 RS { 03.14.10 at 11:23 pm }

Been on pain pills for a long time and sick of it this is day 1 and im never going back wish you all good luck and i sure hope i can do this

78 Sharae { 03.25.10 at 10:24 pm }

Hi my name is sharae and i have went through withdrawals along with my husband… We got on suboxone and it was a wonderful drug. We started off on lortabs to oxy to methadone and finally found suboxone. Yes it is one of the best things out there that can help you but getting off of suboxone is about the same as getting off of a low dose of lortabs or oxycotin. You still have withdrawals, maybe not as bad but you still have them and you have to be ready to get off of them, but if you are still taking oxycotin or methadone i think you should try to switch to suboxone if you don’t think you can pull through it which i think you all can but once you switch to suboxone i would start tapering off of that immediatly cause it’s a little easier than oxycotin or methadone. I wish you all the best of luck and i know you can do it if i did.. Have faith… :)

79 red { 04.26.10 at 5:10 pm }

I have gone through WD 2 times. I can promise, if you can get hold of, Lyrica or Neurontin will do 2 MAJOR THINGS!! 1) YOU WILL SLEEP 2) you will not be getting that jerky/crawling out of your skin. I recommend immodium and 2 lyrica 150mg 2Xs daily. I worked so well, I actually wrote to the company to recommend they study it as a WD med. It makes sense because it is usually perscribed for fibrmyagia and nerve pain. You may even sleep too much. I had access to aderall as well so I functioned ALMOST normally.
If you try it, please let me know how it works for you.
love n light

80 red { 04.26.10 at 5:20 pm }

AFTERTHOUGHT: I as well, am in chronic pain, brusius, osteo and rhumatoid arthritus, also general artrhpathy (my bone are deteriorating,.. no know cause), I am allergic to Nsaids, Methadone and fentanyl. It’s hard because I can’t take anything for the inflamation so often times my hips actually burn, swell and get red to the point one can feel the heat coming through my jeans,…. and just wearing jeans hurts. I take about 8 norco 10s a day. I am trying to wean off with the help of the Lyrica. I’m so sick of being a slave to medication. Seems I’m in constant pain regardless. I don’t know what I’m going to do if the pain increases without the meds. WHAT A CRAZY RIDE!!

81 Ray and Jenifer { 05.24.10 at 6:21 pm }

Me and my wife have been addicted to opiates methadone xanax and other types we want to get off 1 problem we have is us getting off has to be confidential i guess what were asking is when 2 people want to quit is it best to do it at the same time or 1 first and other be support to get them through it my wife has been on pills for about 5 years myself i was ran over by construction bulldozer and i deal with legit pain i just cant control how i take em but id rather deal with my real pain then withdraw we been marrried 18 years raised 3 kids and kept things pretty private with our personal issues ive been on pain pills since 1991 but enough is enough real pain is easier to deal with then withdraw any suggestions and for Mike lets just say thats easier said then done i feel if i dont stop the pills will end my life somehow i get liver checks my wifes a nurse so i know i have to be careful i dont drink alcohol at all but for the last 4 years i probably stay up 3 days straight till body finally gives up i use to be a aircraft mechanic till i got laid off thats when i started taking more im just and my end with this i wont take methadone been there we just wanna stop and what over the counter meds we can take and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ty

82 jen { 05.25.10 at 2:48 pm }

Ray and Jennifer:
I also was hooked for 5 years straight I have only been clean ahad to take tylenol pm and nightbout 6 weeks it so hard. The first thing I would tell you is get some Valium or something to get you through the first 4 days its tough I didnt have anything at it was hell and also some pepto for stomach issues. I took tylenol pm to try and sleep but its still hard for me to sleep at night. I pretty much did it with nothing it was crazy dont recommend it at all but it gets better for sure! Throw all your pills away if you have them you will take them. God bless you and prayers for yall i am here if you need to talk.

83 Missy May { 06.05.10 at 4:12 am }

Reading all these stories makes me feel like I’m looking at my own life through others eyes. My first withdrawal lasted weeks, and months and I SWORE to myself that I would NEVER touch an opiate again. After no energy, drive or motivation for a few months, I couldn’t stand it and went back to the Doc. I am a fool, and am once again going through the motions of w/d and saying this is it….this HAS to be the last time. I went from 700, 30mg Oxy’s a month and then some to nothing on my own, thought I would die, but swore I would never do it again. Now I feel like this is the story of my life, I plan my life around when and if I will have pills, I have more than 1 Dr. right now, I am afraid of getting in trouble and I am more afraid of another day in bed sweating, puking and suicidal. I also did suboxone, which I believe was a huge help to me, until I weaned off of it and knew that opiates would work again and maybe even stronger. I still have an un-Godly tolerance for meds and Doc’s never believe me, so I ALWAYS run out…I do suffer from a herniated disc in my neck, so half the people around me in my life think I do need the meds, and the other half think I am a druggy and have taken just about everything away from me that means anything. I missed my Nephews birth, because I took pills from my sister, and it has taken time to heal our relationship, why doesn’t anything scare or hurt me enough? I haven’t seen anything on here, but with all my experience with w/d I have found that taking Neurontin ( Gabapentin ) almost completely kills all symptoms for me and recommend it to my drug counselor as part of my kick regimen. It is not hard to get from your doc, and I truly swear by it, better than anything else, besides sleeping through w/d’s on Benzo’s. I want to be free…and just be “normal” again…

84 Opiate Hell { 06.07.10 at 7:04 am }

Hello everyone, this has def been one of the most helpful sites I have come across (in terms of fighting opiate withdrawals). I have found a little secrest that has helped me tremendously through this hell. It is called RainDrop Therapy, it is a massage that utilizes essential oils to recharge, and balance your body’s natural electrical system. It literally cuts out the worst withdrawal symptoms almost completely, and is very helpful for getting some deep sleep. I highly recommend it, it has saved my life. Another thing I do on a habitual basis (at least once a week) are Ionic Foot Baths, these to work wonders and really help to pull all of that crap out of your system. I’m telling you guys/girls look into it and research it. Take my word, it wont steer you wrong.

85 Mel { 06.08.10 at 9:27 am }

Hi Everyone,
My boyfriend and I have been using perc’s and subs for a lil over 3 years now. I generally take about 40 mgs of Percs daily. It started as a stupid “favor” from a friend, (give her a ride home and she’d give me some percs) WORST MISTAKE I EVER MADE. This of course led to NEEDING them. When the funds would run low, as they *always* do LOL, I would go and buy subs because they were cheaper than my perc habit. Another tragic mistake. Now i am sick of doing this, sick of scrounging for $$ to buy this crap, sick of feeling sick when I don’t have it, sick of planning my day around finding something, anything to take to kill the pain of W/D.
So, here is my game plan:
Colleen – your post was amazing and I want to make out with you lol. But I intend on following your guidelines as much as possible, since it seems you did your homework. I am not in a position to go to a doctor or detox facility (I work in daycare- dispicable, I KNOW. Sorry Moms.) Can’t risk having something like that on my record, permanent or otherwise lol.
I will start I guess with the chelated magnesium for the RLS, which for me, is hands down the WORST part of it. Then, I will try maybe not ambien (no med ins.) but some sort of sleep aid. Someone suggested B-6 and L-Tyrosine for the depression aspect, which is cheap enough considering what one dishes out per day on their “habit”. Also, lotsa gatorade, bananas, and oatmeal – I say this, but, who knows what i will be able to keep down, I am a puker : ( I also, do not have a bathtub, sucks, will have to suck it up with hot showers I guess.
But I really just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this website and it’s administrator. I really think talking/writing about it is helpful. At least now, I know I’m not alone. Someone else has had to do this with out going to Rehab and they survived.
If anyone has advice for me aside from “Hang in there…”, or sees a serious flaw in my game plan, I would greatly appreciate your post!!!
If my plan works, i will let you all know, plan on coming to this page regularly…..
Good luck everyone!!!

86 Mathew { 06.14.10 at 9:22 am }

I have been on Suboxone for over a year now, and since Monday of Last week, exactly a week ago, I have not taken anything. This is day 8. I feel anxious that I am getting off of the dependence and that I no longer need suboxone, to subdue the withdrawal symptoms. I have a question, I have read a lot of information about suboxone being a great substitute for the opiate cravings, and helps to reside all withdrawal until I am comfortable to completely come off of it. But I have also read that suboxone can be worse than other opiates completely because of the amount of time it takes to completely leave the body. I do not have any desire to take opiates at this point, but even at day 8, I am still getting the shakes, and cramps during the night. Is this normal, and my last week of dosing was 4mg. How long will this last? 8 days is a long time to be withdrawing and if I had known this when I first started, I would have resorted to other methods, or just come off of them completely back then. I appreciate your response!


87 Derrick { 06.15.10 at 11:37 pm }

hey everyone, im sure your not here trying to learn how to bake cookies. your here for the same reason I am. You are going through the opiate withdraws that are famous for causing relapse. You definitely do not want to go through this ever again, but your brain is demanding opiates.(literally) trust me, ive been there, done that and got the free tee shirt. First I want to give a little encouragement to everyone. You can do this!!!! Your way stronger than a little pill, so dont let it overpower you anymore!!!! Now I want to be real with everyone. Im not in this situation because of opiate use, im here because of opiate abuse!!!! I did this to me, I didnt have any help. I read that some of you got here off of honest doctors prescriptions. I even think some of the people might even blame their doctors.(sorry wind if you happen to read this, migraines are a bitch, im not gonna judge you) that is the power these drugs have. I myself went to my doctor to tell him the dose he had me on wasnt effective, so he prescribed me a larger dose, which again wasnt effective enough, and so on and so forth. of course, his idea of “effective” and my idea of “effective” was 2 different definitions. you see, he was just treating a mild pain in my lower back caused by a football injury in h.s……….And I found out quick how “painless” these pills could make me. however, by the end of the script the 2 hydro 7.5′s I was taking every 2 hrs no longer had its former euphoria. (pain was gone in my back tho) So I played the system and ended up on o.c.’s for a mild back pain. next thing you know “I would take 2 pills in the morning, Id take 3 more at night. id take 2 pills in the afternoon and still didnt feel alright.” By the time I realized I was in the water It was too deep to touch the bottom. So everyday I would spend all of my resources just to keep my head above water. (metaphor for tolerance) I have Kicked the habit several times just to relapse and use again in less than a week.. However, I am really hoping this is the last ever detox for myself. I am on day 4 and starting to feel a little better. I want to remind everyone that using drugs like methadone and suboxin are not going to get rid of withdraws, they will just put them off til a later date. Eventually you will have to tough it out and get it over with. Withdraw symptoms from opiates are all over the map, as the drugs affect different people differently. ( I have a friend that will pass out with just one hydrocodone 10, yet opiates fire me up and get me going) So there is no quick fix or cure-all for this hell your feeling. My advice is to treat the individual symptoms. trying to treat all symptoms without drug use is impossible. For me, I find taking 2 or 3 tylenol will help with the stomach problems caused by withdraws. If you are taking hydros in mass quantaties, then this will work for you, as you probably have acetominphin trying to flush out of your system. tylenol or ibuprofen will also help with the phantom pains you can get when detoxing. another problem I have is I feel like I just cant get out of bed, Its almost like ive been tranquilized and cant wake up all the way. I find that if I do force myself out of bed and go sit on the couch and watch some tv, I start coming around. I also swear by the black label 5 hour energy. This usually helps me atleast go to work. but sometimes I still feel like a zombie. For sleeping I recommend benadryl, or nyquil. also, now Is a good time to actually follow the directions on the bottles of otc meds you might use. your obviously not very good at taking the recommended dose, so this is a good will power exercise. Also, I have another suggestion for those of you suffering from depression. We are currently doing a study where depressed people are placed in isolation with only their favorite music. our professor swears that receptors such as opiod, and seratonin are affected when someone is listening to a song which they either really like, or a song that brings back happy memories such as childhood memories. so if you get desperate, get on youtube and look up your favorite song and see if helps the depression and bad mood in general. For me my song is called Winter by Josh Radin…..Good luck everyone.

88 Michael { 06.19.10 at 6:51 pm }

I have been on methadone for almost 2 years now, before that is was MS Contin, before that it was Lortabs, and before that it was Vicodin. I injured my back and was medically discharged after 8 years of active duty back in 2006, and have been on a rollercoaster of pain meds every since. On top of all of this I was diagnosed wth Narcolepsy(no cataplexy, thank God) shortly after my last tour in the desert. I got hooked on amphetamines for the daytime sleepiness, even took Desoxyn for a while, but the dexedrine was what really changed my brain chemistry after being on it for almost 3 years. Thanks to Nuvigil, I was able to get rid of all of the amphetamines, but the methadone has started making me someone I do not want to be. I told my doc and they seemed to think I was just seeking something that would give me a high and all but blew me off. They did however give me two weeks of Vicodin and tell me I could get through the WD. I have been told by my neurologist that depression has been proven to be genetically linked to narcolepsy. My family needs me right now, and I cannot let myself slip into depression again. Alcoholism runs heavily in my family, and since we just moved back to my home town, it is the only thing I feel I have right now, but that is the last thing I need, an addiction that’s WD can kill me. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated at this point. I’m feeling pretty alone and out of choices(no, I’m not suicidal, just had to put that in there to make sure no one got any ideas. I was an Non-Commissioned Officer for a number of years, and they drill that stuff in pretty hard and deep.)

89 Michael { 06.19.10 at 7:07 pm }

I have been on methadone for almost 2 years now, before that is was MS Contin, before that it was Lortabs, and before that it was Vicodin. I injured my back and was medically discharged after 8 years of active duty back in 2006, and have been on a rollercoaster of pain meds every since. On top of all of this I was diagnosed wth Narcolepsy(no cataplexy, thank God) shortly after my last tour in the desert. I got hooked on amphetamines for the daytime sleepiness, even took Desoxyn for a while, but the dexedrine was what really changed my brain chemistry after being on it for almost 3 years. Thanks to Nuvigil, I was able to get rid of all of the amphetamines, but the methadone has started making me someone I do not want to be. I told my doc and they seemed to think I was just seeking something that would give me a high and all but blew me off. They did however give me two weeks of Vicodin and tell me I could get through the WD. I have been told by my neurologist that depression has been proven to be genetically linked to narcolepsy. My family needs me right now, and I refuse to slip into depression again. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated at this point.

90 Slowly but surely... { 06.24.10 at 9:18 pm }

My husband and I have been taking opiates for almost two years now. I had never done them before except some weak vicocdin for an arm injury in high school. He was fresh out of rehab when I met him. He has abused opiates for years, always norco for a back condition where he had to have L4 and L5 fused. After a while he was on them again and being the good girlfriend I tried my hardest to stop his usage. I tried hiding them, telling doctors he couldn’t have them, leaving him, and being the biggest b**** in the world all to get him to stop. Nothing worked. He just hid them from me but I could always tell. In a weird turn of events I had to have my appendix removed and was put on demerol and norco for the surgery and after recovery. At the same time my husband found a “friend” at the gym that introduced him to oxycontin. He was in love with the drug and as soon as he came home he shared his love with me. I too fell in love. I thought once I was healed I could get off, no big deal. WRONG. Over a year my usage jumped up 6 tgo 8 80mg oc’s a day. His on the other hand was up to 15 to 20 80mg pills a day.
I was worried about myself but most of all I feared every morning waking up and him not being with me any more. I was so terrified of an overdose. Luckily God was on our side and a week after we got married he went and checked himself into rehab. It saved his life. I myself had to do it on my own at home since no one knew I too was addicted. I had to pretend I was a happy newlywed when I really wanted to crawl into the fetal position and never open my eyes again. My husband is now on suboxone at the rehab center and has lost almost 40 lbs in a little less than a month. I on the other hand had a harder time. This forum has saved my life. I felt so alone and with him gone I felt like I was the only one out there going through hell. Reading your stories has given me so much hope. I still have cravings but when I do, I read your stories and it helps more than anyone can know. A few things that saved my life during my week in hell. Clonidine, get it from your doctor. It is a blood pressure pill that completely helped me with the anxiety, sweats, and RLS. Music. I can’t express how much music played a role in my recovery. I still listen to the same song over and over again. It just takes your mind to a better place. Tramadol is evil and I do not recomend it to anyone it can make you very, very depressed. Benzos are also addictive so try to stay away.
The part I am struggling with is the fact that I still have cravings. It’s been almost a month and they are all I can think about. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the ramble but all of your stories have helped me so much I really hope mine will help someone too. Thank you all for sharing. It means the world to me.

91 op-eee-it dummy { 06.28.10 at 10:59 pm }

sex went from hrs to seconds gosh how do u explain that to your partner/s and how long will this not so talked about side effect last ??????

92 Phil { 07.06.10 at 11:18 am }

Hi everyone i’ve been reading your stories and have decided that I need to get clean too. I have been taking anywhere from 6-13 10mg vicodine per day for the past year or so. I got into a bad accedent about a year and a half ago and was prescribed 5.5s and quickly moved up to 7.5s and then the 10′s so I know I’m goin to have a difficult task. Can someone help me in some insight of how long u think I might feel like shit and how long untill I feel normal again. Mabey just a round about time frame, thanks. Good luck to all and stay strong it’s gotta get worse before it can get better, one day at a time we all work to have a better life.

93 jay Deez { 07.07.10 at 12:53 pm }

i’ve been on ms contin for about 3 years doing like 3 100 mg. a day plus was doing dilaudid 4mgs on top of it. ive never got them perscripted. i had a friend who got loads of narcos. and plus i was getting them really cheap. i eventually got totally addicted, full blown and im only twenty three. i eventually got cut off after the guy met a girl with like 6 kids. she got in good with him in only 2 weeks. he eventually cut me off cold turkey. its been 8 full days off the shit. i feel WAY better now, but i get cold easily and often think about it. i have spent over thousands of dollars on it. now a days i think about how bad WDs are and how much worrying you have to go through when you dont have any. not to mention all the moeny i could have. at one time i though to have a script has a blessing, but now i know its a curse. ive had a good attitude so far. ive been smoking erb alot lately just to make me feel better. its sad as hell to see so many people who have been slaved to this crap. good luck to everyone trying to get clean. its hard but i never thought i could go twelve hours with out it. i woke up with it, went all day on it, and went to sleep on it. it was an ever days thing. it was normal. but now im amazed that i even lived through it. i had such a high tolerance it wasnt even funny. but anyway, i just been researching alot about WD and how long it lasts. and just to be clear… i went 4 years not WD once. i made it a pact that if i had to go 2-3 days with out i would just quit. i know people who pay a dollar a mg. that is so ridiculous. well good luck to all. peace-

94 Jay Deez { 07.11.10 at 10:58 am }

update:…..i was clean for about 12 days straight. not even WD’n anymore. then my brother who is an addict himself called me and told me he could get some dilaudid. since im an addict i did it. im scared that if i do it even one time i’ll have to WD all over again….is this true?the easiest part is getting off them….the hard part is staying away. everyone i know do pills and opiates, i other day i did 10mg of liquid dilaudid in one shot….it was awsome but i did feel kinda guilty when i did it. what should i do

95 swan { 07.12.10 at 10:23 pm }

Wow… i read a lot of posts on here and its good to know that we are not the only ppl goingthrough this ( by WE i mean my husband and I). Although i hate to hear that anyone is addcited to thesedamn things. I have been doing them for about a year this time…..the longest out of all the times i have been addicted to them. I do have legit pain and it only gets worse with the withdrawls and that is why i am so scared. My husbandhad back surgery in june of 09 and he is also addicted to them. Im finding that the hardest part is the mental part and the depression…im just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as far as that goes. We have 2 children so its hard to go on with life through the withdrawls and i am seriously considering going to try to get some of that suboxone i think its called but i dont know if that is risky also. I have heard horror stories about methadone and even took it oncebefore and didnt like the way it made me feel. Is that other medication the same? Does anyone know? Don’t know if i will be able to check this site again so can u please e-mailme with replies? i would appreciate it a lot! swanmama33@gmail.com

96 Coach { 07.20.10 at 10:40 am }

It is great having a thread like this to “HELP” me out. I have been on ‘done for 5 years for Migranes. I noticed my headaches gradually got worse as I became tolerant to the drug. I am TIRED of playing the “game”. I tapered from 120 mg of md down to 10 mg a day over a week and took my last dose 2 days ago. Claratin is the only thing keeping my nose from running off of my face. Thank all of you for your ideas and how you feel. I thought I was the only one who didn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, etc…. This is beatable and I am counting down the days where this drug doesn’t consume my every waking (and sleeping) thought. God Bless all of you and GOOD LUCK!!

97 jerry { 07.26.10 at 5:10 pm }

ive been taking 10-15 norcos for about 6 mos – not for pain though. i started with 2-3 pills to get high and then it snowballed and next thing i knew, i was hooked and couldnt start the day without 1, then without 2, then without 3 and so forth. i had opportunitiues to stop before and not deal with w/ds but i was an idiot and i wanted to get high. it finally kicked me in the head for the fact that i was spending thousands a month. i would look at people and get jealous at the fact that they dont need a pill to make it thru the day. that actually depressed me to the point that i would rather eat a bullet than quit. but i decided screw it and took the plunge. i decided to follow the thomas recipe and it is a lot better that it was last time i tried to go cold turkey (and i couldnt taper because it i had pills, i would eat them.)
anyways, im on day 3 (actually 70 hrs since last dose) and its getting better. im experiencing upset stomach and fatigue but most of the symptons have subsided. although the chills and RLS have little occurences. i highly suggest taking walks and getting out of the house as soon as you can – hopefully getting thew excerise will help you sleep – that is the thing i cant get yet. good luck to everyone

98 Jake { 08.05.10 at 1:07 pm }

I have been prescribed vicodin for 5 years. I have also gone through detox in the past only to go back later because of pain. I have several serious diagnosis’. I can honestly say that using vitamins and minerals and protien shakes (with all amino acids). Which you can get cheaply at walmart or health food stores. Help dramatically for fatigue aches and RLS. Magnesium is reparitive to RLS. L-Tyrosine feeds the receptors that produce happy responses. These things are found in food but if you take them to repair the deficieny you will get some relief. Also, withdrawal-ease is a company online that has helped me. It cuts the withdrawals down a lil bit. I do however have a serious question though; I am getting tingling in my brain and pressure and I because of that am getting anxiety. I am worried that it is mental ilness and am wondering if it is than when I quit will I restore my brains proper function?

99 Pain { 08.14.10 at 11:09 pm }

I am not trying to demean anyones addiction or withdrawal issues here, but it seems like most people here are using relatively weak pain killers like hydrocodone.

I had an IV heroin habit for 2 years which I broke only by going onto a methadone program for about 5 years. I quit cold turkey off 41mg 15 days ago and am doing well enough. I sleep probably every other night or every night but at sporatic times (thanks to restless leg) since the first day of the withdrawal. I am getting better daily but this will surely drag out another 2 weeks at least.

Every opiate has its own severity of withdrawal effects. The thing you have to remember with a vicodin or oxy addiction is that it -will- be over for the most part after 7-10 days. Really, that isn’t shit. Personally, kicking the heroin was worse for me than the methadone but it was over much sooner. 10 days of insomnia (I got 2 hours sleep on day 8 I think) and then, finally began to sleep 4-5 hour nights. The bottom line really is that for morphine and heroin users, your withdrawals -will- be severe, but with the benefit of a short lasting withdrawal.

That said, here is what has helped me get to day 15 of no methadone:

- Clonidine – For HBP and tachycardia. It can also help with the cold sweats and the hair sticking up type feeling. Do note however that this has the side effect of making me weak for a few hours in additino to the withdrawal weakness, but I think it is worth it. Take it at bed time only if you can.

- Clonazepam (Klonipin)- This stuff can help moderately with insomnia. I have tried things like melatonin with no such luck at all. If you take a high enough dose of this, you will probably pass out. I can’t remember having a single dream since using these, but the goal is really just to ge tto the next day.

L-Tyrosine- This helps for energy, and it helps me quite a lot. The Heroin withdrawal was severe symptoms. Every known opiate withdrawal symptom at its worst possible level. With the methadone the worst has been the malaise. I can’t walk around a store for longer than 5 minutes without having to sit down. This stuff will really help with that. Just don’t take it any where close before bed time. 1000-1500mg seems to work well.

-A strong, pharmecutical grade multi-vitamin: Since taking these (which I recommend doubling up on for the beginning) I have no real diahrrhea symptoms. Its also necessary when you just can’t stomach most foods.

Other than this I am sure there are more supplements out there. Doctor David Arnesons method(google it) of treatment uses many herbal supplements along with the typical clonidine/benzo combination for withdrawal that almost any internal medicine doctor should be able to perscribe you. If not, go to a walk in clinic because these two are probably the most helpful.

If you are really ready to quit, there is hope. Every 24 hours from your last opiate dosing, mark off an X in your calendar. I still do this because sometimes days blend into the next along with the all too common saying of taking withdrawal a minute at a time. 24 hours is no joke. If you made it even that far, going back would be plain stupid unless it was your desire to get back into that kind of lifestyle which no one should have to live. Do your research and find what works best for you. if you need time off of work, take it. If you can’t, pretend you have the flu if you are able. Personally I needed 2 weeks time on my own after kicking the methadone to even consdier working again. Everyone is different though. Just remember your internist doesn’t know everything there is about opiate withdrawal. They may be a great doctor, but specializing in opiate withdrawal syndromes is a rarity. Your own research is needed.

I hope this post helps someone out there. Its currently 3am and Im unable to sleep yet so this is occupying me for now until I get tired enough to sleep. I should also mention simple walking for 10-15 minutes a day (when able) can make the insomnia much more tolerable when used in conjunction with a long acting benzo (clonzepam) . Good luck to all here just keep remembering that the days will pass. There is no stopping time. Everything in life is temporary. So will your suffering.


100 Pain { 08.14.10 at 11:30 pm }

I just want to add a couple positive things to my last post.

When you do get off the opiates, you will see the world in a new light. I am not talking some science fiction/religious crap here though it may feel like it. It is because the opiates constrict your pupils at all times. Once this disappates, the sun becomes brighter, the sky becomes clearer. Depending on the length of your addiction, this effect could be so dramatic you may end up needing sunglasses for awhile but in the end, it is nice. I enjoy to see the world for what it is without a mask pulled under my eyes.

Second is without a doubt the sex drive. Your hormone/testosterone levels can become severely decreased on opiates, especially the longer acting ones like methadone. Don’t fret, theres no thing wrong with you. This will go away after the withdrawal and you will find new meaning in sex. Just make sure your partner understands because, well, you won’t be lasting very long when you return to normal the first week.

Thirdly, to be able to not be dependent on a drug to get through your day is a huge thing. For years I have been programmed to get up at the same time to make it to the methadone clinic, fearing withdrawals if I didn’t. There are people that will be there for life because they hold onto this fear. Don’t buy into it. I’ve done a large amounts of IV heroin and methadone and the withdrawal, while very dragged out, ranges from mild to moderate symptoms for the majority of the time with the exception of the 4th and 5th days where symptoms peak. Even at this point it did not compare to the street drug withdrawal I had in the past. Your limit is only what you place on yourself. You dont have to be one of those people at the clinic that will be there for life. You dont have to be stuck on pain pills your whole life either especially if you are at a young age. Look into everything you can if your reason is an accident. For disc injuries, places like spinemed appear promising. The medical field is growing fast and you need to keep up with the latest technologies because some random person isnt just going to fix all your problems.

Your doctors might have the best intentions but surely very few of them have truely experienced what we have been through. The value to this is worth more than any standard medical school training one could receive. People will try to help you with their best intentions, but these intentions are based on their own education and assumptions. I would take advice from an ex junky who kicked than most internists any day.

In the end, through research and dedication, anyone can get off this stuff. The one thing I always remember is that ‘it can always be worse’. It can _always_ be worse.

101 DJDP { 08.23.10 at 4:31 pm }

Hi all,

Thanks for posting all of your stories, thought I’d share mine. I’ve taken vicodins and oxycodones off and on for a few years, never in doses more that literally one pill a day and never had an issue. Then in the last year or so I got a supply and thankfully still had the will power to never go over 20mg of oxy in a day. I only take them when I get home, usually 7.5mg around 6pm, the maybe another 7.5 mg around 8. That’s all. Anyone else on a very small regiment for a while? Should I expect crazy withdrawl? The last stuff I took was 15 mg, about 24 hours ago, and just took a Darvocet and a half of a xanax because I don’t know what to expect. There are a lot of horror stories on here that don’t list dosages. Can someone let me know whether I’ll kinda be fine? I had a bit of a headache and flu feeling near the end of work today, and I’m hoping that’s the worst of it.



102 Brian { 08.25.10 at 3:44 pm }

Have you ever cheated during detox just once and how far did it set yoiu back

103 Brock { 09.12.10 at 5:36 pm }

First of all, thank you God for providing such a wonderful and informative website as this one. I have a long story to tell, but honestly, don’t have the energy to go into it tonight (as I’m in my first day of w/d’s. My question for now is has ANYONE tried Withdrawal Ease? I found it one the internet, but according to their site, they ran completely out of their supply to the incredible demand for it. I’ve read the testimonies, but never really know if those are actual, honest stories or random individuals just paid to tell this stuff. If it works, I’m willing to give it a try, but if not, I’m not going to blow $80 on something that’s useless. My story, which I promise to share with you all, is an amazing one and, in retrospect, I should have died atleast 5 times from car crashes, suicide attempts, mixing drugs, a stroke in 2006, was in a house fire in 2005 and the list goes on. Clearly, it’s simply not my “time” to leave this earth. However, it’s hell living on it. If anyone can give me advice on the Withdrawal Ease regimen, I would grealy appreciate it! Again, I can’t wait to share my story with you just as soon as I feel like sitting up and out of bed for a little while. Thank you all and God Bless everyone!

104 azrican85706 { 09.13.10 at 8:16 pm }

i have been on perc’s and vic’s, about 8 to 10 pills a day of one or the other, not the same time. day 2 is here and what hell i am in, i have never felt so many things wrong and hurting the same time in my life. but i have started the Thomas Recipe for opiate detox and it does ease the intensity a little, but not close toall of it. I would suggest it to anyone and keep as active as you can and make the hot shower/tub your friend, i will keep ya posted as to the results of the Recipe day by day. but sleep , even with klonopin and ambien, is hard to come by, actually they made me feel even worse…… even more tiredd and no sleep, so for some it may work but so far for me no. How much klonopin can you safely take? i got 2mg tabs and only take 1 or 2. at a time. any advice would be greatly evaluatede and checked out, i will do the same as day 3 /night 2 is here..

105 Bethany { 09.21.10 at 6:52 am }

Hi, i’ve been on roxicodone(oxycodone)30mgs for about 3 years and at one point was taking over 20 a day, now i am down to 10 at the most. I’ve been through wd’s 5 or 6 times and it really is unbearable, it’s the worst thing i’ve ever had to go through! And my problem is i never learn my lesson…..i’ll get a script and go through it very fast not caring that i will run out before the next then have to go through the wd’s. I won’t care about it til i get really low and then i start to regret it but i do it everytime!!! So i was wondering if i tapered myself off the next time about how many pills a day would i have to get down to before i could go cold turkey and not have as severe wd’s. I am about to run out again but my sister has some darvocets to get me through til my next script. I just hope that this time i can be strong enough to fight temptation, but it’s hard because like everyone says it does make life seem better and it does semm to help you through difficult times BUT! You lose so much in the process….i’ve lost friends a boyfriend of 3yrs basically my whole life, i really don’t do anything all day except set at this comp and take pills and i’m really tired of it….Does anyone have any ideas that would help me make my mind stonger so i can fight this thing? Thankyou and i hope everyone gets through it and doesnt touch them again, in my opinion they should make a pain pill that you can’t get addicted to and wd from. Best of luck for everyone!!!!

106 Bethany { 09.21.10 at 7:04 am }

Oh and i forgot one thing when i am going through the wd’s i get this wierd feeling i can’t really describe it perfectly but it’s like the feeling that someone is watching me but not exactly like that. It’s like when you’re on the pills you don’t feel normal and i think the wierd feeling is kind of like getting back to normal but i was just wondering if anyone else had the same sensation or whatever it would be called. Thankyou.

107 helpmyhusband { 09.24.10 at 9:33 am }

hello everyone so my husband is 24 and he takes literally like 6 perks a day hes been doing it for about 3 years so ive had enough and told him thats it time to stop for good he went thru withdrawl a few times and still went back we have no insurance i cant put him in a program this weekend hes going to go thru withdrawl again i hope and pray this is the last time i have faith and ive seen him go thru withdrawl before n he was in so much pain im just trying to c if i can help in anyway anything i can buy over the counter anything i can do for him to make it not so painful any advice will work and i wish everyone the best god bless

108 Alex { 09.25.10 at 10:31 am }

Hello all! Ive been on vicodin for about 7years. My supply ran out and am now currently withdrawing and trying to kick the habit. Its day 2 now and its gotten slightly better. Instead of giving you my whole life’s story here is some tips to combat opiate withdrawal.

1.) Take a multi-vitamin. This helps get the vitamins back in your body since the vicodin takes it all away.

2.) Take a vitamin B supplement for energy or have a steady supply of energy drinks. You all know its hard to go through the day with no energy from the vicodin.

3.) Drink plenty of water to cleanse your body and will also help with hydration and constipation.

4.) Take a sleeping pill or 2 benedryl’s to help you sleep. Personally Ive been taking 2 benedrly’s a night to help sleep and I wake up feeling pretty good. Try and get as much sleep as possible!

5.) To help with the restless arms and legs and body aches, take plenty of hot showers or soak in a hot bath. This relaxes the muscles. Also what helps with the restless arm and leg is step 4.

6.) Take an anti diarrhea medicine. Stops you from going all day. Or if your having stomach cramps because your constipated from all the pain pills use a laxative to ease the stomach pain.

7.) Have plenty of Ibuprofen or Excedrin. Head aces can be extremely bad and or can develop in to migraines. Also try eating light, I know your not going to feel like eating much but a salad might help, and vegetables help with constipation which could ease head aces associated with no eating.

8.) Take anti nausea! When your withdrawing, in my personal experience you feel like throwing up for most of your day.

Here are some other tips that help but are unhealthy alternatives:

1.) Smoking weed. This seriously helps! With forgetting about the pain to calming restless arms and legs to getting some sleep.

2.)Beer! Beer has vitamin B6 in it. So drink up and you will not feel the withdrawing effects as much and will help with sleep.

109 Dina { 09.28.10 at 5:01 pm }

Another drug that’s good to use to reduce withdrawal is called Gabapentin. If you google it you can read what I’m talking about so I don’t have to explain lol type in. Gabapentin and recreational use. And I me and my boyfriend. Have used it while withdrawing from opiates and its helped us a lot. You have to take a high does of it like at least 400mg but the more the better.

110 Fusion Smiles { 10.02.10 at 10:52 pm }

I have a few tips to ease withdrawals of opiates. I have went through them many times from oxy and vicodIn. I find it so hard to taper down to ease the withdrawals;however, I make a point to save at least two pills to take small portions at desperate time at night. You will be glad, for the crazy legs keeping you awake. With that said, I highly recommend for sleep ashwaganda, it is an herb, I use the liquid, and its like valium. You will get frustrated, but you can do it! I also recommend alka seltzer ”for crazylegs. I use excedrin Pm to help promote sleep. Kratom is a must in. Google it. have something like candy to help keep your mind off what your body and legs are doing. honestly try to avoid tv during insomnia, it wakes you up. when you need sleep. sleep on the couch with your legs in between the cushions. and know you can do it. spray on your favorite smell, or lotion. it helps me feel happier … you are not alone. smile when you can, it tricks the brain into producing good feelings.

111 Sam { 10.03.10 at 10:58 am }

Wow! Lots of great ifo. Day 2. yee haw. About to take that hot shower. Prtty awful. These posts are the best med. Thanks to all!

112 mark { 10.25.10 at 3:32 pm }

day 3 for me i have been to hell and back but i’m getting through it.good luck to all and god bless.

113 Mike { 10.29.10 at 3:46 pm }

Im on day two of hydrocodone detox and it sucks. I would take 150mg of hydrocodone 3 times a day just to be normal. I heard the third day sucks really bad so Ill see how it goes…..

114 rob { 11.03.10 at 8:53 pm }

hey thanks for sharing this site really helps. ive been doing anywhere from 100-300 mgs of oxycodone pretty much every day. its ruined my life failed out of college. been to jail twice, so i think its time to stop. i was on day two but i have to work tomorow so i relapsed in fear of feeling like absolute garbage tomorow. i plan to do it monday after i stock up on good bud, klonapins, and ambiens so i can sleep most of the first 5 dreaded days. those things help out alot. sub is just a horrible crutch that only prelongs the inevitable that your going to eventually have to withdraw. and the sub withdraws are worse and longer. so i just wanted to share and thanks for the advice, wish me luck guys, ill post back when im done withdrawing.

115 rob { 11.03.10 at 8:54 pm }

oh and i forgot to mention. i had to detox two seperate times in jail and that was by far the worst thing ever. i just keep telling myself at least im not locked up and can do this easy with alot of things to help me . thanks for letting me share

116 rob { 11.03.10 at 8:55 pm }

last thing was using for past three years think i forgot that

117 Jennifer Rocha { 11.09.10 at 7:37 pm }

Thankyou so much for the time and thought you put into this Blog. This is my 5th yes fifth timing quitting opiates. Norco’s those little yellow buggers I love and hate so much! I really want my life back and mean It this time. I have destroyed relationships, jobs, put myself in financial ruins and found myself doing whatever it took to get my hands on a high that would only last so long. This last time I was taking 20 a day huge span from the 1 every day I started out with years ago. Anyways…. I’m done now 3 days clean. Still in my withdrawal but, could not be happier or more excited :) Jennifer

118 young lady { 11.25.10 at 1:44 pm }

Hey so this blog thing has helped me, i just wanted to write in and share, well i’m on day 5 of not taking any pain pills, i’ve been on pain pills since about 2007 lets just say i was under the age of 18 at the time, my dr first put me on the pill norco, oh when i first started taking pain pills for my headaches i was always great i made scripts last and i made it to my appt, and i could go a couple days without them, well i kinda didn’t want to become addicted because my dad was a heroin addiict so what i saw him go through and deal with and saw him od, and pissed off cause he couldn’t get his drugs, or how i found needles and stamp bags all around him when i was younger i didn’t want to end up like that. well my dad died in 2004 so it’s been pretty hard without him, but i like i said i didnt want to end up like him well.. the past couple years have been really tough, ive been through alot i don’t know how ive held on alright well here goes first off like i said i started having to take the pain pills for my headaches cause nothing else helped, well after being on norco for about a year it wasn’t helping any more and then my dr tried me on the fentyal patch im still under the age of 18 at the time, well that patch did nothing for me well by aug of 2008 my dr then put on oxycodones 15mg and omg the first time taking that pill all my pain went away and i felt great, well after my dr put me on that ive had to get like 5 surgerys in the past couple years, from glands out in my neck to tonsolis to a laporscopy which meant alot of pain and alot of pills . it makes me sick how many pills ive been on in the last couple of years alright well remember how i said i didnt want to end up like my father… well what do i do last year? im hanging out with the wrong people and well heroin comes along, and i first snorted it a couple times then when the people i was hanging around started shooting it, i was like hmm…… i want to see what this feels like, meanwhile im all down and out because i tried heroin and my dads prolly looking down on me saying im a fuck up and a piece of crap well my friends well they werent really friends lets just say users, shot me up cause i didnt know what the hell i was doing that took all my pain away made all my problems go away… well i didn’t do it much last year every once in awhile or when my friend would shot me up then mean while im still on the oxys for my headaches and people are using me and stealing my pills and im getting my heart broken by my first love, i still have issues from my dads death i have alot of depression and i was trying to numb it out with pills and i couldnt go anywhere without a pill a pill just gave me a added boost and made me feel alot better about things. me and the heroin friends got in a huge fight and didnt really talk for a long time and i didn’t have anyone to get me heroin so i was doing really good and i was sticking to the pills even tho i kept eating them like candy and running out to soon before my appt and then having to find other pills so i wouldnt get sick since with drawl is hell. well this year in aug i let someone stay at my house and well he needed a ride and my dumbass texted the heroin friend and asked him if he could give my friend a ride and well here i thought he was clean cause alot of shit went down with him from the time i stopped talking to him he and my neighbor was doing coke hard core and he got caught selling heroin to a cop, then he got in a wreck but i thought he was clean because before i got in the car with him and said he didnt touch that shit, so me and my friend get in his car and well his smoking crack, and i hate the smell of that shit, but anyways lets just say by the time me and my friend got out of that car he was talking to someone on the phone asking them for a couple bags well what do i do i dont have any pills and i havent touched heroin for a really long time and i ask him to get me a bag bad move… getting back in touch with him screwed alot up lets jsut say since aug… ive learned how to shoot my self up, i pawned three laptops for drug money, stolen off my mom, hurt my mom alot, have track marks on my hand, really started likeing that guy, which i dunno why, almost fell out on my birthday in sept, that was lovely, shot crack, shot gunned crack, done coke, shot coke, ran out of my pills even more, got ripped off by people, tried to go get help and i was turned away since i wasnt enough of a junkie but i think i was wanting to get high everyday and not feel a thing, and every chance i got i got high with heroin cause once you feel that rush you dont wanna go back now i know why my dad liked it so much… well me and that guy arent talking anymore causse he used the shit out of me and hurt me pretty bad, i dont have any rides to get any heroin so thats a good thing, i havent wanted it i havent done heroin for about a month, but ive had my pills perk 10s which lets just say this month i ran out of my pills so quickly and i cant get my next ones til the 10th so i was really sick from not having any of my pills and going through withdrawls and i feared that i hate with drawls i just wanna die and not wake up, but now im on day five and im doing well, i got the clonidie patch .2mg and lets just say it works welll ive been kinda dizzy and kinda feel like im in a fog but it takes alot of things away, the hot cold sweats, the rest less leg issues, the feeling hostel and kinda just mellows you out, now i just gotta learn how to take my pills the right way again and try and not need them alot anymore cause im only 20 i dont need this in my life, i dont wanna be a screw up which i know i already am. i gotta be strong… well thanks for reading… i hope you all stay strong

119 NYDJ { 12.02.10 at 10:35 pm }

Hey all, hope everyone is feeling ok. I am in my 3rd day of kicking opiates. I have spent the past 5 years fighting this demon and losing. I have had 2 surgeries for congenital heart defects and these pain meds were all that got me though. I dont know how to describe my situation as I have not recieved doctor issud scripts in nearly 3 years and yet was still a 2-4 pill a day user. I never crossed over to more than that and never had the urge to try anything stronger than perc 10′s. Been hospitalized multiple times for 2 car accidents and denied chose to deny morphine and even normal pain meds (even though I was in actual pain) I used what I could get, usually perc 7.5 or hydro 1000′s and to everyone else in the world I was right as rain and normal. even my closest friends did not and do not know about my problem. I have a succesful business and a good marriage but the dark side of me needs to go. I dont do any other drugs, I dont even drink and the whole outside world thinks I am an angel but the truth is I am not. I had a friend who always gave me my pills for free up until recently and for the past few weeks I have had to pay street value and I have taken a step back to see that this is crazy. To all fighting this, fight hard and win. I have had a difficult 2 days but there is light at the end of this tunnel. Don’t be like me and think that just because everyone thinks you are ok and no one sees your issue because you a good at hiding it, that you truly are ok. Because I can say 100% that I am not ok and not normal and I want my normal life back. The pain will go away, the bad feeling will eventually fade, but the pride you can feel for defeating a monster will stay with you and it is something to be proud of. Good luck and dont let the difficult times keep you from seeing the amazing future when you get past all this.

120 metoo { 12.03.10 at 8:08 am }

NYDJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Way to GO on getting clean!!! I hear everything you’re saying~~~I did what I think was a good job hiding it too. I don’t even know you, yet, I am SO PROUD of you for doing this!! And you are SO RIGHT….kicking this monster out of your soul is definitely something you can hold inside and feel SO PROUD OF!!
Keep on keepin’ on, NYDJ. And know that there are lots of folks cheering you on, and praying for your success!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!! :) :D :) :D

121 BeautifulDisaster { 12.16.10 at 9:13 pm }

Hello All, Congrats to all that have quit! And good luck to all that are beginning like me. I have been addicted to Vicodin/Hydrocodone 10-325 mg for 2 years now, it all began with a car accident and now I have herniated discs in my back (l4 ad l5). I started with the 5/500′s and took about 4-6 tabs a day (20-30 mg) a day and here I am 2 years later taking 8-10 10-325 mg tabs at a time, 1 dose for me has to be at least 60-80 mg just to “feel” it. I have spiraled so out of control with these damn things it is unreal. I slowly started taking more and more over the years and it is so bad now that I am going through my prescription of 150 tabs in 4-5 days, it’s a good thing for me if I make them last a week. Well, I have just had enough. I have gone through withdrawals soooo many times, but I can’t stand it and I take whatever opiate I can get to stop it. This time I want to be done, I have had it with living like this. I have given up/lost so much for this crap, it makes me sick. In the past I have found that Ambien helps (zolpidem). Its a sleeping pill, it knocks you out and actually stops the creepy crawly skin and the diarrhea until morning. Other than that, just tylenol, ibuprofen, vitamins and HOT BATHS! Taking a hot bath and taking an Ambien is like heaven to someone withdrawing, trust me. Well, at least helps me feel somewhat normal. Good luck to all, I am starting day 1 as of morning so, wish me luck and I will keep in touch.

Goodnight, and thank god for this site, emotional support works wonders when we are all going through this hell. If anyone has any other suggestions, or home remedies please let me know, Thanks :)

122 BeautifulDisaster { 12.16.10 at 9:20 pm }

Oh and YoungLady, I am only 23 and I can really relate to you. I haven’t been through the same exact things/traumas that you have but I have had different kinds of heartbreak and experiences and I get it, I completely understand how easy it is to get caught up and get trapped. Just know this, you so much stronger than you think you are. Be proud of yourself and STAY STRONG!!!! Thank you so much for sharing, you will be in my prayers.

123 PillPopper { 12.27.10 at 7:49 pm }

well today I was supose to go to a clinic to help me kick my 2-500 mg avrg of mostly oxys. I have tried to stop before in the last 10 years, cold but that damn day 3 gets me every time. At this time I have lost it all. My husband, my 18 year old, every friend good or bad, my whole family beside my mother and dad, my business…..only to name a few. Ironically these are what the pills take away-the reality of me and my life. I know if I don’t kick I will die. I already feel like I am dying since I have only had one done today.
I missed going to the clinic this morning, because my dad thought sleep was more important since it had been four days with none, due to the farwell party binge I threw for myself. I was so sick with nothing to take so now I dont know how I will even be able to make it over there. Getting out of bed feels like I am 40 miles away from the shower and my clothes feel like they are wiegh 50 pounds and the pain is bad-real bad. I can’t give in.
I can honestly say I have never feared anything so much in my whole life than growing up clean and dealing with the path of chaos and destruction knowing that I can only blame myself. I can’t let the fear beat me and I can’t let the hell of withdraw win this time, so if anyone is out there that could or would be a mentor to me, you would save my life.
Could someone tell me what the “opiate withdraw kit” contains? I would do anything to use suboxen, but my insurance will not pay for it and the people in my life the would of paid won’t even speak to me anymore. Is there anyway to get the stuff? Is there a loop in state insurance I could try?
I think this site will be my new social life. I have felt so alone and labelled when I have gone to people I though would understand. I can’t believe I am real and not crazy, so many of you know what it’s like, I feel blessed.
Tell me what drugs may be in this kit if you know. there are five pills in it and thats all I know.
Thanks for the small blessing of letting me read about your world.

124 JustAthought { 01.10.11 at 8:15 pm }

Im going through the struggle right now as i type this.. im on about day 11 of no pills! i was on percocet and oxys. pretty much anything i could get my hands on. 12 vicodin 7.5s taken at one time wouldnt phase me but they sure as hell felt sooooo gooood. Im still thinking of these pills as being my friends and helping me enjoy life to a new level. I wish i could spend every waking moment of my existence high on opium. Im trying to quit but its for strange reasons.. im not quiting for myself. I think opiums are a wonderful thing. i feel like opiums were put on this earth to lift my soul. Im quiting because my family and girlfriend believes opium is the devil and ruining my life. I understand some people steal and lose their jobs and depend so much on opium. I know opium will put you through hell if you turn your back on it.. like i said im on day 11. But for some reason no matter how much i hear people say OOOh its a terrible thing! And it RUINS your lives!! I still feel opium to be a dear friend to me that has taken me to places nobody else has and has given my soul mind and body a state of ease that could only exist if I were in heaven itself. Thats how i truly feel. I also believe if opiates were free for the world to take 99% of opiates downfalls and criticisers would be different. If it were FREE for everyone noone would steal for it, nobody would lose their jobs, give up all their money, etc etc.. Soooo all the people that hate opium for those aspects would have no reason to be biased towards it.. (theoretically). Which in my matter of opinion is 99% of opiums criticisers. Im only 21 so I am still very Naive. I dont know why I love opium so much or feel that I had to post this argument. It was just a random thought I had. I guess you could just say im deep in the throws of addiction right now but for some reason I do believe what I have said about opium. I do believe its wonderful. even tho my body is hurting to hell and my sweat is dripping onto the back of my computer chair as i type i still love opiates. I may be fucked…

125 kayden { 01.13.11 at 6:02 pm }

One word-SUBOXONE. problem is it is difficult to obtain. It will take away everything, believe it.

126 kayden { 01.13.11 at 6:09 pm }

If you can afford the pill addiction, you can afford suboxone. I know many have scripts. However, this withdrawal is devastating. I used subs and felt like a “Superhero”, no joke. You need to pay for this drug. Just get it. Or ELSE…….14 days of hell.

127 Damn Insomnia!!! { 01.14.11 at 12:34 am }

I’m on day 5 or will be once the sun comes up….. it’s 3 a.m. and I can’t get any damn sleep…. when the F is this going to get better???? I need sleep, I tried gravol and benadryl to no help at all…. i can’t take this anymore!

128 mgginva { 01.17.11 at 11:10 am }

Well I just cut down from 180 mg’s of morphine to 15. Still taking the 30 mg’s of oxycodone though. But I am struggling. I also can’t sleep at all. Been up now for 3 nights and before that the preceding 10 nights were 1/2 sleepers. Hang in there – it does get better (when ? I wish I knew – this time is a real bitch!) Drinking wheatgrass juice and eating pot brownies – small ones 1x per day. Been on pain med.s this time since ’91 and I’m sure I’ll still need something, but need a few months of clear-headedness to figure out what to do. Seriously considered suicide as my health has been bad – in bed for last 3 years. Thank good I have a great dog! Depression has been very bad.
To earlier thread about people on this site being cry-babies, let me tell you this;
I have quit cold turkey 5 times since the early 80′s. Was easy when I was young. Once after a bad accident and 9 months in bed I just woke up one day and stopped the percodans, valium, demerol and heroin. I spent 40 grand in 80′s dollars in 9 months in bed on heroin. I have been in 14 accidents where car was destroyed. Luckily no one hits my harley. But here’s the point – everyone deals with addiction in different ways. There is no such thing as a cry baby when someone has the guts to try and get off these substances. Everyone reacts differently.
Just hang in there. Marijuana has helped me a lot. It seems to lighten the pain and help with the darkness. Pain sucks! I commend all of you that are trying to give up the pain pills. It’s hard. Be proud of yourselves and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Anyone that gives you negative energy – get them out of your life. No one has the right to judge you. What you are doing takes stones and that’s just the truth. Be strong and know the shot you are taking may be hard and may not even work the first time as addiction recovery is a process with success and failure involved – but just do it man. I love all of you that are trying to get clean and hope you all stay in the white light. Light a few white candles. It helps the bad moods.
Good luck.
Also -on the suboxone subject; it may help you get off this time but once it’s in your medical file you will really be screwed if you ever need pain med.s again. I would be very careful about telling your Dr. that you are addicted to ANYTHING!!!!! This will come back to haunt you as your medical files are most likely on the internet already and privacy is a thing we are rapidly loosing. Once labeled an addict you – according to the medical community – have a disease that can not be cured and the only treatment is complete abstinence. Be very careful in this area.

129 Phillip Goehring { 01.19.11 at 9:01 pm }

Hey all I am glad to see that you are taking the first step and that is simply talking about your condition and reaching out for help. Detoxing is one of the most difficult processes you will ever experience and I know first hand that it feels like it will never end. There are many natural alternatives that can do a great deal for you when the symptoms get real bad. One of my worst symptoms was always the insomnia, and I wish I could tell you that after so many days it got better but some people experience sleeplessness for up to a month. I have found that valerian root can work wonders on helping you get a quality nights rest. Please keep working together, support makes all the difference when your truly feeling down. We are all in this together and we become better people from the events we experience.

130 guilty { 01.30.11 at 5:21 pm }

So, Tramadol…. this supposedly innocuous pain med, supposedly not a proper opiate, supposedly non addictive… I’ve been on it for the better part of two or three years at various usage levels before recently levelling out at about 5 pills a day… 2 in the morning, 2 after work and maybe one more during the course of the evening (not always though). Recently the script was yanked. Just a warning to anyone considering using this as a replacement for stronger opiate painkillers, don’t do it. w/d off this stuff is actually pretty hellish. So in the last couple of weeks for me, its been a constant hunt for other stuff to keep the w/ds at bay. just one oxycodone or hydrocodone a day is enough to keep me from flipping out, but of course this isnt ideal and I want off the ride. Im sure most people here are well versed in this little dance, you want to quit but you know the detox is going to be hell and you can’t get time off work to go through it. Also, getting a doctors help is not possible. Anyone who has been in this scenario and has found something that works, please let me know! Thanks very much

131 TMAC { 02.21.11 at 1:13 pm }

All the dude ever wanted was his rug back

132 TMAC { 02.22.11 at 9:17 am }

Guilty- I went to a treatment center for a medical detox but the process is easily repeated. I’ve done it after a couple relapse and am currently doing it again. Do some research. I struggled with pain and anxiety due to childhood trauma and some major injuries. What works for one doesn’t always work for another and more importantly than anything make sure there are no health risk to you but here is what I have done…..day1- 24hrs after last usage of opiate(oxy for me) 4mg of suboxone in the am and 4mg in the pm, repeat for day 2, day 3 2mg in the am and 2mg in the pm, repeat on day 4, day 5 2mg in the am only, repeat on day 6, cold turkey after that. This is quick enough to keep from becoming dependant on the subox. This helped minimize the pain and suffering for me, but like I said we are all different so please see if this is a good option for you before using this method. It is what is used by a large chain of rehab/treatment centers that do a medical detox. Everything else they use is nonnarcotic to treat symtoms of WD(pepto, advil, ect…). Good luck

133 TMAC { 02.22.11 at 10:27 am }

Justathought- If I were typing this 10 yrs ago I would be saying “right on….me tooo, why is the world so ignorant”. However 10 yrs later my views are different. At some point an addict turns a corner they can’t be gone back on. At some point your life quits being your own. Some of the best parts are taken away by addiction and what’s left is a hole that no amount of drugs can fill. I didn’t lose things like cars or houses, what I lost is quality of life. I love to surf….I quit surfing for years at the end because I prefered to sit on the couch snorting oxy. I was trading in real life fun for the comfort of the high. I got up to 600mg of instant release oxy(roxicodone) and loads of valium and xanax daily just to stay normal. When people say addiction is proggresive this is what they mean. I started at half a pill a couple times a week and ended up doing enough to kill a horse on a daily basis. Whatever the reason you are stopping….do it. Addiction only leads to a few places and none of them are pleasant (prison, institutions and death). I understand what you said about opiates being a dear friend and lifting your soul. They were my best friend after I lost almost all of my family in less than a year. I was raised by a single mother and my grandmother….lost them both months apart. I saw 4 friends OD and die in the surrounding years. Some left behind wives, husbands, one of my best friends left 2 beautiful baby girls, that is true tragedy, true loss. Nobody could comfort me like snorting 5 or 6 30 mg roxys. Most people would die from that but I happily did it every few hours. Many people can’t quit until they hit botton and it sounds like you are not there. I promise you that at some point, if you can’t quit now, addiction will take you there. Don’t let it, please don’t take this lightly. I graduated top of my class in HS, was a full ride scholarship athlete in college and have been succesful in the corporate world. I’m not a bum, addiction can get at anyone. Don’t let it take you any farther down its path. Also, with health insurance the strongest opiates around are almost free and I’ve watched areas of south Florida, where thay are easiest to get enter into an epidemic. We average one OD death every 10 minutes. Almost all are kids, smart kids, between 18 and 25. South Fl is a different world as far as drugs go so I have had the unfortunate experience of learning about the end game more than most. At 32 i’ve put a lot of friends in the ground, many said similar things to what you said in you post. Honor the people that love you, they want what’s best for you. The opiates will always be there, give recovery a little time, you can always go back if it’s not what you want. My prayers are with you. I wish I could let you see through my eyes for a moment……good luck

134 Here I Go Again { 03.04.11 at 4:20 am }

Starting my 2nd attempt at a life without opiates today. I took my last dose(10 pills) of 10mg hydros about an hour ago while reading every post on this board. I’ve been a full blown opi addict for 4 years and I’m just too tired and exhausted to live this way anymore. Like so many addicts my dependancy began with a back surgery and scripts of 120-10/325 hydro per month and within 5 or 6 months my script would have to be supplemented with another couple hundred 10mg hydros from the street. I never discriminated against my pills, as long as they were opis it did’nt make any differenc what kind. Vic’s, perc’s, oxycontins, and morphine were all fine with me, whatever was available. Back in June of 2010 my daily intake was running between 30 and 40 10mg hydros or percs and if I happened to be lucky enough to come across OC 80′s I had no problem going through 7 or 8 of those in a day, hell sometimes I’d thro 10-15 vic’s on top of em’, anyhow I decide at 40yrs old and with a wonderful wife and 2 beautiful children that I thought it would be a good idea to start snorting a gram and a half of heroine a day. The only answer I can come up with for making such a wise decision besides the obvious one(I’m a junkie and I’m sick in the head) is that with as much $$ as I was spending on the pills everyday I’d be getting a little more bang for my buck with the H. Only an addict could make such a logical decision. Well after about 6mos. I had all I could take lieing 2 and manipulating anyone and everyone that meant anything to me and I decided to come clean with my family and friends and get off the smack. So after alot of tears and why’s from the wife I went cold turkey on Oct 25th and successfully stopped using heroine and all other drugs for 30 days. Very tough indeed, although not as bad as I expected, and my continual using because I was fearful of detox and w/d’s ended up being quite costly in so many ways, because 6or7 days of having the flu is an absolutely ridiculous reason to continue, day after day stuffing almost $200 a day worth of shit in my nose. As happy as I was to no longer be a slave, I was totally pissed off that my preconcieved notions of being as sick as I could ever possibly imagine and so depressed that suicide would control my thoughts were absolutely unfounded. Yes it was tough and I felt like shit for 3 weeks or so but not nearly enough to justify my continual usage ultimately because of the fear of detox and withdrawal. 30 days clean time and my back started to hurt again, so of course with my wonderful decision making skills I once again thought it would be smart to manage that pain with a couple of 10mg vic’s, and now that I’ve beat the heroine addiction I’d certainly be able to keep the pills under control and keep my consumption at a reasonable 4-6 10 mg pills per day. Well her I am 4 mos. later once again a full blown opi junkie. Daily intake for the last 2 mos. is hovering right around 300-400mgs of hydro daily and once again I’ve had enough of revolving my every waking minute around finding, using, and paying for pills. Heading to the vitamin shoppe in a while to get some goodies for detox and withdrawals and so begins day 1. Not so scared and afraid like I was the 1st go around in Oct. with the smack, but still a bit nervous and hoping to be successful for the rest of my life. After reading all the posts here, it seems my 2nd go around may be a bit tougher, but failure is not an option and I’m pretty psyched up about living clean again. I still have about 40 10mg lortabs and was planning on waiting until they were gone but after reading all the posts her for the last 2hrs I’ve decided that I have to do it now and to hell with those pills. Good Luck to all of you that are currently clean and to those of us still suffering hopefully we find are way. Here I go.

135 Kitty Mom { 03.04.11 at 6:06 pm }

Dear Hear I go again,
God, what a journey you have been on – mine pales in comparison, but hey, it is still the same. I started here on day one six months ago and coming here each day and posting my progress and meeting people in the same exact boat – that was a lifesaver and a God send. Most of us on here pray for each other, so you will be in my prayers. You whopped the dragon big time before so you can do it again and it sounds like your mind is made up and you are ready for it…so brother, go for it and please post and let us know how you are doing…I will certainly stop in to check up on you if you choose to stay.
God bless you and make your journey safe

136 youngandrestless { 03.07.11 at 4:23 pm }

I have been struggling with opiates for over 3 years now.I am only 21. I started with 100mg fentenyal patches which I cut into peices, and did this for about 1 and ahalf yeard. My dealer cut me off saying he couldn’t stand what the rug was doing to people. I am now using 4 mg dilaude and 30 mg oxys and have been since I stopped fentanyl. My boyfriend and I are trying to quit together. Although my WD are not as bad as fentanyl, those of you who have struggled with this drug know what I’m talking about. I have to say my main symptom from WD is the anxioty. Its horrible! I can’t take the body pains and the headacks…but the anxioty is with me always. Is keeps me restless all night and kinda makes me feel like I am trapped in a box. I have no health insurance to help me out with the process. I just need some advice on what I can do to help with the anxioty especially if its OTC…benzos are a little bit harder for me to get a hold of. The drugs are ruining my life and have only cause me pain. I finally want them out but eveyrtime I detox the anxioty wins and I go back….so any advice helps..thanks for listening…

137 Steveo { 03.18.11 at 9:30 pm }

Hello all,

I’ll be coming to my 5th day of no vicodin today(Saturday) @ 2pm…. I had surgery on January 12th and was in the hospital for 6 days afterward. This isn’t my first time on pills either. Surgery was due to a severe car accident in 2008 and I was on 25mgs or more a day of oxycontin for 5 months and also percs at the same time. My withdrawals then didn’t seem nearly as bad as they have been this time around for only being on it for 2 months. I can’t even imagine what some of u go through who have been on opiates for years. I had the whole 9 yds of symptoms.. 3 days of pure hell.. Started feeling better Thursday night.. Still not sleeping the greatest, the RLS is killing me.. Past two nights I’ve taken melatonin. Worked great last night, not so much tonight, I do have xanex, and vallium.. But i don’t want to get addicted to something else. How much longer do you expect this BS to go on.. I just want to be normal again. I hate this

138 susan { 03.21.11 at 10:32 am }

to all the troopers out there!!! a little advice, slow down, i have been through it.. (not as bad as all) (worse than some).. i was on a little more than 20 pain pills a day mostly. I went to my doc and told him I could no longer take the pills. I could not bear the withdrawals, so he put me on the pain patch. little did i know that the patch was worse.. much worse!!! anyway a very long story short… I did get off the pills and the patch.. i have been free for almost three years.. withdrawals are the worst thing i have ever been through. ever. yes, a hot bath helps. to this day.. i have 5 children,and a really great husband, we went through this togather.. I feel so guilty sometimes, for what i put them through. looking back, i thougt that there was no hope.. i tried to get off the pills so many times, so scary. I want to give you hope, no matter what your method,(i must have tried them all). hang in there!! there is a lot of life to live on the other side of the fence..

139 Eric { 03.24.11 at 1:23 pm }

Hello, I have bad back problems and have been on opiate pain meds for about 5 years. The last 3 years has been oxy 20mg 2x daily and Norco 10/325 2x daily for break thru. Problem is the meds quit working after about a year and I started taking more and more. Now I go thru both my scripts in two weeks. Then beg and borrow thru the w/d until my refill. This time I decided to try to get off them. 10 days ago I took my last 1/2 of a oxy. The next two days I went thru my last 10 Norco. The next day I got a script of 40 ultram and took them the last 7 days. They kept the w/d away and I fooled myself into thinking I was past it. Now the last two days I’ve had nothing and I’m totally fatigued and can’t hardly get off the couch. My brother gave me 1 7.5 lortab today and it helped. By taking it did I put myself back to day one? Can anyone tell me how long it will take for me to get past this fatigue and start to feel normal again. Thanks for any help

140 rooftop worker { 03.25.11 at 4:08 am }

I was put on pain meds in 1993, thru the years of course i’m addicted and take daily amounts that would kill other humans!with crash of americas economy went all my companies

141 rooftop worker { 03.25.11 at 4:31 am }

money out the door, Ive been working two jobs for over 20 years. Now I can no longer afford my meds and I’m not even sure
That i’ll be able to make it !! currently ive reduced consumpsion down to maybe four pills today. When i started four days ago I would feel normal as long as i had 14 to 18 -10/325 mg pills a day. My Blood sugar is going crazy I’m using insulin to re duce the anxiety that is here now, Sweating till my pillows are soaked
and when i got up the sweat poured out of my ear canal down my neck. Since I am now diabetic i have a meter that make watching my blood sugar easy, Here is what I have discovered about the anxiety . Whilee these horrible feelings in my legs and arms are happening i have noted boold sugar spikes! around 400 !! I can counter with insuline and that is giving me at least a litte break from the sevier leg anxiety. I dont think i have had crap this much for years HA AHHA! I joined the gym to fight the depression part of the withdrwal…..we will see I guess
Good luck to all that are going through thiis crap. i’ll try to write again in two days .

142 postalind. { 03.28.11 at 1:34 pm }

Day 1, I have horrible sweats and my legs are killimg me! Thinking about trying to get up earlier tomorrow morning and workout before going to work (if I’m able to move that well in the a.m.) I’d rather have my mind “think” my legs are sore from a good workout than this evil crap in my body! Good Luck to everyone, I have read this forum the past couple of days and it definitely helps to know that I am not alone!

143 Kitty Mom { 03.28.11 at 5:12 pm }

Post and Roof
It will get better – just take one day at a time – I have been off the pills for 6 months and no longer have the desire for them and my body and mind have finally gone back to normal.
Roof – my husband is an insulin dependent diabetic also and I know how stress effects his sugars…just be carefulk to check it often to avoid the extremes. Good luck to both of you and I will keep you in my prayers.
God Bless you for your journey ahead

144 Pain in UK { 03.29.11 at 7:47 am }

My w/ds don’t sound as bad as most of these. I was taking 300-400 DHC per day as well as 3 x 80 Oxy when I could get them (very difficult in the UK). The first 3 days were the worst and I’ve fallen back slightly by taking OTC DHC 2 days ago for a killer hangover. The worst is the sh&ts and the sweating. Horrific. Hopefully I’m out the other end now. I was feeling sorry for my self but all your tales put mine to shame. Good luck everyone. Weed works but also knocks me sideways whereas I used to smoke all day! Is that a side effect of w/d. Valium is also a great help if you can get decent stuff that isn’t fake. You people are truly stronger than me and your stories have made me vow never to touch this crap again

145 postalind. { 03.29.11 at 11:54 am }

Day 2. Wasn’t able to get up early this morning to workout because I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 2 a.m. So, I figured I need the sleep much more than the workout. Today was definitely a better day than yesterday! My legs aren’t as sore and it doesn’t feel like I have the metal rods running through them like it did last night! Thanks for the prayers Kitty, they help :) . Sticking with it, one day at a time!

146 photosmom83 { 03.30.11 at 9:51 am }

I had been on Lortab and Oxycodone for about 7 months for migraines, a bladder dieses and Fibromialgia. I was over being dependent on pain meds so I went to my dr who put me on Suboxone to help wean myself off ….LOL. That lasted a month. The Suboxone made me beyond sick, my dr told me to continue anyways. But I could function. So I stated to taper off of it and jumper completly off of it after a week. I went through withdraws, sleepless night, Beyond horrible body aches, pure hell. The my bladder diese flared up full swing bc off the stress on my body and so the dr said the ONLY that would numb the pain was….you guessed it Loratab….. So I took it for about 4 days…. now I am back in full withdrawl again. So to my suprise my crown on my tooth broke off and its hads caused an infection so what do I have to have done on Friday…….. Oral Surgery….. What do they want to give me for the pain…….Loratab………URGGGG!!! I feel like my body is honestly going to fall apart!!!! I feel like I am moving in the right direction and almost through the worst of the withdraws when bam, another thing happens where the dr’s claim the only thing for the pain is the one thing that is hurting me.. I am so lost as of what to do. My poor husband is so understanding and helping beyond what I would have ever dreamed. But I know it is almost hurting him as much as it is me. I cant imagine having to watch someone I love go through what I am going through. I am trying to lean on God. But my thought process is so different than normal. I am so easily angry and the anxiety is driving me nuts!!! I am so scared that after this surgery I am going to face all tyhis again and I really dont know how much more my body can take. :(

147 postalind. { 03.30.11 at 4:05 pm }

Day 3 and still going strong :) ! Took the dogs to the park when I got home from work today for about an hour or so. The sweats are subsiding some, but the whole not being able to sleep @ night is what my problem is now. Not a huge problem, I would rather have trouble sleeping than the painful legs and sweats. I may just get on the exercise bike and ride for a while, then soak in a hot bath and HOPEFULLY fall asleep…. None of my symptoms are as strong as the feeling of not wanting the pills anymore!!!! Good night all, hope everyone is doing well ;)

148 Kitty Mom { 03.30.11 at 5:08 pm }

Postalind – Keep up the good work. It WILL get better – Sleep will return. I remember when I just came on here and by day four which was my worst, Joe recopied his fourth day back onto the xurrent post and it made me realize there was light at the end of this tunnel – now I am at almost 7 months so YOU WILL GET YOUR LIFE BACK. We are here if you need help and if you will hop on over to the “about” page of this site where all the oldies hang out, we will be better able to recognize when you post.
Thanks for being here – it lets me know where I have been and to never go there again.
Love and prayers

149 Jeni { 04.02.11 at 4:03 am }

My affair with opiates began at an EARLY age – about ten years old. My mom had cancer, and anytime I’d have a headache, I got either 4mgs Diladud or 100mgs morphine from her huge stash. Of course, the first few times, I nearly OD’d, being so small, but soon developed quite a tolerance. She died when I was 15, butWDs weren’t an issue. During my teenage years, I dabbled with other drugs, but never had an addiction… Until I started bartending, and got hooked on heroin for two years. I was still pretty young, an was able to WD at my brother’s with no meds. A couple years later, I get into a potentially fatal car accident with my other brother. I was in a lot of pain, and still am. It started with a few Norcos a day, and eventually escalated to where I would take up to1,600 mgs of morphine, 3-6 Oxy 80s, and/or 10-15 Norcos, and whatever I could get beside heroin. I’m very surprised I did not die, as I was completely out of control. On Aug 17, 2008, I got on MMT. I was taking 120 mgs methadone daily, until I relapsed in Sept 2009.
October 6, 2009, I decided to get on Suboxone long-term, at 24mgs daily. THIS DRUG IS PURE EVIL, COMPARED TO ANY OTHER OPIATE, EVEN HEROIN!
I lost my job a few months ago, mostly due to this addiction, so I got serious about quitting, stating w/ a taper.
Four days ago, I took my last dose, appx 0.5 mg! I did get some Clonidine, and it has helped so much. My biggest obstacle in WDing are the hot/cold flashes, sweats, and BP issues. Insomnia sucks too. No sleep for more than an hor. Wish I could get a few Klonipin. No runs yet. Very nauseous today. Wish I had my Atarax or Promethazine for my Hep C, but ran out months ago. (Which wasn’t contracted through drugs.) I don’t have any money to go to a doc, so trying to do it as naturally as possible. Kava Kava, Krantom, Salvia, Valerian Root, Ginger, Magnesium, Potassium. No RLS, but arm & face twitches. Sub WD usually last WEEKS, excluding PAWS, so I’m nervous, but have faith.

150 postalind. { 04.02.11 at 5:04 pm }

I’m back!!! And, on day 6! The w/d’s do get better (Thank the good Lord up above)! I still have a case of the belly aches and cold sweats. But, a lot more energy compared to day 1 and 2. For me, the hardest part was making myslef get up and do the stuff I needed to get done. When I get home from work everyday, I have two Great Danes (that are my world) that have gotten accustomed to being walked everyday and with my DH (also, my world) not getting home from work until 7 or 8 pm its my responsibility. I’m not saying that it has been a cake walk, I have had to MAKE myself go out for a walk with them and when we do make it back home I feel so empowered that I am actually doing this. I cannot tell everyone on this board how much your posts have encouraged me to get clean and stay clean. I am so excited about this new chapter in my life and how proud I am of myself that I was actually able to do this…..FINALLY!!!! *tears*

151 Kitty Mom { 04.02.11 at 5:17 pm }

Postalind – way to o girl – day 6 already under your best. That is the best news I heard all day. I am here routing for you and hoping you continue posting cause people like you keep me going and going strong cause I remember when I was in your exact same shoes and was so very glad to report my progress every day. Keep coming back miss post – we are glad to have you here…I hope you are reading all out posts over on the about page where most of us hang out. Next time post over there to make sure you get all the support you deserve. Love having you here.

152 rickyjo { 04.05.11 at 10:25 am }

I am into a week tapering down from 15-20 norcos per day and am down to my last two. The runs have started as well as the body aches, head aches and watery eyes. How many days can I expect the sweats and leg tremors to continue. Am so sick of having to find them on the street after the script for 90 a month runs out. And the $ was killing me and owning my life. Please pray for me. I want off of them so bad. I hope I can make it.

153 Kitty Mom { 04.05.11 at 5:36 pm }

rickyjo – I will be praying for you. You should be through the worst of it in a week and it is possible. Just come on here and post everyday and we will help you through it.
God bless and keep you

154 postalind. { 04.09.11 at 7:04 pm }

rickyjo, Kittymom is right. the first week is the worst. I am now at 14 days! Sweats, runs, leg tremors- all gone! There is an occasional night that I wake up a few times, but I still can’t believe how good I feel. So much more energy than when I was on the Norco’s. I still have some back pain, but get thru it with stretching, (a lot of stretching) and exercise. If I don’t stretch, the pain definitely rears it’s ugly head. I finally feel in control of the pain and my life. Keep it up rickyjo, it is well worth it. I found coming to this site ,reading and posting my own progress is a HUGE help! The money that I have saved just for the last 2 weeks I can carpet my living room and my bedroom!!!! Happy, Happy dance!!! We are all here for you rickyjo, you CAN do it!

155 Jema { 04.10.11 at 9:04 am }

I am on day seven off of 4-6 7.5 Percocets/day and 6mg of klonopin a day. I am a single mother to a toddler and have absolutely no help. I’ve been through some serious shit the past couple of years and when my daughter was six months old I started taking an odd Percocet here and there, mainly at night after she went to sleep. I’d just kick back and enjoy all the warm fuzzies, thinking how life wasn’t all that bad after all. This quickly escalated into wanting to feel that way ALL THE FUCKING TIME. It was only a matter of weeks until I was having to pop them just to feel normal…nevermind the warm fuzzies being present anymore. I would go from waking up anxious and sore and raw and hurting, pop a 7.5 -and-a-half and be up and at ‘em, productive and energetic. I could literally get to the point where I would take a pill, know exactly the window of euphoria I would have would last only about 30 minutes, then back down the other side of the slope and trying to force myself to wait for the next pill. It becomes a prison. How many pills do I have left? How am I going to get the next ones? Omg, I only have five….time to start scheming.

Finally, last Sunday I ran out and decided not to get anymore, period. I was going to kick this fucker once and for all. I can’t now, seven days later, describe exactly how bad I felt. There aren’t words sufficient. It’s literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done next to childbirth. My whole body hurt, head to toe…not just hurt….ached, throbbed. I had no idea one person could experience so much explosive diarrhea in one hour, one day, one week. At night, my legs would not stop aching and jerking. I’d have to walk around, go from the bed to the sofa and back, see the sun come up, sleepless. I have no interest in food still and have lost about 7 pounds so far. Far far worse than the physical aches and pains, were and are the anxiety, the sadness, the despair….the memories, shame and guilt, suppressed by pill-induced numbness, now bubble to the surface with frightening clarity. I was suicidal the first three days, which were undoubtedly the worst. The only reason I think I didn’t actually plan to off myself was thinking of what it would do to my daughter.

Caring for her during the first few days was awful. I could attend to her physical needs, like a robot, but I couldn’t do anything else but sit and stare blankly, punctuated by crying jags and anxiety attacks. I had to get through it, knowing that she would be far worse off with a drug addict for a mother for years than a mother who was emotionally absent for a few days.

I still feel very emotionally fragile. I’m proud of my 7 days, but even yesterday I had a few minutes where I tore the house apart, looking for even a fragment of a pill, so I have no illusions that I’ve beaten this yet. You literally have to take it one minute, one hour, one day….and so on. I’m going to find an NA meeting as soon as I can, but I don’t even feel up to going to the grocery store yet. I have no idea how people withdraw and work. Jesus. I was lucky enough to take some time off.

It’s so nice to be here and see that I am not the only idiot who got sucked in by opiates. Be strong, everybody. It’s going to be okay. Really.

156 postalind. { 04.11.11 at 12:29 pm }

Wow Jema! You walloped that nail right on the head! Great to hear you are sticking with it :) And yes, it was hard to work through the first week. But I figured, if I can get through this I can do anything. Your daughter is a very, very lucky girl to have such a STRONG woman for a mom!!! Keep it up!

157 tony l { 04.13.11 at 5:37 pm }

suboxone causes very rough w/d dont recommend it. its the hardest thing i know to come off of but have never tried heroin.
i keep weaning down to splitting crumbs of suboxone. i make it thru a whole day on a piece of crumb. ive researched w/d for past 8 months and i think davocent or tylenol 3 with and a benzo and immodium is the best. im also taking clonadine but dont feel much relief. so my coctail for withdrawal is :

wean down to almost nothing for cpl months. get a mild benzo,
darvocet or tylenol 3 and clonadine . i also take seroquel for sleep

158 kimberly { 04.20.11 at 8:09 am }

I have been on vicidon for many many year’s, and i am only 23 years old, when i do not have my med’s as of like now i don’t, i would be going crazy on how do i find my pill?? i know my family take’s em and then i would be bugging them for some vicidon’s :( i wish i wasn’t this way, i only get 120.00 vic’s a month and they last me like 2 weeks!!! they don’t seem to help me anymore idk what to do??????

159 tramadol guy { 04.22.11 at 12:04 pm }

currently, i am withdrawing from tramadol. might seem strange. but when you take 20 to 25 daily they become very addictive. it is HORRIBLE!! it is like coming off of heroin or something. sweats, depression and svere mood swings.

160 Tiffany { 04.25.11 at 11:07 pm }

I want everyone to know that I just went thru withdrawal and it was so bad I had to go to the er for it just to manage the vomiting and diareha, not to mention the pain. They gave me shots of dilaudid and Valium to calm me down, then gradually slowed that down and put me on suboxone. I never felt any withdrawal except for restless leg and lack of sleep and hot cols but now I’m out and feel like I have my life back!! 6 days later and this is just wonderful. I finally have a smile, a spark in my eye and I feel like I can do anything. The air outside… The air smells like it did when I was a kid, before all the bs of drugs. I’m telling u, you can do this!! Ive been back and forth on suboxone and Oxys and fentenyl gel and back to suboxone i know how this can be done. If you have any questions at alllllll please reply and I will answer you immediately. Stay strong and good luck. You’ll do it.

161 Sandra { 05.03.11 at 1:46 am }

Tiffany what did you do to overcome the withdrawls?? tomorrow I am going to start to withdrawls, I want to stop these pills before they take over my life!!!

162 Lorelai { 05.03.11 at 11:34 am }

I’ve detoxed many times in the past year. It is the worst pain ever. I’m starting again and day 2 is killing me. I don’t sleep. My legs and arms keep kicking. I actually kicked my fiance in the face(On accident of course). I was given Avitan. Will this help? I’m afraid of just ending up switching drugs

163 Lorelai { 05.03.11 at 11:35 am }

Also- I CANNOT get my energy back! Please help! I HAVE to work…

164 Luke { 05.20.11 at 9:46 am }

I am on day 51 from withdrawing off of suboxone. Before I was taking Suboxone I was taking Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and Methadone. I was taking a bout 300 mgs of oxycontin and 80 mgs of methadone a day. Before I quit I was on 2mgs of suboxone a day.

Now its day 51 being clean and I am still having pains in my legs. Everything else is fine except for the leg pain. I feel like if I can stop anybody can.

For the first ten days I locked myself in my room and didnt talk to anybody.

I just wish my legs would stop hurting it so painful and the constant pain is enough to drive a person insane.

165 Pinkerton { 05.22.11 at 2:21 pm }

@ Luke, do you have a pre-existing injury and could that be why your legs are still hurting?? Congratulations on being clean for 53 days!! I hope your legs start feeling better.

@ Lorelai, how are you doing??

Take Care, Pinkerton

166 timehascome { 05.22.11 at 5:11 pm }

boy,,, i really wish i was one of the people who posted a year ago, then id be over it by now. but better late then never. ive been on 10mg norco for 9 years for back issues. i was taking 12-20 every day. i started tappering about 1 month ago. im down to 2.5-5 pills a day. it seems like i wont be able to go any lower than 2.5 pills a days without feeling major withdrawals. im having troubles with sustaining 2.5 daily. it seems as tho i can do 2.5 a day, but the next day im at 4-5 before i can go 2.5 again. i guess i figure that if im getting the symtoms at 2.5, then id be better off going cold turkey from this point. im just so over the fact that ive spent hunreds of thousands of dollars on these pills not to mention the problems having a bowel movement daily. i figure its time to quit or die. keep in mind that unlike most here…. i have never missed a day of taking these pills for over 9 years. and prior to that i was on vics for a couple years before that and quit. ill be starting my day one very soon. i remember that dt’s i had on vics and not looking forward to it this time. ive read all the post here and i have not heard much facts about withdrawal-ease. ive googled it and found many forums that talk about it, but its like flipping a coin as to whether it works or not. im trying to find someone who actually experienced it and what the outcome of it was. i did see one post here where someone ordered it but they never reposted to follow up on what the outcome was.
im sure ill be posting here throughout my detox. if anyone has any questions about detoxing id be happy to help, since ive been thru it and know some of the things to help. but the fact is… theres nothing that really helps. sure some stuff helps, but ive found that nothing helps dramatically. its all for minor relief. thats why im hoping to find someone who honestly tried withdrawal-ease. i thank all who posted and i look forward to reading new post. thank you all and ill be here for anyone that is detoxing.

167 Nahni { 05.23.11 at 9:23 am }

I have the Tramadol/Vicodin addiction and i am attempting my 5th or 6th attempt at getting clean. I believe that this time will work, people with tramadol/vicodin addictions will know that tramadol seems to have a worse detox process than vikes. That being said the following times I tried to detox and fail horribly was because of how bad the tramadol withdrawls were. So i gathered a new plan. For about 2 weeks I took only vicodin and no tramadols so the withdrawls from tramadol would not be as bad and thank god it wasnt. Today is day one of me not taking vicodin or tramadol for that matter and gathering the advice I’ve picked up from this web site I put some of my own ideas together to help myself thru this hopefully 2 week process. I just want to say thank you to all that wrote on here it makes me feel better to know im not alone and people can express this. Wish me luck!! and thanks to all of you keep this page going for another 2 years!

168 Luke { 05.23.11 at 11:46 am }

No pre existing injury im in my 20s and fully healthy. I have not heard of somebody withdrawing for so long. I just hope its over soon.

169 timehascome { 05.27.11 at 11:19 am }

here is a suggestion to easy the symtoms of detoxing off opiates.
1. taper over a period of 6-8 weeks
2. while tapering, detox/cleanse your diagestive system using a very good product called colonix. google it and find the site. this not only cleans your system but also rids the system of built up feacal matter from opiates, which will minimize the diarea symtoms when detoxing.
3. get some good weed. some might say that they dont want to replace one drug for another. but if you ever smoked weed for a extended amount of time and then quit, you will know that there is really no detox symtoms from detoxing from weed. the weed relaxes the body while detoxing from opiates and assist with sleeping. it also helps with the headaches.
4. as people mention in prior posts. take many hot showers, tubs, hot tubs. this does releive the body from hot/cold sweats and anxiety.
5. stock up on gaterade and also water melons are great to keep fluids in the body as well as helps with hunger.
6. have many sets of bed coverings ready as you will need to change the sheets daily.
7. sleep in the nude, as this will allow your body to move more freely while trying to sleep.
8. have a chuck bucket at arms reach at all times.
9. make sure you force yourself to get up and move around, especially in the morning. i make it a point to walk the dog for a couple hours in the morning. this is probably the hardest thing to do. but you must do it! you will see that after your walk, you will be releived of the major symtoms for a few hours after you walk.
i can also make more recommendations for those who need help. whatever you do, dont ask your doctor for help. it is my opinion that doctors are like any other business. all they want is your money. afterall, most of you are addicted because of your doctors reccommendations.
and to reinerate, the colonix is a must.
good luck to all and remember,,YOU CAN DO IT!

170 Need some inspiration PLEASE { 05.27.11 at 4:26 pm }


hey if you guys are still out ther; we all are on the “about page” and we are here for you!!! Day 14 for me after 20 vics ; yellow norcs a day for 6 years ATLEAST; if yal are out there and you want to get clean ; this site really helped me!!! find the about page!!!

171 k morris { 06.02.11 at 12:20 am }

On day 3! Can’t sleep at all comming off 10 4mg hydromorphones every day for the past year & yes I sniffed them. How many days will I have to suffer?

172 Need some inspiration PLEASE { 06.02.11 at 6:11 pm }

K Morris
Glad you found this site, it’s very very helpful.. You should find the “about” page cuz there are many people there for support… I thin the worst of the w/d should be over in 4 days or so as far as I can tell from everyone else… Sleep and energy are last to come back. I am three weeks and still using zannies for sleep and still have some acin bones but hardcore stuff is over… Keep posting it helps to talk about this bs we got ourselves into!

173 Kitty Mom { 06.02.11 at 6:18 pm }

K Morris
Sleep was the very last hurdle to jump over and lasted the longest but believe me when I tell you that sleep does return. I am not familiar with hydromorphone – I was taking about 12 hydro 10/325 per day for the last couple of years. It became a vicious cycle and I was taking just not to feel sick – no longer feeling any good from them at all. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel if you just tell yourself that taking a pill is not an option just for today – tomorrow you can deal with tomorrow.
Love and prayers

174 Last in Line { 06.04.11 at 12:22 pm }

I really had planned to do research only on this site….trying to figure out how long I was going to be in misery from hydromorphone withdrawal, but decided to post. I was taking at the most 20mg a day for three months and had gotten down to 8 mg a day, then 4 for two days and 2mg for two days and then 1mg for one day…and only because I was terrified of withdrawals and knew this was all of the pills I had. I was beginning to see serious drug seeking behavior, being a past drug user. I’ve NEVER had w/d’s before and honestly thought I had the flu in the beginning. Then I took more hydro’s and the w/d’s went away. I knew then I had a problem, but pushed it aside until I could no longer ignore it’s effects on my life….AND I was out of pills. The few I had left I tried weening myself with because I remembered the hell the first time. This time doesn’t seem quite as bad, but it’s still awful. I’m assuming the symptoms aren’t as bad because I did wean myself a little before I quit. I had 1 mg yesterday morning. As the day went on, the worse I felt and I woke this morning with the dreaded flu like symptoms. I tried showering and going to work, but had to come back home and go to bed. Please tell me I’m going to be better and able to return to work in a day or two. I couldn’t afford to loose work time today…much less two to three more days. Dammit.

175 timehascome { 06.07.11 at 1:55 pm }

hey last in line….. you really should consider yourself very luck… i know that sound crazy.. but you have not been on them long and you have not used much on daily basis. i was in your shoes about 20 years ago. rest assure, you will feel much better after your 3or4 day. problem is (and remember this!) you will periodically want to have one when your not feeling good or have pain. DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im on the 5or6th time in my life now quiting. except this time is the king kong of quiting. ive been taking 10-20 10mg norcos for the past 9 years. ive been tapering for the past 10 weeks. im down to 2-3.5 10mg norcos a day. when i started to taper, i was getting symtoms of detox after 4-5 hours of taking 1.5 10mg’s/. im still geting the symtoms, but they are not as bad when i just started to taper. i plan on going cold turkey in about 8-10days. from past experience i know im in for pure hell for at least 2-3 weeks.
if you can get a couple of hours sleep the first nite, then your not hooked too bad at all. i can guarentee i wont sleep a wink for 4-8 days. i can suggest that you scroll up and see my post on tapering. i wrote it from experience. the only thing im trying to find out is….does this withdrawal-ease work? and have yet to get anyone to respond.
good luck and stay strong

176 Adalia { 06.08.11 at 6:28 pm }

Tiffany how many days was it before you went to the er im going to be going thru withdrawals tomorrow n i honestly dont feel like im strong enough but i just want to get this shit out of my life what did u tell the er that you were coming off withdrawals??

177 Adalia { 06.08.11 at 6:29 pm }

somebody please answer im so scared to do this i dont fell like ill be strong enough when will i be okay to go back to work??

178 Need Some Inspiration PLEASE { 06.14.11 at 2:10 pm }

how many days are you? sorry i missed your post. hope you are doing well. were you taking vics? how many and how long? i am 32 days today; it does get better i promise!! you can do this!!
there are tons of people on the “about” page for support

179 ca mom { 06.17.11 at 7:33 pm }

anyone out there?

180 timehascome { 06.17.11 at 7:59 pm }

for those of you looking to get off the opiates……. like myself…..i have stumbled across a solution to alleviates the symptoms of detox.
ive been tapping for a couple months. i was noticing the detox symptoms starting at around 4-5 hours after a dose in the begining. i have been lowering my dosage as time went on. although the detox symptoms would start around the same time (4-5hours), i was using less opiates.
then what i would call a miricle happened….. i was in need of medical services for something outside of opiates or pain. and have discovered on my own, a combination of natural substances that was originally for a seporate medical condition i was experiencing. after i combined the substances and apply them. i noticed that my detox symptoms were not coming back.
it was/is very strange that i have not experienced the detoxing symptoms since i applied the combo of these substances.
just 2 days ago, i was getting very serious detox symptoms after 5-6 hours. i would wait as long as possible before taking a opiate dose to alleviate the detox symptoms, when i applied the combo of these certain natural substances, which has nothing to do with opiate detoxing, i noticed after 6-7 hours that i was not experiencing the detox symptoms. it has now been 30 hours and still no symptoms…at all! this is a freak coincodence or a miracle.

181 timehascome { 06.17.11 at 8:01 pm }

i will add that, im alittle weary of posting the combo of these substances, because of the reprocussions from rehabs/rapid detox businesses.

182 Finally ready { 06.19.11 at 8:31 pm }

Well timehascome, pplease let me know when your ready to release that info, going through pretty tough detox myself….

183 Finally ready { 06.19.11 at 8:41 pm }

I have been addicted to opiates for 10 years now, detoxed many times cold yurkey but now I have a 2 year old son really needing a father and I am ready. The last couple times I tried to wean off, Kratom helped substantially with really no ill side effects but I can agree with alot of these postings it really is hell coming off. The pain I have from my back injury is not as bad as thhe detox pain….

184 Finally ready { 06.20.11 at 10:25 am }

Let me also add that the pain in my back is not nearly as bad as the pain I feel inside for leaving my wife sexually abandonded for 2 years and the pain of watching my son grow wondering why daddy is never there……

185 KANDKDAWGS { 06.20.11 at 4:21 pm }


186 timehascome { 06.20.11 at 9:52 pm }

for those interested in finding out about my findings. send me a email at kthiba8679@aol.com
im now 3 days in. i found that the remedy i discovered has helped drastically with the leg, arms and hand shakes. i have not gotten the headaches, no vomitting. no feeling like you want to crawl out of your skin. but it seems the nites, trying to sleep is difficult. during the day, its very bareable, but do get dizzy at times and lazy. also have the sneezing. so it dont cure all the detox symptoms, just the most troubling symptoms.

187 Tail Bone { 06.24.11 at 12:07 pm }

SO i broke my tail bone about 6 moths ago, ruptured a few vertebrae, dislocated my si joint. It was a lot of pain. Since then i have had three pain killing injections. Caudal block, ganglion impar block and another one. started on 5/325 percocet, then after the third injection i had a pain level of 10, so went to the emergency room and they gave me three doses of Dilaudid. Well that did not cut through the pain really. Cut it down to an 8. So i went to my pain management doc and he then put me on percocet 10/325. Pain has been really bad for 6 months. But what worries me more is becoming addicted to the pain killers. I already know i am dependent on them for sure. I have NEVER abused them, only taken them as prescribed. I lost the “good” feeling they give after month two. I take them because they make life movable, manageable and better than when i dont take them. I take 3 pills a day, sometimes two or 2 1/2. I still have a lot of pain but i want to get off the pills. I have a doc that would probably prescribe me the percocet till the day i die if i kept asking for the refill. But that not my desire. I wake up every morning in pain and its hard to stand, but what is worse is the withdraw i feel in the morning. Sweating, dizzy, irritable, nauseous, and all the other symptoms that are normal with percocet WD. So i have valium, xanax, klonapin, and some dilaudid to get me through. Should i go with the doctor and lose face or go with the Thomas Recipe? what has worked for other people. Now i know there are those out there that have been on the stuff for years and you may think i should not post bc i havent been on it long enough, but i still ask for help and not ridicule. so Those out there that have kicked it successfully, i ask you for advice and support.

188 Finally ready { 06.26.11 at 4:40 pm }

Well hello to all out there struggling, a word of encouragement, IT IS POSSIBLE!, I am now on day 6 without opiates, have tapered off the kratom almost completely and must say that if not for absolutely being in a state of mind where I KNEW that I wanted my life back and was not going to let a little bottle of pills tell me what I could and could not do!
After 10 solid years with maybe 2 or 3 short breaks just to fall back in again, I am Finally Done with them and you can be too! No more scripts, no more fedex delveries, no more sick days untill pills arrive, no more avoiding the gym, no more avoiding sex, no more “father who just isn’t there”, NOT FOR ME! goodbye pills! I did it with prayer, kratom, benedryl but most of all WILLPOWER.
You can do it too and please let me know by a post here if you would like my personal recipe, but, MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT ASK UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO QUIT SURRENDERING TO PILLS AND STAND UP FOR GOD, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS, AND ABSOLUTELY YOURSELF!!
God created everything and it is up to us to use ALL wisely. Just as God created opiates, he also created kratom and it is amazing that an herbal remedy can take almost 80% of the struggle of withdrawal away, but it did for me. I truly beleive that if there were no withdrawal pain it would be too easy to just get back in the pill bottle again!
Anyway, off to the gym, thank you all for your words of encouragement here, I am starting to make up for 10 lost years today and I will check back to encourage and pray for others to return the favor!
GOD BLESS and you can do it!

189 Finally ready { 06.26.11 at 5:01 pm }

One more note before daparting here tonight, I never reslly shared my addiction here and feel I must, I was taking for the greater period of 10 years about 5 morphine continuous release combined with 24 to 30 50mg tramadol per day, not a small amount of opiates according to what I have read here in the postings, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

190 Kitty Mom { 06.27.11 at 3:30 am }

Finally ready,
Thanks for sharing your story and the encouragement to others. You are right. It can be done and I am proof. I will be clean ten months on the 8th of July. It is doable – not the easiest thing I ever did – and something I will never let myself go through again – but doable. I wish you continued success in your journey to a pill free life!

191 Metoo { 06.27.11 at 6:22 am }

Thank you to everyone here for sharing a part of your stories and successes with us!!! FinallyReady, how did you find out about kratom??????

192 Finally ready { 06.27.11 at 11:37 am }

Hello Metoo, I actually read the posts like this one and had found that others had success with it, you have to find a good supplier though, there is a lot of weak kratom out there that probably wouldnt help a heavy opiate user very much. I found a great source on my 3rd try, it wasnt cheap, but certainly made all the difference in the world. I have a job that I need to be present aat every morning roight now and with kratom, I often forgot that i was detoxing, that is how good it was working.
But like I said, if I was just enjoying the effect of kratom and the ability to be worry free, it could be just as dangerous as pills, YOU HAVE TO BE READY TO QUIT! knowing that I was ready and had enough with the pill life helped me concentrate on tapering and weaning off!

193 Finally ready { 06.27.11 at 3:01 pm }

Thank You Kitty and I am looking forward to our pill free 4th of july, I know you are too
Congrats to you too!!!

194 gettin better { 06.28.11 at 12:31 am }

I have been on opiates since i was 18, im now 21. I have detoxed numerous times, tried methadone an suboxone. I was on methadone for about 4 months an suboxone about 6, i lost my job an lost insurance, i have been weaning my self off now since march 31st, prescriped 3 a day but got my self down to half pass month or so, i have gotten up for work everyday but its miserable i sit in a cubicle an make calls all day, an its 430 am i have work tomorrow but i cant sleep. Worse part for me is the restless nes…does anyone have any recommendations to help with sleep at night an while at work all day sitting?

i know with drawls suck, I have tried this many times…each time i would tel myself im not going back, its not worth it. I can realize the bad things I know continuing to use will do to me, an my loved ones, jails insitutions or dealth..so why do our bodys not let us stop..I suppose will power is something I need to work on..wish me luck..i want to stop resorting to methadone and suboxone and stop subsiting my addiction…

195 Pinkerton { 06.28.11 at 2:30 am }

@ Finally ready, I agree, Kratom is what made it possible for me to get through it all. At least now I have something to look forward to. It has the same relaxing effects as the vics. You sound like a very strong person whose story can help alot of other people on their journey. This is a tough nut to crack!

196 Needz2know { 06.28.11 at 3:17 pm }

I’m in the same boat as the rest of you… Pill Hell… and, so-oooo ready for the ride to be over…

Anyway, preparing for w/d’s and trying to quickly find info on what helps (yet again!) Anyway, I’m HIGHLY curious about this Kratom…
I went to the website shown above, but am really confused… so many varieties, and formulations… WHICH ONE??? Help!!! I’m thinking the extract… any advise?? Dosage recomendations??? **And, is that place the best place to order it – I saw a previous post saying it took 3 tries to find decent Kratom online… Please advise!!

Oh, and as for Suboxone… Idk… I was in a Suboxone detox, then moved away from my home and thought I could just wean off & be fine since I took low doses (like 1mg a day for a month or more) and boy was I wrong!! It was seriously the worst w/d’s EVER! I don’t remember about 4 days there at the start, that’s how sick I was… I would highly recommend tapering from your regular DOC, and avoiding Suboxone & Methodone… yeah, and if anyone knows how hard it is to self-taper, it’s me… i suck at it…. i just hate feeling like a slug/no energy, the aches, pains, aggitation, etc….

197 Finally ready { 06.28.11 at 3:19 pm }

Thanks Pinkerton,
Day 8 today, still a little listless during the day, L-Tyrosine(500mg) with a B-6 tab really does help in the AM and before I go to the Gym in the PM. Thank you all for giving me strength, seeing all my old friends at the gym who wondered what happened to me years ago is motivating as well.
Keep up your strength all, do it and look back and laugh at the pill bottle that used to tell you what you could and could not do!!!
When I am benchpressing 315 lbs again I will laugh at why I let this happen to me!
God Bless you and give you strength all,
VW (Finally ready)

198 Needz2know { 06.29.11 at 8:38 am }

After doing some research, I’m almost afraid to touch Kratom. Apparently, it too can be highly addictive if used too long/too high a dosage. So, if I do decide to use it, I definitly need info & advice on dosage – I just want to “ease” the misery a bit, not erase it completely… suffering a bit is my reminder of the damage these pills have caused; but, I also need to be able to function. Also, I know that the MORE miserable I am, the more I’ll want to seek out my DOC , so…. just a little less misery is all I seek. Anyone w/extensive knowledge on Kratom, please fill me in …

Also, Just wanted to say “CONGRATS!! & Hang in there!” to those who are in the early stages… each day is a step towards a brighter future!! Think back to how you were before you got caught in this nightmare… and, like a previous poster mentioned, DO NOT let temptation take over! There will be times when your FORMER DOC may make itself available, and you may believe that one or two won’t hurt … it will!! Trust me!! I myself made that MISTAKE, and that’s why I’m back in the vicious cycle… be stronger than I was at that moment, I wish I had been cuz I’d be back to “normal” again – a stronger, healthier me (in mind & body), for myself and my loved ones!!

My best to each of you!!!

199 Metoo { 06.29.11 at 10:08 am }

You are wise to use caution, Needz! I just found that for me and my addictive nature, kratom is the way to stay clean. If you are strong enough to go it alone, more power to you, my friend!!! I, however, am not strong enough, and I do lean on kratom. However, you can also use it short term and leave it at that!
EntheoFarm is a great vendor, and they are highly recommended. Whichever way you go, congrats to you for getting clean!!! And come over to the ‘about’ page…find the link in the upper right hand corner of this page…. see you there I hope!! :)

200 Needz2know { 06.29.11 at 4:34 pm }

Thank you MeToo!! …for all of that info!
Unfortunately, my will-power starts out strong, then after several days of no sleep & RLS… I cave… Thus, my research into Kratom.
I think I will go ahead and give it a shot, just ONE order!! Hope that’s enough to get me through the worst of it. I’m debating between crushed leaves, and powder at this point. I’m about 120lbs and have gotten my tolerance down a good bit, but still… seems that w/d’s always kick my butt no matter how low I get!! Geesh… :( Any word on what dose I should start at??

Thx again! :)

201 Pinkerton { 06.30.11 at 2:30 am }

Needz, I use Kratom to help during detox. For me, it takes away the craving of wanting to take a pill. I never completely felt 100% while detoxing, there was still that icky feeling, esp. after the kratom would start to where off, but it kept me from reaching for a pill. I think it will do exactly what you are looking for. Once you use it for detox I think you will understand that even though you can become addicted to it (you can become addicted to anything) it is unlikely that you will because it isn’t the most convenient thing to take and more importantly it doesn’t draw you in like the pills.

202 Metoo { 06.30.11 at 4:28 am }

Hey, Needz! Take 1 tsp in 1/2 tsp increments!! :)

203 tonkatee { 06.30.11 at 4:31 am }

i have a cure that worked for me that might intrest some of you out there looking to keep up pretenses like i had to. i decided that i had had enough of the madness of all the opiates i was taking and decided to quit but had to somehow maintain my lifestyle (nobody ever knew i was taking 800mg. of oxy per day for three years). i got a hold of lyrica. this is a med (non narc of course) used for nerve pain such as fybromyalgia and DPN (pain aquired from diabetic nerve pain), your Dr. will give this out pretty easily as it is not a narc but it is controlled and often they have samples to give upon request, anyway with that also valium (i used 50mg. lyrica and 10mg. valium dosages) my dr. told me to take these meds at the same time but i found that it made me to tired to carry out my day in my normal way (i never get sick so that excuse was out for me personally). so what i did instead was take a lyrica upon waking and every four to five hours there after. the valium i used only when i would start to feel nervous or overly emotional i.e. crying because of a song on charmed (ya i really did) so valium really helped level me out and taking both at night helped with the insomnia, but the lyrica was the savior. i had so very little pain or w/d symptoms it was absolutely amazing! i am currently on day three of detox (i did not cut back on my dosages before quiting – like an idiot lol) and i am going through my day as normal and nobody notices a thing. better even the fact that i am home free to being sober. i am so excited and really felt i needed to share this with others in hope that success could be that much easier to obtain. one note however, you will still need the imodium for the Diarrhea and whatever you would like to use for the vomiting (i actually did not experience any vomiting but not sure why as lyrica has no link to preventing this). so i hope i am able to help even one person with this issue. it is obtainable people. a little determination and some online support would really help things along too. soon you’ll be posting like me at the sure success of getting your life back on track. good luck to all of you out there and i wish you the very best.

204 Needz2know { 06.30.11 at 10:50 am }

Thanx Pinkerton & MeToo … wish I’d placed that order last night :(
But, I got confused about the stuff listed as “not for human consumption – only to be used as an insence”… is it all the same, or do I actually need to avoid these?? Sorry to seem so naive, just trying to play it safe… :)

205 Metoo { 06.30.11 at 12:00 pm }

That’s the stuff! It HAS to say that so it stays legal…long story…lol. What did you order? I hope you got Bali…

206 Needz2know { 07.01.11 at 8:21 am }

Ok, good!! I was hoping that’s all it was.. Thanks for confirming!! :)

207 Pinkerton { 07.02.11 at 2:53 am }

Hello Needz, yes, that’s right, it will say that on everything but it’s fine. I have been using it for several months and feel that it has helped me enormously in getting off the pills. When I got off the pills the second time, I was using the l-tyronsine too and it totally freaked me out with anxiety but this third detox went very smoothly and the Kratom is what takes that edge off when you feel like you can’t take another minute. I have read alot about this plant and have not found any harmful effects to be caused by using it in moderation. It’s probably no more harmful than coffee, since it is part of the coffee family, but research it if you will feel better because I don’t claim to know it all but I am just reporting what I’ve read. Once again, any time you over-indulge in something, even coffee, it will have negative effects…for example, all the garbage I’ve been eating since our family reunion last weekend…lol…my heart is probably ready to give out!! :)
But my point is to do what you are comfortable with. I have and I love the stuff, it keeps me balanced and functioning at a higher level than if I didn’t take any. Before I was miserable all the time and I know that everyone says it gets better but I’m impatient and want to feel good NOW!!

Have a good day and let me know how things go.

208 Needz2know { 07.02.11 at 8:33 am }

LOL!! You sound like me, I am inpatient, and can’t stand being miserable….or, lathargic (aka LAZY!) I’ve got kids to take care of, and the rest of the things in life – putting life on hold isn’t an option for me. I’ve been sick so many times over the past year & a half, trying to fight this alone. I actually succeeded AND felt good!! Then, along came an offering of my DOC and it all went down-hill – I could seriously kick my own arse for that!! To think I beat the demon and felt GOOD!?! Wow, did I sure screw that up!

I didn’t even find the L-Tyrosene & B-6 to help… but, come to think of it, what I do remember is having an almost annoying body-buzz… like too much coffee, only it didn’t affect my brain or activity level… maybe a reason for the wicked RLS?? The sweats & not sweeping are killers as well… I think it was 12-15 days before they went away, coming off Suboxone (the drug I thought was was my savior, but is now sheer evil in my mind… It would be more effective to supply an ever-decreasing dose of a person’s DOC than to precribe Sub’s or Methadone… just my opinion. It’s how I got off these d*mn pills the time I actually felt good – had a family member hold my DOC and they would NOT give more than what we planned on from the beginning!)

Like a jack-ass, I have yet to order my Kratom, so it’ll be a long, rotton weekend… I need to find the strength to get out & take my little ones to the fireworks, and wonder if I’ll be able to… things like this make me feel like the biggest failure of all :( I am feeling somewhat proud of myself, sort of… I actually legitimately hurt myself and probably could have very easily “scored” some pills, but chose not to! I’ll just take it easy, and hopefully whatever is wrong will mend itself (nothing worth scolding me for… a kneee injury that hurts like h*ll, but I’m sure will be fine! It actually feels a lot better today, Thank God!)

Ok, well, take it easy on the bad-heart diet!! I need u around to keep me on track! :)

I’m placing my order NOW!!

I pray the rest of you are holding strong & feeling better & better each passing HOUR!! It’s a sh*tty battle, and hard to win, BUT totally possible!! Just don’t be a fool like I was – I hate myself for it, I REALLY do!! I felt GOOD, and that’s what’s motivating me now…knowing life is better after the battle is won! No pain, no gain…keep your eyes on what your gaining, no matter how crappy today may be… Lord, I sure wish I had a time-machine for all of us to fast-forward right now! :)

209 Needz2know { 07.05.11 at 3:14 pm }

Hello All! Hope u all had a GREAT 4th of July!! :) It just happened to be day# 4 for me, so I was still feeling like death-warmed-over, but I did manage to get the kids out to see the fireworks – Granted, it wasn’t easy… it hurt to even sit upright & drive, BUT I did it!! Thank You God!! :)

Day 5 and feeling so much better!! Not a 100%, but closer than I’ve been in such a long time. I’m still taking lots of Aleve and/or Ibuprofin for all the aches & pains. I took the kids to the store and that was a major accomplishment in itself. Like many of you, this isn’t my 1st time trying to escape this nightmare… far from it! I am incredibally thankful that I was pretty much forced into a taper cuz this has been one of the easier wd’s for me, and that def. helps!!! I pray each of you are feeling better & better and fight the urge to hop on this horrible (not-so) merry-go-round EVER again…

I actually debated trying Kratom, so with it being a holiday weekend & all, my order just finally shipped today – probably won’t arrive ’till Thursday, so my question of the day… should I even bother?? Should I just keep it stashed to fight PAWS, or what?? Btw, I just ended up ordering a sample pack, consisting of 5 varieties: Super Green Bali, Thai, Maeng Da, Red Vein Thai, and 20:1 Indo Extract (only 1g pack of this) … I obviously couldn’t decide on which would suit me best, which is the reason for the sampler. I heard Bali can be calming, whereas Thai can be energizing … IDK!? Anyway, after ordering, I then read somewhere to avoid the extracts… great! Oh well, in this sampler, they only send 1g pack, so should I just maybe use scant amts. of it? I’m torn as to what to do really… I think I’ll just save it for those days that are particularly crappy… advice on those w/ experience?? I don’t want to take two steps back, or anything!! Heck no!! And, no more addictions needed or wanted after this pill nightmare!

I will say, in a way, I’m almost “thankful” for this experience… I can now personally-relate to the struggle of an addiction as gripping as this. I will never again be the person I was before, thinking that it was just a matter of stopping… I KNOW BETTER now!! I pray that we all continue on the path to an addiction-free life, and pray even harder for those that relapse and have to go through this again… Hang in there & know that you aren’t alone… {{{hugz}}}

*can you tell I’m a “bit” emotional today?? LOL!! Sorry! But, you all know how it goes… -just another part of the process…*

210 heypretty { 07.06.11 at 11:02 am }

day 2 of a wicked fentanyl withdrawl. i was taking 2-3 100 mcg patches on my gums per day. should be enough to knock out an elephant right, but I’ve been on the opi coaster for 10 yrs now due to chronic widespread pain and no insurance to treat it.
tomorrow’s my birthday and i’m going to be in horrible wd’s still. i just want to cry and leave this world, but i know it would bum a couple people out pretty bad. im in tears as i write this. sigh.

211 Needz2know { 07.06.11 at 11:03 am }

Day #6…. Ugh!! Back is KILLING me today. I have a bunch of compression fractures in my thoracic (sp?) spine, along w/mild stenosis – I’m not sure if I hurt myself again, or if it’s just the usual pains of w/d making it worse, but praying the Ibuprofen kicks in SOON!!!

Gonna lay down & hope for the best…. :( Wish that Kratom would arrive cuz right now I’m seriously wanting to see how good it is at relieving this aweful pain.

I hope you’re all doing well – Prayers & Best Wishes!!

212 Need some inspiration PLEASE { 07.06.11 at 2:56 pm }

I can’t help ya with Kratom. ?’s. But u prob did not injur yourself again. I thought the pain was terrible. I’m a big ass baby though. I alternated ibuprofen 800mg with Tylenol. It took for me a good two to three weeks befor I noticed that ibuprofen/Tylenol use was starting to get longer lengths apart. Hang in there! There’re a bunch of us on the “about” page. We are all in diff stages at diff times and lots of support. You are welcome welcome welcome there anytime!

213 Finally ready { 07.06.11 at 7:24 pm }

@ Needz2know
I can answer questions you may have with the kratom, sampler was good idea, if you are sleeping at night, I would only use it if you cant relax during the day or conversely if you have no energy at all during the day, It will help for both cases!

214 Finally ready { 07.06.11 at 7:26 pm }

@ Needz
The quantities and dosage will depend on what your opiate habit was…..

215 ilovesilly { 07.11.11 at 1:06 am }

Hi everybody :)
WOW I’m glad to know I’m not the only one dealing with this mess, not that I’m glad anyone else is, this is terrible! Its now 5am, I have 3 kids to take care of, no matter what, but I know in a few hrs, I’m going to be living in the bthrm, idk bout some ppl, but the Worst for me is the sweats, n burning up, not being able to eat, I could go on, anyway I’m trying this again n I want it to be the Last Time! I saw n see ppl talking about the withdrawal ease, but I’ve Still not seen Anyone who has tried it yet, I’d like to, but as others have said, who wants to spend $89 on something that doesn’t work! If anyone has any info, I’d Greatly appreciate it! Good luck to u all <3 Love <3

216 Steffan { 07.18.11 at 2:59 am }

I know this an old post, but much that has been said here speaks truth, there is no one way to come off Opiates. If this is your first time coming of the stuff, I’d advise you to do some research on what kind of symptoms and difficulties you will encounter along the way to becoming free of opiates. The biggest mistake people make is this general notion; that once the physical withdraws subside you will be back to your old self. Invariable the extent of your recovery depends on a lot of things, the type of drug, how long the user used for and how often did he/she use for. Then there is other complications and illness the user might have that will have an affect.

All these things will decide the length and intensity of withdraws and how long it will take to recover. Although the urges will stay with you for a life time, it gets easier with the passing of time. Remember though, be realistic and don’t expect becoming clean will rectify all your problems, because in reality everything becomes emotionally harder! But you know what that is what life is all about and is what every person goes through. Some days will be amazing and other days will be a struggle, regardless ever step you make is felt!

217 MelissaBee { 07.19.11 at 3:27 pm }

Hey–anybody out there? I’m in hell, and ya know–misery loves company. I kicked a nasty oxycodone habit months ago, after a well-intentioned doc ramped me up over a couple years. (I went to him initially to stop taking the couple vicodin a day I was on, but he convinced me to up the ante–fentanyl, oxy, you name it. Then there was the suboxone from hell–NEVER again on that one.) Now I’m dxed with ulcers, gastritis and esophagitis. But the pain I’m having is out of control–this horrible gnawing ache that moves up and down from my upper abdomen to my chest. I went to the ER twice, taking morphine reluctantly the second time. It occurred to me that with all the crap I’ve ingested for all these years, I’d never had morphine… Well, it practically game me hives. I say practically because while I was red and itchy all over, benadryl took care of it. I left the ER with no real explanation for my pain and a script for tramadol, which I had a negative experience with years ago. But I was taking it much longer, and I just never dreamed that 10 days of freakin’ tramadol would upset me this much. And it didn’t even work! I don’t get any euphoria like with vicodin or dilaudid or oxy, and it didn’t help the pain much. But it helped just enough that I took it once (occasionally twice) a day and then every other day until it was gone. Now I have restless legs so bad I want to cry. I can’t eat and I can’t sleep. I don’t understand why any doctor would give this to someone with a history of addiction/habituation to narcotics. I never took street drugs, but I’ve been very upfront with my docs about my love-hate relationship with opioids. So now I’m not only fighting the original neck and joint pain that got me into this mess and the abdominal and chest pain that feels like it’s going to kill me (though I’ve been scoped and scanned seven ways ’til Sunday, so actually, I only WISH it would just go ahead and kill me) but also this withdrawal hell. Thank you for allowing me to whine–I swear I’m not usually a drama queen, but I am just beside myself. I don’t want to go to the ER for ativan or valium or whatever, lest I end up with a wicked benzo habit, too. Am I crazy, or is it possible to feel such intense withdrawal after such a short time? Or is just that my body is enveloping the drug in a warm hug, since it has missed it for so long, taking no time at all to ramp back up to a dose big enough to kill a horse…

Anyway, I just got out of a nice warm bath, and I swallowed a handful of vitamins and minerals and electrolytes, so I’m maintaining, but… I have to walk the dog in a few minutes, and I’m afraid I’m just going to unleash (pun intended) on the first person unfortunate enough to cross my path.

Others have mentioned suboxone, but I went through hell with that, too. I tapered down to a nibble a day (literally–it was the tiniest crumb of a pill I could take) and I wanted to jump off a cliff for months after I quit taking it. I finally went back to oxycodone because I was very afraid I was going to hurt myself. I got off EVERYthing a couple months ago because I was sick of hearing from my doctors how benign it all was. Maybe it was the combination of everything, but I had daily nausea, vomiting and headaches that have resolved since going off the opioids (and ulcer drugs, stuff from the neurologist that never helped, etc.). The only way I got truly “clean” was using ibogaine hydrochloride I ordered from South Africa. Don’t think I’ve seen it discussed here, but you can Google it. I discovered it on an episode of Law & Order–funny, huh? But it’s for real. It purports to “reset” your receptors to those glorious days before they got filled up with Mr. Oxy, and they seem to have (almost) delivered. (Before the tramadol, I didn’t have any cravings for opioids.) Ibogaine wasn’t pleasant–it’s a strong hallucinogen that made me loopy for days, but on balance, it beat the hell out of withdrawal. And then I had insomnia for a month and ate nothing but Italian ice and popsicles. But hey–I haven’t worked in a couple years, and life sucks so bad anyway, I figured I had nothing to lose. Now I have this aching, gnawing nightmare in my chest, and nothing helps. And no explanation. Sigh…

Well, if anyone has any kind words or suggestions about the tramadol, please put in your two cents. I’m going to go curl up in a ball now.

218 Jesse { 07.21.11 at 11:07 am }

I know it can be hell after 28 yrs of injuries,surgeries, 5 yrs on Dome for Sciatica, Torn rotater cuff, Google “The Thomas recipe” And follow it to a T only adding some potentiaters like Tagamet, and white or organic grapefruit juice from concentrate. It works.

219 kc ramone { 07.26.11 at 6:12 pm }

I’ve been using 6-8, 80mg oxy’s for almost two years. This week I decided to use the Thomas recipe. I had the clonodine but I added gabapentin. I took 900 mg. in the am and 900mg in the pm. I waited for the horrors of withdrawal but nothing happened. I slept a lot, also using valium and clonazepam but it’s now 96 hours since I took the last opiate and I’m fine. No withdrawal symptoms at all. I attribute this to the gabapentin. I should be terribly dope sick but nothing. Doctors and people wanting to get off opiates must know about this. It’s a miracle. Being on gabapentin for a week will get you absolutely clean with no sickness. I wouldn’t stay on it any longer because you can get addicted to it but a week won’t hurt. Beg your doctor for a script. I want as many people to know about gabapentim as possible because this could be the real answer for getting off opiates with no illness. Good luck to everybody and I really hope this info helps.

220 karenh { 08.10.11 at 7:25 am }

Hello, just started my hydrocordone withdrawal. Started because of a head-on crash (not my fault) in 2001, barely survived. After couple of months of high pain killers and rehab..was put on hydrocordone…well, it increased…many of you may laugh saying only 8-10 day, but I tried to quit cold turkey and could not do it. The irony here is that in 1986 I went through rehab for alcoholism (addiction in my family), and I have never touched a drink again or wanted one, quit smoking at the same time. What made me finally know I wanted to give this up is this: I LOVED MY SOBRIETY, THE LIFE IT HELPED ME BUILD…again, I LOVED MY SOBRIETY….only this past Sunday did it hit me out of the blue..those words after I was praying as I so feared the withdrawal. I had tried once..could not do it. Lied to my doctor, my husband about the level of pain..what I had to admit is that I just wanted it…I was addicted again to something. One of the worse things about this drug is you can carry on at your business, look normal or not smell of alcohol…perfect! But I knew in the last two years what was going on. I lost me, my self-esteem, appreciating the true things in life, my marriage was in trouble because of things we had both done, but my addiction was not going to help.
Again, for me this thought of I LOVED MY SOBRIETY and lost it…like a lighting bolt made me say this is it! The withdrawal became too great cold turkey for me so I went to my PCPhysician yesterday and told him how I had been lying. I am on a taper program w/some help from clonidine..sleep Valerian which does work for me.
Also, I intend to get counseling again..but what I know is this..for many, many years I had that Sobriety..think of it…what it gives you..control of our life and the ability to do anything we want, and to stop lying…that was so bad for me..the shame.
Hydrocodone and all the other products that are the opiates are so subtle if you start out with real pain. I could not tell you the pain level I have today to be honest from the accident, but the pain I know cannot be as bad as addiction..period.
I followed the 12 step program since 1986..stopped going to meetings years ago as there was no craving, no desire …what a life I made for myself; created my own business, still have it though economy has affected; met a wonderful guy and got married 14 years ago….and here I am…and I am 64 yrs. old in Texas.
Again, for me is that there is not a price one can put on Sobriety. My husband wanted me to do it alone, no help as I was going to have to tell our doctor I had been lying….now he knows how wrong that was, he was fed up with me. He is helping me emotionally a great deal now, and there may be hope to save our marriage.
I have read this site for over one year and it also helped me make the decision..do not let go of sobriety or our Lord…there is so much fun out there….
I hope I have not spoken too much of myself but wanted to let you know where I was coming from. If ever I can answer a question of what has happened to me or what has worked for me, I am here in the group. Thank you to everyone on this site.

221 JenR { 08.13.11 at 11:52 am }

I have cut down to 25 mg per day in the last 2 weeks (vicodin), I haven’t slept in 2 weeks and constant diarrhea, sick, pain, can hardly move. I used to take only about 60 mg per day for about 3 years. I am a single mother with 5 children and a full time job. I’m about to run out, I have about 17 mg left which I will probably take today, then tomorrow will be day one with nothing. I have 60 mg worth of valium. I have to work Monday and if I don’t go I will lose my job. Last night I took 10 mg right before bed to try to get one night of decent sleep, it worked, but I am terrified of what will happen tomorrow. I hope I am down to such a small amount it won’t be too bad, but I’m scared I won’t be able to get out of bed Monday morning. I have to take care of my children, can’t stay in bed. Am I taking so little I will be okay? I’m sorry to bother everyone with such a small problem but I’m scared.

222 Bradley Wood { 08.14.11 at 9:48 am }

@ Mike with his cry baby attitude, n going to work in W/D. What a crock er shite.. . . . ?????Where is this guy from? A micky mouse habit. I’ve been bed bound literally, n so have many of the folks I’ve known over the years. Listen pal, if you got a proper habit, work would totally be off the menu. . . .An I’ve worked over the years, n know what time it is. It’s like I

223 Bradley Wood { 08.14.11 at 9:55 am }

Iron Mike just came along an condescended us all with his iron fist. Well let me tell you this for nothing, ”I was in a band lets say, n you never seen , let alone took the drugs we did, n cold turkey, we wouldn’t, couldn’t go on stage unless the dealer turned up, THROUGH SHEER ILLNESS. You may have been on 10mls or 0.2mg petrcent. Let me TELL YOU, when you’re in it deep, you’re in it, can’t walk, never mind go to work. My advise to you is – Go get a real habit. . .then come back n talk.

224 Bradley Wood { 08.14.11 at 10:10 am }

Anyway Mike. . . .Maybe one day you’ll get a real habit, then you’ll know what the hell you’re on about. from Central London. Ignorant fool.

225 heartart { 08.14.11 at 11:08 am }

Hey all,
I’m in Texas too. And oddly enough KarenH., I was in a HORRIBLE car accident in ’01. My mom and daughter were in it too…my daughter wasn’t hurt, thank God and my mom was damaged, but me….well, I’m now half metal, without the bonus of being bionic. Numerous surgeries have left me with severe nerved damage all from the hip down on my left, extreme nerve damage and pain in my pelvis (crushed pelvis was rebuilt with metal) and both arms were broken in numerous places and have rods and more. To say the least, I am grateful beyond words that I am here to watch my daughter grow up, to be able to walk or hobble as I say, when they thought I wouldn’t walk AND to be able to use my right hand…typing even…when they said I would NOT get full use of it back.
But, with all that, comes pain every single day of my life. I never had taken anything stronger than over the counter meds, except for the two days recovering from my wisdom teeth being removed back when I was 19. I don’t even remember what they gave me, it was so long ago.
I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and have never done drugs or smoked pot. I am pretty much a boring person as far as those things go.
I kept seeing my rehab doctor after leaving the hospital, and on through the graduation from wheelchair, to walker to cane. For 10yrs. However, she was running herself ragged as she was full time …most of the time 7 days a week at the hospital, and so seeing patients outside the hospital was running her into the ground. All I had ever taken was gabopentin and hydrocodone. And was fine on those. Oh and an anti-anxiety rx, because I get really stressed when I have my period…it is crazy stress.
So, a year ago when she said we would all need to find a new dr., I signed up to go to a HUGE hospital pain clinic through Scott and White. They immediately wanted me to go off hydrocodone, which I didn’t understand, because I was taking way less than the limit and guess what they did instead? They kept me on a smaller dose of vicodin……but for some HORRIBLE reason….put me on Methadone.
Yes, I’m serious. I knew a girl who took it for SERIOUSLY debilitating headaches, and she changed completely on it. I said I didn’t want to try it, but the Dr. insisted. She didn’t tell me anything that I would experience with it and it was a rough, rough adjustment. I hated it. I was on the lowest dose pretty much they give, asking her to reduce it from the original amount.
Only 10mg. in the morning and 10 mg at night.
Well, I had some trouble with a nurse there. She was a super bitch, misquoted me on numerous occasions when I was asking questions ( about injections in my back etc) So, now, I have to find a new clinic. No, I am not lying, I had a talk with the Doctor and there you go.
So, it has taken me three weeks of calls, searches, calls to Medicaid to find a new doctor. I found ONE, and only ONE who will accept my disability insurance, is accepting new patients and handles pain. I called 68 clinics and doctors……and some were even in San Antonio…a few hours away.
But, I don’t want to stay on the Methadone. I hate it. I have broken up my last few and was all ready on Gabopentin, as the nerves in my left leg/hip and groin spaz on their own and kill me, so I’m on that. I have Clonidine, but am wondering if the Valium will help? I might be able to get an rx for it.
I don’t think ANYONE is a baby or wimp for trying to go off of ANY DRUGS. I’m saddened about folks who get on them, when they weren’t hurt in an accident or some other situation, to go through the withdrawals is bad enough when you are severely damaged and HURT BAD when you walk etc…..I can’t imagine doing this if I wasn’t.
More power to us all…and if anyone has an idea of some other thing that helps, feel free to post. I have my FIRST art reception in three days, have to get ready for it and be all happy and sweet when the people stop by. And, all ready I feel like my skin is crawling and edgy as hell.
I hate that. Oh, I did find the one doctor, but he is going over my xrays and records and will THEN decide if he is going to accept me as a patient. So, no new appt. yet. I have PLENTY of Gabopentin, but on my last pieces of methadone and vicodin.

Wish me luck so I don’t feel like I’m having a heart attack!!!

226 heartart { 08.15.11 at 11:43 am }

Just wanted to ask, does anyone else have a really hard time breathing going off of methadone? The clonidine adds to it, but just wondering. I am having a really hard time breathing.

227 Heather { 08.18.11 at 5:00 am }

Quick question for anybody willing to answer. I was using vicodin for several years (30-40 pills a day) when I went on methadone. I continued methadone maintenance for 4 years. I’ve now been off methadone for 2 years and I’m still having issues with kicking. Not only in my legs but my upper arms too. It comes and goes and usually begins at night when I’m in bed. Is it even possible to still be feeling withdrawal effects and has anyone else encountered this issue?

228 Dmack { 08.18.11 at 3:40 pm }

There is so much misinformation along with so much heartache. I see the long road of suffering ahead of many of you. My heart goes out to you.
My first point is knowing the difference between dependency and habit. I went through all the scenes mentioned here. I am now taking enough opiates that it would easily kill most of you. It took me years to shed the guilt and with the help of some professionals I am leading a normal life without the guilt and shame. There are trade offs but some times you play the hand you have been dealt. If your usage is based on feel good, euphoria, and need to get that special feeling than you have a problem and the outlook is not that good. The recidivism is frightening if your personality type has certain characteristics, I beg you don’t let it get started. That is the only way. A lifetime of methadone is hideous.
But there are those who have pain issues that can only be addressed in certain ways. Distinguishing between the real need and the desire to feel good or escape your depression or to find way to be aperson you like better, is a job that can be done by a professional. If your not sure seek the help of a mental health professional they will tell you in a couple of visits. Spend time in a good pain management group. If you are the person who truly is better off as a user of opiates remember there will be regulsr increases as you build immunities, Eventually you can reach disturbing levels and still be healthy. But if you are not that person DO NOT START OR GET OUT AT THE FIRST HINT OF FEEL GOOD. The feel good will be short lived and you will find yourself doing things you never dreamed of and the very real possibilty of a wasted life

229 AJ { 08.19.11 at 5:36 am }

Does ambein help cruve or lesson the effects of opids withdraws?

230 Need Some Inspiration PLEASE { 08.20.11 at 5:35 am }

idk for sure; but i would think it would jst help you to sleep…??

231 Need Some Inspiration PLEASE { 08.20.11 at 5:35 am }

i meant to help relax you also;

232 Lori { 08.25.11 at 11:18 am }

I’m so frustrated and feel so hopeless. 5 years ago, my MD put me on lortab 10/325 6/day, for my interstitial cystitis, a very painful, lifelong badder disease. As the months passed, it worked less and less effectively, and I found myself having to take more, sometimes 2 every 3 hrs, just to get enough relief to work and function efficiently at home. Without it, I can barely walk due to the pain. I’m a nurse, and my job is very demanding, as I work in the ER. I know pain! I also know withdrawal very well. Taking extra all the time, I frequently run out of my prescription and suffer I do! I can’t live like this anymore. I’ve tried to get off them on my own, but withdrawal is a personal living Hell, where my body and mind are tormented like no one should ever have to suffer! When I started them, I had no idea what would become of it, of me. I don’t do drugs for recreation, never have. I don’t know how to get through WD without losing my mind from the intense agitation and severe anxiety, and get through the severe pain that goes with it! My fiancé, God bless him, just doesn’t understand the severity of it, thinks I should just be able to ignore it and keep functioning as normal, and it’s mind over matter. I can’t make him understand how terrifying and nightmarish it is to go through. The restlessness drives me nearly insane, the horrible sleeplessness, the pain….. I can actually put up w the coughing, yawning, sneezing, stomach cramping, and can certainly stand to eat less. It’s the other stuff I can’t bear. I’ve tried… God how I’ve tried! I’ve tried sleep promoting herbal teas w no affect. Does ANYONE have any suggestions for things I can get OTC that will help me through those first horrible days and nights? I feel like I’m going insane by the 8th hour! It just seems an impossible endeavour to get off them! I’m so desperate! God help us all who are facing this nightmare!

233 rik { 08.25.11 at 5:29 pm }

I have read all the posts and laying in a puddle of tears as this subject is one that haunts me and forever will(something to look forward to after w/d’s).I feel for everyone who is suffering and do know where they r at, since the age of 15 I have used drugs and resorted to selling as drugs were my life, the 80′s drug aware campaigns “JUST SAY NO ” didn’t work for me. I was injecting anything mainly brown(heroine) for over 7 years. my end came in a near death experience which took the form of 2 gypsy drug addicts wanting my ounces,when I moved to the place I was 14stone, when I left and returned home I was 8.5 stone(my mum thought I had aids). I didn’t believe in replacement so sampled some corld turkey for a long time (months). a big part of me died and anyone who says just get out of bed has never been there or felt wot I felt.I went to hell and got spat out back to life,I tried living a normal life but ended up drinking like a fish as it was socially correct and legal plus it took away the pain of the past. I managed 7 years off the dark (weeed only)until it spread like a virus and was easily available in my neighbourhood and the memories of pain didn’t seem real and within a blink of an eye once again I was digging around for vein lookin for that feelin.with help from my doctor I have been on subutex for 2 years , I haven’t used dark or anything else apart from weed (everyday every hour) in that time. my life has come to a point where I want off the subutex and weed but when I try its worse than comin off the heroine cold turkey,since being a kid I have always smoked weed and I honestly don’t remember being straight. I know its time to start life even if I am 35 years late but I just don’t know how. All the ppl who r wanting off then trust me subutex is really good but its a replacement, cold turkey I don’t think is worth the pain as mentally I find its to easy to go back( u think u did it once u can do it again ) all I do know is this …. years later nothing can undo the damage we inflict apon ourselfs but to get off the junk is the best thing u could do, it doesn’t stop the pain and u get to feel a whole bunch of emotions u have never felt before but its real, get through everyday as it comes and try to make seven without use and u know when u have cos ur skins stops crawling the sweats calm down , urs bowels climbs back inside ur arse and u start thinkin about food, chocolate I found worked as releases chemicals is the brain like drugs ( eat it not smoke it ), be prepared for depression and its nothing to be ashamed of, when u have felt the things we have and been to the places in our minds which u can only get to high on drugs normality will seem like shit but in time things will get better, if anyone one has any clues on getting off weed plz let me know, and gd luck to all my heart is with u all

234 Bella { 08.25.11 at 8:23 pm }

I have decided to end my long lived addiction to pain meds, after two reconstructive surgeries on my feet/legs and herniated disc in lower back I have become completely dependent on oxycodone and vicoden. On a usual day I take anywhere from 12-15 5 mgs per day which is 70 mg a day. For some that may not be a lot, but for me it’s a lot but I can still function normally and maintain somewhat a normal life except for that I’m spending way too much money and going broke. My doc gives me a prescription of 60 oxycodone per month meant to be a one month supply, but I can’t keep to 2 per day (10 mg/day) so it’s time to quit. I plan to journal my daily maybe even my hourly withdrawal. I’m scared of what is going to happen, but looking forward to a day where I can wake up and not feel drugged or worry about having to pop a couple of pills immediately just to get going. Thanks for this website, I find it helpful that I’m not alone even though I don’t wish the pain/anxiety/ agony of wd on anyone. BTW this will be my 4th-5th attempt the longest I’ve ever made it is 3 1/2 days, hope that I don’t give in when I’m at my worst.

235 Need Some Inspiration PLEASE { 08.26.11 at 4:17 am }

welcome. you sound very much like my dear friend “quitting now” on the “about” page. she also works in nursing sort of. i too am in the medical field and know soo much better than to get where i ended up.
First of all you need a plan. You need to set a stop date . and can you take a week off work cuz that would be best . or we do have a holiday weekend coming ; maybe add a day of vacation to it. just some suggestions. You also need a support team. wether it be someone who is a good friend or your fiance (sounds like he doesnt get it though). or WE can be your support team. i couldn’t have gotten clean without support from this site. theres no way i would be where i am today. 15 weeks today for me. yes it was hell for a bit; but its no worse than having the flu for a few days. the worst of it is over after the first 4 days or so. for me the worst took a little longer cuz i had been on them for 6 years and i was up to close to and sometimes over 20 norco 10′s a day. for me the poops were terrible and excuse my tmi ; but my butt was sore from going sooo much. also my legs ached terribly. i alternated 800mg ibuprofen and Tylenol. at first i was taking ibuprofen eveery 4 hrs for sure and sloly that time frame started to lengthen to 5 hrss, 6 hrs and so on. now i just need it for you know.. life. headaches etc.. I have always had chrocnic back pain and i thought i couldnt live without those damn pills; but i tell ya what. once i was through the w/d i realized most of my pain was because of them. they were not helping me anymore; but hurting me. Hottttt hottt baths helped me and i was able to get a few xanax to help me sleep. i also went to my md and told here everything and she put me on prosac for the anxiety and i thin it helped to keep me clean. also. i usedd the stuf on the thomas recipe. L-tyrosine seemed to increase anxiety for me tho. everyone is different. i hope you can find your way over to the “about” page cuz sometimes these posts get lost out there. hope we can help and hope you keep wanting to try. you HAVE to want it!!!!
good luck and hope to hear from ya soon
love neeesip

236 Need Some Inspiration PLEASE { 08.28.11 at 5:46 am }

you out there?

237 BIFF { 08.29.11 at 5:33 am }

I was on 8mg subutex daily for over a year, before that I was taking lorcets 50-60mg a day for a couple of years. I am on day 10 or 11 of no subutex. I did a 12 day taper and then stopped . For the first 5 days after I stopped Sub, I took 1 Lorcet a day , and that prevented physical problems early in my withdrawal. Problem is, I have been feeling so bad after that, just so lethargic, depressed, achy legs, yesterday I broke down and bought some more lorcets, and took 40mg yesterday . I haven’t taken any more today and don’t plan on it. I just don;t know if I’m going to have withdrawal symptoms from the 1 dose of 40mg. I feel ashamed of myself but I couldn’t take the suffering anymore. I guess I’m just weak. At any rate, I have heard of people successfully using lorcets during sub withdrawals. I know its dangerous, and perhaps even a relapse, but i feel like a normal person again, even the day after I took 40mg . I’m sure it won’t be long before I go back to feeling bad again. I just can’t allow myself to take lorcets on consecutive days i guess. I don’t know, I wonder if this is going to “reset” my w/d’s and start me back on day 1 again . Days 4,5,and 6 after I stopped Sub almost killed me. I can’t go through that again . I need strength and support . Has anyone taken hydrocodone during their subutex/suboxone withdrawals and been successful in getting off everything ? I don’t want to take the hydros, I just want to get back to feeling normal WITHOUT taking ANYTHING so I can get back to work and life in general. Please somebody help !

238 BIFF { 08.29.11 at 11:56 am }

Screw it I just flushed the rest of my lortabs down the toilet . So now im in full blown sub w/d and I now have to taper off of benzos at the same time. This should be fun .

239 done { 08.30.11 at 5:27 pm }

I quit percotes on Saturday. My legs are so restless. Tonight I WaMu trying some herbal remedies. Here is wishing they will work!!

240 Patrick { 09.08.11 at 10:35 am }

On day 3 of quitting percocet, methadone, Valium after taking them for 3 years….I am in pure hell and feel like I’d rather die at this point. It’s going to get worse and I don’t know that I can handle it. anyone out there ever made it through methadone detox? I’ve never detoxed before so I’m really scared and have no one to turn to. Can anyone suggest anything at all to help get some relief? The pain and restless legs are unbearable and I’ve only slept 2 hrs in 3 days. I could handle the stomach issues If all the pain and restless legs would go away….and if I could get some sleep. Help!

241 Kitty Mom { 09.08.11 at 1:44 pm }

Patrick – sorry to hear you are suffering so much – I know nothing about methadone, but I went through withdrawals for other opiates and I know it is living hell – but the good news it gets better and better and better each and every day so if you could just take it slow – one day at a time, you will eventually feel some relief. I sometimes forget how bad it was, but it was bad. Hold on to the thought that it is your addictive mind and body screaming out for the drugs and eventually it calms down and gets used to the fact that you are not going to give it any more. Hang in there and you WILL get better as time goes on. I think day four was the worst for me and the restless legs – well, that and sleep are the last to get better.
Feel better soon

242 Need Some Inspiration PLEASE { 09.09.11 at 3:56 am }

welcome to the best place in the world to help you get through this.
Yes the restless legs suck big time. HOTTTT HOTTTTT baths with epsom salt and lavender bubbles is what i did. i also took Ibuprofen 800mg every 4 hrs. it helps with the aches in legs for sure. i also added tylenol to that mix sometimes. the restless legs do get better. you are already 3 days in so do n’t turn baack just to go though it all again. as far as sleep. i used zanax; but they are addicting and you can’t mix those with valium for sure!!! i took a zanax and a melatonin. i didnt get a ton of sleep but they helped. sleep comes back . i think sleep and appetite were last to return. you CAN do this!! the restlesss leggs will get better. hang in there and i hope you return to us so we know how you are doing. if you can find the “about” page. most of us check it more often and there are soooo many great people over there. so welcome and YOU CAN DO THIS!!

243 Bri { 09.13.11 at 9:42 am }

As of today, I am 15 days clean – the longest I’ve been since I started abusing pills over a year ago. The complete, utter fatigue is what is making it the worst.. Constantly tempting me to revert back to my old habits. I also experience a nearly unbearable “itch” in my chest… Like a pending panic attack. I am restless beyond reason but exhausted at the same time. This leads me to take xanax by the handful to try and suppress this feeling, but it hardly works anymore and I’m afraid of creating a dependency to it – I don’t want to trade one addiction for another.

If maybe I could have at least some sort of timeline to follow from previous users, I could encourage myself that yes, this may be week two, but in two more weeks I will finally start to feel myself again.

244 oh god im dying { 09.14.11 at 11:27 pm }

I can’t stay clean and i can’t do withdrawls either! I have been on oxy’s for 18 years now and have had….I lost count after 40 surgurys from ahead on Motorcycle accident into a semi. If I knew I was going to be going through this crap EVERY MONTH for the rest of my life I would have killed myself a long time ago! I am on day 3 of cold turkey after doing 500+ mg’s daily as I always run out about 5-8 days before I go to dr. then it just starts all over again! I would have to guess I have died and gone to hell from w/d’s well……figure a week out of each month since 1993. I can say from experience that w/d gets worse and worse after each time I run out! I am at teh end of my rope….I can’t deal with the pain of all my fractures and reconstructive and arthritus along withw/d! please…please…please….please please someone pray for my tortured soul! oh god i want to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

245 piper46 { 09.16.11 at 10:15 am }

I’ve been on opioids for almost 20 years off and on. The last 2 years have been “on”. I was finally referred to a pain md and he gives me anything I want, basically.
The thing is, I’m tired. I’m so sick of nothing touching my heart and me not really feeling a thing.
I’ve had 2 neck surgeries in the last year and do feel a lot of pain.
But the pain I have now is mostly emotional. I’m losing a relationship partly over my addiction and partly because I’m not willing to move to New Jersey. I’ll be too far from my dr.
My dr is a suboxone dr and he says I’ll probably never get off the drugs. Is this bs? My boyfriend calls him a drug dealer.
I’m sober off of alchohol and coke 15 years today, and I still go to meetings. What I need is some willingness. I have weaned myself from 480mg of oxycode per day down to 60. I dont ‘know if I have the willingness to go any further. Shit. I don’t know what to do.
I’m a full time student and my grades are suffering. I wanted to get a 4.0 but that desire left me when I had to do higher math. I have a 3.66 which aint too bad.
I guess I just want to feel my feelings again and that’s gonna take some work.

246 Brandon O { 09.17.11 at 10:23 am }

Liked ur article on withdrawing off opiates. A lot of good advice here so those that visit take in everything on this page.
I’ve myself went through this twice, the first time got got on oxy’s, such a horrible drug to come off of cold turnkey. Anyways I was way to caught up in the drug I had to check into a rehab. I was there for about 4 n half months and it was a good, how can I put this, “adventure” I learned a lot and took in a lot of advice while I was in there. I stayed clean for about 4 years got married etc…and got caught up again but with vicodin. I was on it it for about 4 months until I realized that I couldn’t go down that road again, so I told my wife what was up, and her being the loveing and supporting wife she is, helped me through. Once again cold turkey.
If they is any advice I can give to others, it to have self power in wanting to quit. Have a reason and keep ur mind on that reason of why ur fighting this wild ride. I know they say always stay in the moment but when your in the moment while xeroxing it’s no fun and all u can think about is getting your fix…so put that aside and get out of your head. Good luck to those fighting this I wouldn’t say diease but this demon or demons.

Brandon O

247 Need Some Inspiration PLEASE { 09.18.11 at 4:59 am }

i hope you are still out there reading these posts. your post must have been in moderation or got missed cuz i just saw it. YES it gets better and YES you have to stop the zannies. i went through the exact same thing right at about 2 weeks in. its anxiety or panic attacks. i had never had them before. i went to doc and she put me on prosac. thank God for it because its not just and antidepressant its an anti-anxiety. zannies will build a tolerance very very quickly in your system and are very very addicting. i still take them occaswionally but you can go through withdraw with them too. soo slow em down and use only as needed in extreme cases of panic. sounds like they arent doing anything for you anymore anyways. my best friend went through that too. her zannies werent doing anything anymore cuz she took them too much. zannies aren’t gonna help with that exhaustion either. hang in there you have come sooo far and i promise it will get better and you will be amazed at the energy you will have off the vics

You are NOT dying; even though the w/d’s feel like you are dying you are not. If you can make it 8 days you can keep going. I thought if i got off the vics the pain i have in my back from multiple accidents over the years would be the worst ever; guess what? most of that pain was actually caused by the vic’s . My pain is better now than ever once i got through the hard stuf of the w/d. i abused for about 6 or 7 years and my w/d took a little longer than most i believe; but it gets better and believe it or not ibuprofen is a great pain killer. i can’t believe a couple ibuprofens will kick my pain. try, try, try and just see if you can get to the other side; you may be amazed at how great you feel. maybe talk to your doc about some alternatives. hang in there. i’ll be praying for you. you can do this and there are soo many peopel on here that will support your. we usually post on the “about” page so these posts over hre sometimes get lost. good luck and i will be checking on you!!!

Brandon o
soundsl ike you could be a great support around here. glad to hear you kicked those yes demons!!

Hang in there everyone ! and try to find the about page. sometimes its hard to load.
love neesip

248 sickof myself { 09.18.11 at 2:05 pm }

I’ve been taking around 20 10-500 loratabs a day for I don’t know how long. I’ve been through withdrawals too many times to count and yet I still do it. I’m getting ready to go through them again. I have 4 pills left and here I sit trying to figure out how I can break these four pills up to ease the pain. My problem is is it’s a secret. No one and I mean no one knows and I don’t want anyone to know. When ever I go through withdrawals I just act like I’m sick or not feeling good. I’m tired of this. Want to quit but yet at the same time keep doing them. I’m like wonder woman when I have them. I can keep up with my family, keep this house cleaned up, and just do normal things. So, my question is, is there away to make these four pills help, I also have the neurontin. I’m so afraid my family is going to find out my secret. I’m even scared writing anything on this site. I just want to be vi normal.

249 Pinkerton { 09.19.11 at 2:42 am }

Good morning everyone!

I have been having trouble posting on the about page Neesip…how about you?

Wow, alot going on over here! Neesip is right in all that she has said. Give it time. One thing that someone said to me that was so simple but made a huge impact was: “It’s ok to feel like shit”. I realized that if I didn’t feel GREAT that I had to fix it one way or the other. To those of you that feel like shit, it’s ok and more importantly, it will pass before you know it…really. You all need to start playing mind games with yourselves. For example, I would think about people with a terminal illness and the fact that they feel worse than I do but with no hope of recovering. Then I would thank God for a second (or third, or fourth..lol) chance and keep fighting. Believe me, this isn’t meant to be a guilt trip but rather sharing my method for getting clean. I had to put it into perspective. Detox SUCKS, the depression that follows detox, SUCKS….but it’s not permanent AND you will be happier and healthier once you move on.

Hey Kitty and Neesip…sorry I haven’t been posting as much but I can’t seem to get anything to type out on the “about” page. I may start hanging out on the “home” page.


250 countingonGod { 09.21.11 at 8:32 am }

I took Vicodin for a little over 5 months this year for medical reasons. I was worried that I would become physically dependent upon it, and my PCP told me that after I had my surgery and the pain was taken care of he would slowly wean me off of it without any trouble. No worries. The pain specialist that I also worked with tried a vast array of other non-narcotic pain relievers, none of which seemed to target the particular pain I was having. Then he had the nerve to look me in the eye and tell me that it was rare for patients to complain of withdrawal symptoms after using narcotics. But, just to be on the safe side, he prescribed Clonidine in case my heart would race. This did not instill my faith in that doctor’s advice. I haven’t taken it, yet.

After my pain was taken care of surgically, I tried weaning off of the Vicodin, but found I couldn’t go down quickly enough for my doctor’s comfort. I went from 12 pills per day to 7 in about 2 weeks. So, he sent me to a psychiatrist in town who runs a suboxone program. The doctor did not want to discuss many of the details of the program, what effects to expect, or what side effects I might have. I tend to be very sensitive to medications, and have learned from past experience that I need to be aware of possible side effects. He told me to expect to be on suboxone for at least 3 months to a year, during which time I would feel like my normal self without the high of Vicodin, but that I would have to go cold turkey for 48 hours before I could begin. Then he lowered that time to 36 hours “just this once.” (What’s that about? Either I need to have 48 hrs. to detox before putting suboxone in my body or not!) He said that I would have a miserable Thurs-Fri, but a lovely weekend after the suboxone.

I went through the detox last week–pure, unadulterated misery for the better part of 2 days. Each second was painful and terrifying. By the time my husband took me to the clinic I was ready for help of almost any kind. I took one pill and was told to wait for an hour before he would watch me take a second one. But the first pill made me feel so woozy that I convinced him not to make me take the 2nd. Since then the days have been similar: take my pill, become too woozy to function, proceed to nausea, sometimes voimiting, extreme heartburn, worsening pain & difficulty swallowing. I walk like a drunk, completely out of balance. Sometimes the room spins. I can’t concentrate well enough to hold a conversation. I am functioning well today because I haven’t taken the suboxone yet. But I also know that I am still feeling it’s effects, because I’m not feeling any opiate withdrawal symptoms.

I met with the psychiatrist yesterday, and he told me that he had never once in 20 years and 600 patients seen any of these symptoms. He implied that it was all in my head, that I needed to stay on it for a full week to get the real results of the medicine and told me to focus on the fact that I had not taken Vicodin in 6 days. He did not want me to cut the dose, saying that it would be of no value at all. He suggested that I take 1/2 pill first thing, wait 20 minutes and take a coating antacid like Mylanta, then take the other 1/2 pill about an hour later. I tried that yesterday with much the same effect as before.

I don’t see that the suboxone is buying me anything if I continue to be unable to go to work, raise my family, or enjoy life at all. Then, I understand now that after 3 months I will have to go through getting off of it, too! Yikes. But the deal breaker is the terrible pain in swallowing. I don’t normally have any difficulties with acid reflux, etc. so it caught me out of the blue. Even drinking water hurts almost unbearably. I’m concerned that I might be doing real damage to my body if I continue with suboxone.

So, it seems that I am merely postponing the inevitable. My family and I are gearing up for a cold turkey withdrawal, now. Glad that my husband found this blog and website for at least a little guidance and encouragement. And meanwhile, I’m counting on God to give me the strength to get through all of this and bring something worthwhile out of this misery.

251 matt c { 09.21.11 at 12:42 pm }

please trust me on this….i have been thru it all as far as drug withdrawal and i wont bother you with most of the details except that i had a horrible accident and shattered my back and both legs…anyway… im promising you if your doc or a friend can give you 2000mgs to 4000mgs Gabapentin broken up thru the day it will be a tremendous help stops almost all of those god awful symptoms, and i get them bad….Gabapentin is a damn lifesaver….i never feel very bad since i found this out from a friend who has severe epilepsy…it stop the creepy crawlies.electric shock..sweats …..please get some if ya can my friends in pain….it really helps…please be careful only do it for about a week or so and go down slowly….i swear by this stuff…your friend matt

252 Thankfull One { 09.22.11 at 7:01 pm }

I don’t know how many people read this anymore but I just want to say that Colleen from 5/29/09 helped me wonderfully! I am on day 3 and I have points where I feel bad but with the help of the vitamins I have had more energy then ever before doing this. See I to have spine problems and when you don’t have insurance your easiest way out of pain is meds. Until you can get the surgery. BY THE WAY DO NOT TAKE SUBOXONE OR ANY GENERIC FORM OF THAT IT WILL ALSO GIVE YOU HORRIBLE W/D’S. Which my Dr didn’t tell me all about it even after I begged him not to put me on stuff like that plus what you spend on that you can go buy the vitamins that Colleen tells you to buy and it WILL HELP. Remember there is a light at the end of this dark dark tunnel! If you believe in God put all your faith in him. I have been through this many times and I wish I would have found this site sooner. Your body will put you through pain but if you can do even a little try to it really does help. I could keep going on here but if Colleen still reads this I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart I never thought I would be going back to work on day 4!!! We can all do this and by the way I stopped cold turkey, that is the only way I can do it I do not have the strength to taper off. I also quit smoking cigs b/c I only smoked when I was high from the pills! My life has turned over a new leaf. Now I want to thank this site but I also want to thank My wonderful husband for once again helping me through this! This is the last time! I will not ask for this crap again. And God bless me I don’t have to have any more surgeries for a very long time. I had 3 major ones last yr! Then they wonder why your addiction gets worse. Well to you all who understand what we are beating (the demons) God Bless you all! THIS TO SHALL PASS!! Love, A person who truly needed this site! P.S. On day 1-2 I wanted to give up and go back on suboxone, I didn’t and I am so proud of myself I bought the vitamins!!!

253 ExpatAbroad { 09.25.11 at 5:34 am }

So, after a few years of abuse of vicodin, I got seriously hooked on opium for about 10 years. I got clean a few times, always relapsed. Had an easy connection for raw opium. Anyway, I got clean in Feb 2010, moved abroad to a country where codeine, tramadol, and dextropropoxyphene are available OTC. I was stupid–got onto the shit again, taking up to 3.5 grams of codeine per day. Anyway, I’ve been slowly decreasing since July, and took my last dose yesterday morning. 390 mgs of darvon. …it’s been almost 36 hours, and I really don’t feel all that bad. A bit achy, a bit tired, slightly overheated. Bit of yawning, bit of sneezing. This is in contrast to horribly, impossibly bad WDs from opium, and later, from suboxone (that lasted 2 weeks.) I’ve never gone thru codeine/darvon WDs. Any idea what to expect?
For support, I have some kick-ass multivitamins, loperamide, ibuprofen, hot baths, and some valium. I suppose I am waiting for the ‘real’ withdrawals to start, but codeine and darvon have a pretty short half-life, don’t they? I mean, after 36 hours, I should be pretty much in the thick of it, right?

Any thoughts?

254 88 Pissedoff { 09.25.11 at 10:23 am }

So what do I take over the counter to detox………I really need help PLEASE some one no long story just someone tell me what is the best way to detox and no I’m not going to thr Dr. and asking for Methadone or Suboxine

255 lisa { 09.25.11 at 5:17 pm }

No real comments,more questions…what can u do for withdrawals from morphine patches if u don’t have very much money,no insurance,or real support? I need help fast!!

256 Steph { 09.25.11 at 8:00 pm }

Hey Everyone,

So what I did to get off.
Stock up your kitchen…BANANAS!!! SMART WATER, oatmeal, eggs ( yes egg’s scramble Protein) CARROTS, anything else you can stomach even in small bites here and there.
Med's, Pepto, sleep aid( sleep sleep sleep) GINGER it's a HUGE help suck on it ( Or get some travel nausea meds) Mortin ( 600-800) if you can. Vitamins ( NOT the 1 a days get the packets) If you have runs like I did you will expel a 1 a day in 5 mins)

Prep: Cut down to the LOWEST dose I cannot stress this enough for people. If you are taking 80 MG a day you need to be down to 10 or five. !!! You CAN put yourself at risk if otherwise. Your body will go into shock on 5-10 mg a day Horrible Nightmare higher. Dont cut back daily. I hate to tell people to continue what your doing BUT each week take it down lower and lower. If you are serious miss a day here and there too ( Vicoden is in your system you probably can do a day ok) and take a much lower does the next day and you will be okay.

I stopped on a Wednesday night, Thursday went to work okay, Friday lived in the bathroom I swear but told my boss I came down with the flu went home early. If you have children get a sitter for a few days. Friday night hit me hard honestly. Saturday and Sunday lived between crawling from bed to bathroom. I can not stress enough, WATER WATER WATER it flushes it out quicker. Also if you can get a few Maryjane joints please do, you will need it for the physical I was okay the deopression anxiety that hit after was the hardest. My Dr tried putting me on a anti depressent ..I remember I flushed them when I got home. Sleep sleep sleep. Sunday night call your boss and stay home. Ride it out. Excerise I know nutz but it helps. When you go through all this you will need your strength eat sleep and do NOT make any more excuses.
I havent touched a pain pill ( except motrin or a tylenol ) in 11 months.
Word of advice: taking an anti anxiety pill WILL and could increase your depression when/ if it hits. Be careful not to over use them, keep them on hand for the first 2 days then switch to Green ( helps anxiety and depression!!!)
Good luck cause you are strong enough. Don't let this happen again because you know you will be right back where you are now!
Steph—- from a little town outside Seattle.

257 jared loschke { 09.26.11 at 4:16 pm }

saboxin is a opiod receptor it works really well for me withdrawing from vicodin and oxycottin and what not. i just got out of a treatment facility and im still clean. and im still taking saboxin. i recomend it!

258 Pinkerton { 09.27.11 at 2:13 am }

CountingonGod…I’m not 100% sure but I would think that you have already gone through the worst of the vicodin detox if you are over 6 days clean from them. They are completely out of your system so I would assume that if you stop taking the Suboxone you will not be 100% but rather be past the physical withdrawl. You may not sleep great and suffer from fatigue but I’ll bet that’s it. I’d try it.

Take Care All.

259 Need Some Inspiration PLEASE { 09.28.11 at 7:01 am }

88pissed off
you are basically gonna have to face the fact that no matter what you take; you are going to have some w/d symtoms. the thomas recipe really helps and hotttt hottt baths. i had a few zannies for sleeep and some wonderful support from my friends and fiance. i took an entire week off of work too. the plan that steph maps out above pretty much sums it up and is a great plan of action.

260 Brent { 09.28.11 at 10:24 am }

i take prescription diet pills for leg cramps (adapix) and immodium for the shits, xanx, valium, klonopin, or ativan to chill out but regardless what goes up comes down its a battle i’ve been fighting for 10 years a losing one i’ve taken norcos snorted 80′s oxy and now ima methadone hero its hell

261 Brent { 09.28.11 at 10:49 am }

vicodin withdrawls are bad but methadone draws r worse dont go from the pot to the fryingpan i went from 15 to 20 norcos a day to 15 154-42′s a day i really messed up

262 Jayme { 09.29.11 at 1:22 pm }

I just stumbled across the site today and read the majority of the postings above and want to say kudos to the person responsible for maintaing such an informative and helpful site for people suffering from this horrible disease of addiction. I wish I would have had this type of help and support when I kicked. I am actually almost 5 years clean and I kicked 9 weeks pregnant off of heroin and it was the absolute WORST thing I have ever endured in my life. 14 days of throwing up everywhere, explosive dirrehea, sweats, cold chills, migranes and so on. That was just the beginning. My best friend pretty much locked me in her room and every 4 hours made me come out and eat half of a grilled cheese and drink 4 oz of juice. Of course I forced it down and eventually threw up. She was advised from a doctor at a local hospital that since I was pregnant to help ease the pain to give me a quarter of a xan bar every 4 hours and if it weren’t for this I’m not sure I could have done it. My concern was getting thru this without harming my unborn child. I knew I had to get clean to provide a life for this baby. After getting thru what I call “hell” I went to meetings twice a week and continued until my daughter was born. I truly wish I would have had additional support like this to help me get thru those days when I just thought about using or needed someone to talk to. It’s been a rough journey, but I did it and I want to wish everyone the best of luck and remind you to stay strong and I know you can do it too!!!!

263 8 days! { 10.01.11 at 2:36 pm }

I tried withdrawal ease last night and today and it really helps! Im a hardcore User and im on day 8, but I’m also taking tramadol to help I’ve only been takin it 3 days and subs 5 days prior and today is the best Ive felt! O and Kratom with tramadole for 2 days never helped me too much!!! I’ve been sleeping ok not 7 to 8 hours but ok, the only thing that bugs me is the not being able to c very good !!!! Any1 have that problem. Good luck all we can do it!!!!!

264 Donna Brown { 10.02.11 at 9:41 am }

I have been on opiates for 2o years and have been in rehab 3 times. I am so sick of this life. Just because they are prescribed by a doctor doesnt make them alright. I am now coming off of 20 30mg roxicodones injecting a day. It is my first day. I have 1 1/2 sub strips 2 klonipin and a few lortabs that I am going to try to wean myself down and then just go cold turkey. I have strong faith in the Lord and I am asking all of you to pray for me. And can u tell me what to use for the RLS and insomnia. Thank you and God Bless You all

265 Donna Brown { 10.03.11 at 6:28 pm }

Please help me. How long will it take for the roxi 30′s to get out of my system. I am taking quarters of 8mg suboxone and lortabs 10s am I gong to have bad withdrawals from them when I am completely out? Please someone answer me. I am afraid of how bad its going to be. HELP

266 Donna Brown { 10.03.11 at 6:28 pm }

Please help me. How long will it take for the roxi 30′s to get out of my system. I am taking quarters of 8mg suboxone and lortabs 10s am I gong to have bad withdrawals from them when I am completely out? Please someone answer me. I am afraid of how bad its going to be. HELP

267 Metoo { 10.04.11 at 6:37 am }

I have no idea about your question as I have never done roxys or methadone, but I am praying for you, and I have faith that someone will come along soon with the answers. In the meantime, get some potassium and pack yourself full of vitamins. Praying helps an enormous amount as well!!! We will see you through this…stay tough and pray!!

268 ForBaby { 10.06.11 at 7:29 pm }

Jared mentioned “saboxin”… I think he might be referring to Suboxone- a combination of buprenorphine and Naloxone. Buprenorphine binds tightly to mu opiod receptors and prevents other opiates from binding because of its high affinity. It is used in both addiction recovery and for chronic pain. The Naloxone a downer and is absorbed if Suboxone is inappropriately abused. Buprenorphine only aka Subutex is used for treatment of chronic pain only.
The advantage of buprenorphine is that people dont appear to build up a tolerance to it, likely due to its tight receptor binding. It’s also for a similar reason Tramadol ER is promoted -the sustained release is less likely to cause the highs/ups and downs of the drugs binding and releasing from the receptors. This cycling makes the opiod receptors less sensitive and is why chronic opiate users, legit or not, often find themselves needing more and more to get the same relief.

Either long term use of Tramadol, Tramadol ER, or Suboxone is best under the managed care of a pain specialist, and if you wish to wean off, is best done under the supervision of the same specialist.

At times, I have had to wean off buprenorphine pre-surgery as it interferes with anethesia. I’ve also had to switch back from oxycodone or oxycontin after surgery- you have to be clear of oxycodone before you can start the buprenorphine. In both cases, I was monitoring at the office for the first hours of withdrawl- grabbed a blanket, my vitamins, some drinks and snacks and made myself cozy. They carefully followed up in the next few days.

I’m now pregnant and on both prescribed Tramadol ER and Suboxone and recently became concerned about the potential for seizures in the withdrawl of neonates from Tramadol. I take Tramadol ER to get me through the night, because it was difficult to constantly wake up in the middle of the night when the buprenorphine was wearing off. Id wake up in a lot of pain in the mornings fom my severe RA.

Anyways, it’s much easier and typically more successful to taper under the supervision of a pain specialist that understands dependence.

269 ForBaby { 10.06.11 at 7:44 pm }

Needless to say, I’m looking to taper if not get off the Tramadol before delivery. The baby will still need to be evaluated for neonatal withdrawl syndrome with me on Suboxone, but at less risk for seizures than if I dont taper the Tramadol.

Ironically, alcohol and alcohol withdrawl is much more damaging to a growing baby than opiates and opiod withdrawl.

We do what we have to do to manage pain… Id likely have lost my baby by now without adequate pain management. Too much pain, too much stress leads to losing pregnancies. If you are in chronic pain, I highly advocate finding a good pain specialist, one that knows the difference between addiction and drug dependence. Otherwise it will be difficult not to bounce back and forth, especially when the pain becomes intolerable.

Btw, buprenorphine now also comes in a transderml patch, Butrans in the US. I think there may be a subdermal pump in some countries too.

Good luck!

270 wayne { 10.09.11 at 8:46 pm }

wanted to ad a comment to all. as I have seen in quite a few comments people say pray. How true pray before, during and aftrerwards. Pray for the strenth to have mind over the situation. I have been through the 70′s drugs from l.s.d. to quadludes, barbs, meth, plasadiles, masculene’s among many more I have forgot. Never after 3 yrs. taking 80 mg. of oxycontin 6 times a day, xanax to crash and morphine at times have I been so screwed up to the point of crying , keeping a job up and being a husband and a college sons father. I was a mess. Have had a back surgery that went bad . One afternoon after talking with Christ I went to check myself in by myself at Lakeside Hospital. After talking to a female nurse filling out papers she went to the Doctor in charge to get me approved for admission. I have great Health care at 100% paid. So what happened I was turned down!! The doctor had said that with the pain I have and my M.R.I. I am not a addict and dont need the help of the hospital. I was shocked and begged to get in saying I am a drug addict I need help to kick the oxycontin. Next day went to my doctor that was feeding me all this high quanity harsh pain killers . Not to say it was all his fault. Never told anyone his name because I asked for what I got. I believe he would have treated me as I wanted to be treated, at that time it wasn’t, well, in a best for my health way I enjoyed the high at some time in the day, but reality set in and I hated the filling more than the good high which was getting less and less as days went on. My doctor gave me to detox xanax, clonine or blood pressure med to lower my blood pressure to help with sweats and shakes and to keep the feeling off me as my muscles were getting tighter and tighter, terrible feeling, and something to keep my stomach from cramping. Without all this I dont know really how well it would have went. Doctor wanted me to keep passed out through the worst part. But wanted someone watching me while I slept and was awake. Now I am still on meds for pain and maybe wont be able to work without them because of the pain. But oxycontin dont have my sole as it did at that time. I do feel I can detox if needed to be now without being scared. Just pray to the lord and be truthfull that you are a addict and need help. This is one time I couldnt beat it myself. All take care, keep safe and strong and live. Wayne

271 Ali { 10.10.11 at 5:38 am }

@Donna Brown
I am starting my detox with oxycodone, which is pretty much man made heroin. I’ve never done Roxys but I’ve heard of them. Not as strong as the percs so I’m guessing the withdrawls will not be as bad. I’m only 17 years old and I have struggled with things like anxiety and depression since I was very young, so it will add on to the pains of stopping if you have similar deficiencies. For my the drugs was an escape and before I knew it I was hooked, addiction runs in my family, and I intend to stop it in myself before its too late. As simple as it may sound though; do things for yourself as in treating yourself. Hot baths & Massages, believe it or not do wonders with the aches and pains. And eating healthier will help with the stomach problems that manifest during the withdrawling period. I cannot speak for everyone but from personal expirience, I will say be careful with benzos. For me they backfired and made me feel like I was going insane. Some people it will work for and for some like me it definately doesn’t!! I don’t know for sure about Roxys, but the perc withdrawls (similar to roxys) average around a week physically but the temptation is constant. For me I will go that whole period of time without a drop of sleep, even though that its all I want to do. Ive found that a natural suppliment called melatonine helps promote relaxation and sleep.. but the downfall is eventually it wont be able to over rule the anxiety. Now some may judge what I am about to tell you to do, because truth is, it is very risky. But obviously we’ve all in some way have been drug users so this can be justified. Ambien… Please though make sure someone that lives with you knows that you are going to be taking it. This will KNOCK YOU OUT for 8 full hours of pure restful sleep, which when detoxing, can be like heaven on earth. It is a perscription medication, but I’m sure that you can find someone that will sell you a few. Please please please only take one!!! It can be very dangerous. I just want to help because I understand what you are going through. From personal expirience and watching close people in my life struggle endlessly. I’ve had my best friend tell me they’d rather be dead everytime they don’t have something. It is a very powerful thing, addiction, but we are way to strong to let it take us. My last little note for you, is please be careful what you mix to deal with this. If the suppliments aren’t natural but Rx mixing can be, and most likly will be deadly. Also like the author says above, you don’t want to become dependent on a different drug getting off another. This happened toi my firend that was addicted to heroin, at the end of his detox, he was addicted to xanax. If detoxing becomes too much for you and you relapse, please (especially with opiates) make sure that anything thing else Rx is out of your system before you use. My friend died at the end of summer doing just that. He was about to start his sophmore year in college.

272 kyle { 10.12.11 at 9:05 am }

thats some good info, but just wanted to say something about the methodone, dont take it!! you think it would help? no, Around my town we call it liquid handcuffs. It is worst then kicking heroin. i ve seen ppl crying and thinking the only way out is… i think you know. i dont mean to scare you but, im giving you a heads up. If you have time, cold turkey is the best way. Usually using drugs that resemble methadone will cause you to get addicted to them or cause relapse. (Thats for the ppl that i know, but you could be different. idk) good luck everyone! and god be with you, (proud to say that i cold turkeyed after 5 years of pills, now im helping my brother.)

273 holly { 10.16.11 at 3:20 am }

hey yall im holly from nashville. i got n a wreck 10 yrs ago and got put on tons of oxycontin and percosets. my dr. wound up in jail, so it was off to buying on the streets for me. i actually weened myself off the oxys and stuff- at the end of my oxy career i was snorting TEN 8O mil pills a day, quite a habit! Anyway, it took 6 miserable wks, but i stuck it out. My back pain unfortunately got the best of me a couple yrs later. Long story short, I switched to snorting heroin bcz it was cheaper. A gram would last me a whole week. It did for 4 years anyway. Then i went to the methadone clinic to try to quit. i wound up on a 100 mg a day dose. 4 months into the clinic i found out about ibogaine. the ibogaine people actually recommend going back to heroin or morphine b4 u do the treatment, as they are shorter acting opiates in the body than methadone. ibogaine can and does beat methadone every day, but i wanted it to be as easy as possible, so i went back to heroin. Wow! after being on methadone, it jacked up my tolerance to having to buy a gram every other day! just to stay well! So, being broke at this time, my girlfriend told me it lasted longer if u shot it. ok, famous last words. maybe…maybe it lasts a few minutes longer, but this is like having a whole brand new NIGHTMARE addiction. it is SO VERY MUCH HARDER to quit once u start shooting it. However, ibogaine is a miracle. it works. ibogaworld.com is a legit place to get it and they are so kind. they really want to help you. But make sure sobriety is what u really want bcz thats exactly what ur gona get. Also, no one prepared me for the depression after quitting. itll throw you right into relapse if ur even a little weak. Read this book–”End your addiction now” it tells u what supplements to take to get ur body to produce on its own again the chemicals it needs to be producing to make you “normal” again. Also!!! i cant stress this enough! hot yoga is amazing! the heat part sweats out all the toxins fast! and the yoga is fast and amazing for ur body AND ur mind. Another helpful website is “heroinhelper.com” this guy has great insights and tips to help thru every part of addiction. hope this helped! i love yall my family! holly in nashville

274 holly { 10.16.11 at 3:27 am }

p.s. if u cant afford ibogaine, try doing a 10 day detox at the methadone clinic and the last 5 days of it make sure ur in a hot yoga class. heroinhelper.com outlines a program for this under the “sick” subtitle. u can do it yall! HANG IN THERE

275 Morganspice { 10.20.11 at 3:34 pm }

Hello all, this is my first post on a forum like this, even though I have read them many times, so my info will be a bit spotty, because I have way too many things to say.

First, people need to sort themselves out into two groups according to whether they use for pain of for fun. The latter group will have a harder time with the abiity to cope menttally, because it is why they got hooked in th first pleace.

The former should stop beating themselves up and concede that some medication might be necessary for life. I mean if I had been run over by a buldozer like someone said here I would think that I had a ticket to using without the guilt from myself or the suspicion of doctors or others. I had twins that were eight pounds each and a bunch of other problems that made life without groaning in bed most of the time impossible, and most doctors agree that a med-free life is certainly a good thing but if it can’t be had without such a teribble alternative it might be the least of all evils.

For the group that must use, there are ways to use the smallest dose possible and ehance its effect with other things, and that should be the first thing you try. Certain things ‘potentiate’ the effect of pain drugs, incuding antihistamines at night and stimulants like adderal during the day (email me at thevonmorganstones@hotmail.com if you have questions about adderal, I have a lot of info about that). There are many more, resarch it. Some have mentioned lyrica and while that works for some it might not for all, so researching all this huge number of possibilities that are given here should give everyone hope that you will find some things that work for you.

The other problem that I think has been mentioned is that when people have prescriptions they do not ration them so that they last the whole month. I had a problem like that. I would tell myself during pain or wd-crazed moments that it would be ok to use more and make it up later when I felt better which of course I never did. I have my husband lock my stuff up and dose me every day, just so I don’t do thnings like overusing on purpose, loosing, or getting up in the middle of the night and taking things you don’t remember, etc. This works. Don’t feel bad about it because like someone said, our brains trick us int0 using more and they are smarter than our conscious mind. You’re not weak, you are just enslaved.

The first reason for that is that you are not trying to just get back to a drug free life. You will endure the whole thing only to find the serious bummer of an existance with CP. And your mind will use the drugs differently if you have this pain. Your brain will not have the same amount of natural endogenous ‘feel good’ chemicals and will force you to endure the pain along with depression and other problems. That is why recreational users report feeling so much better and it might not be the same for people in pain.

In addition to things like immodium, otc for pain, benadryl, grapefruit juice (things that potentiate the opiate and counteract symptoms, get a more comprehensive list by searching) there are some things that are trickier to get but you should have on hand because you will want to use everything you can until you narrow down what works for you.

Order a 7-day supply of Kratom, more you will be hooked, but it will get you through the hardest part.

I feel that switching to a different opiate works without the rumoed fear of switching habits because we develop our drug of choice and like its form and the way it feels much more than we would something different that we just take for a week. So while it is correct that trading one drug for another isn’t smart long term, it can be done without too much problem if you leave it off at the one-week point. It is just to keep wd at bay untill you can get by with the things that are easier to obtain.

Most doctors will script lyrica, clonidine, and a short supply of benzos without much trouble. They won’t give you a lot because they don’t want to deal with benzo wd, but if you tell them that it is for a short time (maybe you can tell them you have a life situation like loosing a job so you can tell them it won’t be treating a lifelong problem and you don’t want to tell them it’s for addiction. Clonodine, tramadol and Soma, a muscle relaxant, are easily available online if you don’t fear the consequences of doing that, but I fear the consequences of life-long addiction more.

And most don’t realize that after years of use, there is more than the hardcore first week to get through. We have to get through the hurdle of adjusting to life without the drug and a most likely weakened body and mind. Antidepressants are also easy to get scripted, and this should be done before you leave off your ope because they take maybe a month to start working. Wellbutrin is good if your worst part is lethargy, take first thing in the morning, and doxepine is EXCELLENT for insomnia, a miracle, take about an hour before bedtime in the highest dose your doc will script you. Take both if you can.

In short, do your research and have all these things ready to combat whatever your problem is. I forgot that phenergan works for nausea and has the bonus that it is also an opiante agonist.

Right now I take fentanyl and make the most of it with various supplements and things. I have found my zen level of tradeoffs, and it is much better than the life of pain I had and I manage the problems of being tied to the script. Anyone can email me about fentanyl also.

Things to watch for: three days of physical hell, treat symptoms from mild to severe depending on what you have used to combat them and go back and forth from bed to the tub.

Day seven you will feel emotions and feelings rush back and you will stop taking care of yourself with your survival kit. You will feel it is over and loose your vigilance.

Day nine you will feel this leave you and the depression set in and a resurgence of physical symptoms. Make sure all addictive things are out of the house by this point because you will use anything you have in mass quantities. That is why I suggest a substituted opiate and benzo for the first week only and then a management of symptoms.

At about six months you will start to feel ok again, and agressively seek management of depression and lack of motivation with you doctor so that you don’t relapse. At about a year you will trick youself that you have kicked it so a little here and there won’t be a problem. Your body still wants the stuff, and it is lying to you, don’t believe it. This is what gave you an addiction in the first place. Treat physical pain and symptoms with alternative drugs if you must, but don’t ever touch your drug of choice again and you will win.

276 chris { 11.02.11 at 11:41 pm }

So I am a college kid and this is about my 3rd or 4th W/D and a lot of it seems to be horrible. I used suboxone for 4 days and that works like a charm, you feel absolutely no side effects, but now I’m on day 10 and I am starting to feel as if I would after the first 24 hours. I cannot sit still, I have tried working out, I ache and feel depressed at times, I don’t want to feel like this forever and hopefully it stops soon. I am also having trouble moderating my body temp, My use was about 2 30 oxys for 2 years a day and I just want to get through this. Almost relapsed today, but I couldn’t find any, and right now its next to impossible to find them which is good for me. Wish me luck!

277 kels { 11.28.11 at 1:30 am }

Hello all. Once again, I find myself having to Detox. I have been addicted to: percs, oxy, morphine, dulidad, fentanyl, for the last 8years. I take 130mg at one time, several times per day. I am an IV user. I recently found out that I am hep c positive. My liver is swollen and I’m very ill from the hep. I started school for nursing but plan on dropping out tomorrow, because of the recent diagnoses, and being sick as Hell. I never thought id end up a 26year old, inmature woman, whom is a junkie. I am disgusted by who I have become. I have OD many times, had to drink charcoal, and should have been dead many countless times. It never stopped my addiction. My longest period of sobriety was one month, sadly. I need to stop. I swear that I have a death wish. I have not shot up in weeks but snort. I do not want to live this way anymore!!!!

278 Modias { 11.29.11 at 10:20 pm }

So… I was an active Oxy and dillaudid addict for most of my early and mid-twenties. I went to a great rehab in January of 2007, stayed clean for 8 months (no methadone, no buprenorphine, nothing), only to fall off the wagon again when my then fiance committed suicide (Methadone overdose). I used for about a year after that, then got on Suboxone. I’ve been on Suboxone for about 3 years now, and I’ve withdrawn from it once, and stayed off for 3 months or so when I was broke. I was skeptical of the claims that coming off Suboxone was so much worse than Oxycontin until I came off of it myself. It is absolutely horrible… The symptoms are not as intense, and I was able to work when I came off the last time, but the withdrawal just goes on and on and on… I felt like I was in acute withdrawal after 3 weeks! The sweats and (the bit that’s ALWAYS worst for me, whatever I’m coming off of) the temperature sensitivity finally started to relent after about a month, but I didn’t feel anything like “normal” for about 2 months. Even then, sleep was rare and short-lived. Anyway, after those few months free from Suboxone, I got back on whatever was around for a while (usually Oxy and dillaudid, again), and finally went back on Suboxone about 2 years and 6 months ago. This brings me to the present. In front of me, I have half a 2 milligram tab of Suboxone, 2 Vicodin and 90 .1mg Clonidine tabs… and that’s it. I have a job with a great deal of responsibility, so I can’t take any time off, especially being that we’re in the middle of the holiday season. I don’t have much money to spare, but I can probably manage a few bucks to get some pot or an over-the-counter remedy, etc. I like to drink coffee, I take Vyvanse for ADHD, and I rarely sleep more than 5 hours at a time, Suboxone or no. I need to be able to function in such a way as to be able to get at least a little sleep each night, shower and exercise everyday, work 8 hours per day, and be around my customers without looking like I’m either cracked out or, well, coming off opiates! Suggestions?
Oh, and there’s one more thing. I have a refill left of Suboxone, but I REALLY don’t want to have it filled. My psychiatrist took me down to 1 tablet (2mg) per day, and he writes me out each script with one refill now that I’m on such a low dose. PLEASE help me get through this. I will fill the script if I absolutely cannot stand it, but I want to be done with this way of living. Thanks in advance for your help, guys…

279 Henrietta { 12.01.11 at 7:25 am }

Hi y’all, I’m on day 7 w/d from a ridiculous amount oxycodones a day – I think I got through the worst of it but just feel so down, lost and can almost hear the pills calling to me again – it’s insane!! Trying to remind myself why I came off them in first place:(

280 Aguess { 12.12.11 at 10:45 pm }

A few years ago I was addicted to methadone given to me by pain management doctors from a car accident. One day I realized I was not participating in my life and my kids were living with another version of me. The guilt that overwhelms me from missing out on 6 years of my kids life is excruciating. So I decided to do the rapid detox. I flew to Michigan and went through the detox. It was hell for a couple days but so worth it. Those of you who have withdrawn from methadone know that it can takes months to withdrawal from it. It even gets into your bone marrow. If you have the financial resources and are in good health then I highly suggest it. Of course my stamina and motivation did not return for a few months but that is much easier to deal with than being sick for months. I do say you MUST get therapy when you return home. I did not. I thought I was strong enough to do it on my own. Well because of that I relapsed. I take tramadol now because I thought it was safe. I will not go back to the narcotics but tramadol is just as bad for the getting off. The good thing is the withdrawal only lasts about a week or so.
The rapid drug detox in Michigan was phenomenal and the least expensive of the few that are in the US. So if you are a methadone addict I strongly suggest this route.
Good luck to all of you! I can sympathize with you and know you will get through this. As someone once said “this to shall pass”

281 help4myson { 12.13.11 at 10:47 am }

My son is on day two from a year long addiction to pain killers, hydrocodone to be exact. He just came to me for help last week, and we started his detox 41 hours ago. For the first time he wanted to eat, but immediately vomited everything up. We are doing gatorade, and he seems to hold down the gatorade, but no food. He is sweating, very nervous, and I am scared if I am doing this the right way????? We decided cold turkey because he admitted to me he had tried to wean himself a million times with no success. He also admitted he was taking two hydro 10′s up to five times a day. Watching him is killing me as a mother, and have even wondered a couple of times if I am going to hurt him by not allowing him any. I have had many trials in my life, but watching my 19 year old son go through this is by far the worst one EVER!!!!!! The diarhea is extreme, and he complains of chest pain, and heart rate gets really fast. He really wants to conquer this, but my question is AM I DOING THIS RIGHT???????

282 Jamie { 12.13.11 at 5:08 pm }

You may want to go the safe route and take him to the doctor, with the chest pain and such. If that’s possible, you can get stuff to help with the nausea and anxiety which will make it a lot easier for him.

283 Xavierhelps { 12.14.11 at 5:37 am }

Never posted anywhere before, but have visited numerous sites. Ive been addicted to opiates the last 4 years and graduated to heroin the last year of my addiction. I decided to quit and started suboxone as soon as I started withdrawal. A friend who attended rehab said they do a rapid suboxone detox in eight days. I decided to follow this and went from 16 mg down to 1.5 mg in seven days. I haven’t had any mgs of suboxone in 37 hrs. I do have insomnia, Cold sweats, and anxiousness.. But I’ve had that for a few days now. I hope I can do this how it’s planned in my head.. Thanks for all the posts I get to read- TJ

284 help4myson { 12.15.11 at 5:16 pm }

We are at 96 hours totally free of meds!!! Lots of gatorade, vitamins, and love got us through this far!!!

Wow who knew the hold……I have never been more proud of anyone in my life…..I can’t say if I had to do the last 96 hours that I could have made it……KUDOS to you all who get clean and stay clean!!! I will forever view you in a different light…..He is so very proud of himself, and so am I. We are well on our way I truly believe that now because he said he feels so empowered right now…..Thanks for all of your stories and letting me know this could be done!!!

285 Jamie { 12.15.11 at 6:25 pm }

Congrats! Good for your son and way to go mom for getting him through this.

286 help4myson { 12.16.11 at 12:11 pm }

Jamie, Thank you so much!! We are at hour 114 totally clean…..able to eat, drink, and even go do a couple hours worth of shopping with me :)

Thank you all for your post, they really helped me through this dark, difficult time in my life!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

287 Jamie { 12.16.11 at 3:50 pm }

He’s through the worst of the detox and withdrawals now. Keep an eye on him for the post withdrawal depression, that can be rough and take a bit of time to get through. But if he is determined to stay clean and he tries to stay positive, then it should be a lot easier. Keep him busy from now on! That’s a good way to get through it, it’s what helped me. I wish you both all the best for the holidays and beyond!

Happy Trails,

288 Kitty Mom { 12.17.11 at 1:15 pm }

My dearest Help for your son…..You and your boy are courageous and I am so elated he made in over 100 hours now. He is on his way. It is hard and I am on the other end of the stick being a mom who has beat the beast myself. This is my second Christmas clean now but I know the even though the beast is behind me and the light of God is in front of me….that I cannot ever touch another vicodin pill ever again. I will be praying hard for your son’s recovery/ I only just recently told my grown daughter what went through. It wa only my husband, the people on this site, and the Grace of God that got me thorough it and I cab understand the feeling of victory associated with becoming clean. God Bless you and your son and thanks so much for keeping me on the straight path by posting your success.
Merry Christmas

289 Jimbo { 12.20.11 at 10:34 pm }

One thing I noticed that helps with the RLS and restlessness was inhaling the scent of Icy Hot patches. I guess the menthol in the patch is what does it. Weird I know but it worked. I just happened to be helping my wife by putting one her back and noticed the scent relaxed me. Next thing I did was to place the patch package next to my face and was sleeping like a baby.
I’m planning my next detox after New Years and this will be part of my plan.

I too was one who said “never again” during the first time. I pray I stick with it this next time.

290 julie { 12.22.11 at 8:11 am }

went from 8 10/325 vicodin a day to 5 mg a day in 4 days. starting diarreah, and a slight headache. Using immodium, b-12, magnesium, advil. so far so good. Hoping this just blows thru. Hot baths and marijuana on occasion. Grabbed my close friends and made them aware, they are my greatest cheerleaders. Cant wait to come out on the other side of this giant elephant in the room and live my life the way I want to. Pills are bad. I keep saying 1 week off hell totally equals a lifetime of freedom. A fear faced is a fear erased. To everyone going thru this, the mind is a powerful thing. Life after this hell is so worth it. Write down why you are letting go of the addiction. You have it, it doesnt have you.

291 hadenough { 12.23.11 at 6:29 pm }

Julie, I too am in the same place. was taking anywhere from 12 to 25 10/325s a day. This last week I have been down to 5-8 a day. Tomorrow is going to be the day that i try and make it without any. I know it’s Christmas this weekend but I have no plans so I figure it’s as good a time as any since I have an extra day off work. I have been at the mercy of these dam things for over 10 years and I too, want my life back. I really believe mindset has everything to do with success and I really think I finally have it. Best of luck to you and have a merry Christmas.

292 julie { 12.26.11 at 5:10 am }

hadenough, hang in there. I’ve been 5 days without. most of the physical symptoms are fading but now I’m moving into the mental stuff…..keep reminding myself of the many many reasons that I am doing this. My problem though, my huge problem is that I do have legitimate pain. Herniated disc, 2 surgeries, si joint issues, so the pain of that is excruciating. I actually scrambled thru my purse just looking for 1…..no avail though, but then I thought, well all the better. I made it thru christmas, I’ll make it thru new years, and I’ll make it thru the rest of my life……Im using mind over body right now and I hope to hell it works. I’m definitely shocked at the strength I have had so far, and very proud of. myself. I read a quote once that said, “true strength is keeping it together while everyone else expects you to fall apart. I cannot honestly say that I will never go back on pain meds due to the nature of my injury, but what I can say is that I know now that I have the power to realize on my own when enough is enough and can do something about it. good luck and I wish you love and light……………..-Julie

293 hadenough { 12.26.11 at 7:51 am }

Hey Julie, I’m at about 36 hours right now and surprised to say I dont feel that bad yet But the worst could be yet to come. I haven’t slept for crap and I’m sure that wont change for a few days but it’s back to work tomorrow no matter what. I took some B vitamins this morning in hope that they may help. And a couple aleave for my back. I also have have years of back problems. Last spring I tried the injections and they really helped. But I have finally come to realize that the pills aren’t helping me with anything. I used to enjoy the way they made me feel but they dont do that anymore. I have ate 12-14 at a time and all they do is make me sweat. I dont want to kill myself, I want to see my grandchildren someday and I know what all the Tylenol is doing to me. I really wish i could use the medical marijuana
because i have access to it but my job has a 0 drug policy and we are tested every 3 months. Congrats on 5 days. sounds like your making great progress.

294 Kitty Mom { 12.26.11 at 3:07 pm }

Had and Julie,
I have been where you are. I have suffered pain and became addicted to the very thing that helped me survive. It is a life killer, a spirit killer, and a liver killer. I am so glad that both of you are taking the step to beat this terrible beastly addiction. None of us should ever blame ourselves. It is the nature of the beast, the nature of the opiod product. I applaud your strength and your will in getting through the first step – the decision to quit. It does get better and your life will return to a new kind of normal. Be strong. My prayers are with you.

295 hadenough { 12.27.11 at 4:43 pm }

Kitty, Nice to hear from you. I am just winding down on day 3. I felt pretty good for the most part but the lack of sleep is taking it’s toll. I am going to try to sleep for a few hours. If not I may take 1. I still have about 50 of my Rx left and am very proud of myself for keeping my hands off them for this long. I have been living with the chills and sweaty nights but very surprised that I haven’y needed any Imodium a.d. this is not as bad as I figured it was going to be since 2 weeks ago I was taking 20+ a day. i REALLY have it in my mind that this round I am going to be the victor. This is my 3rd attempt but this time i think i have the right mind set. I have finally came to the conclusion that it is truly time to take MY Life back. This demon has had control of me for nearly a decade. But today @ day 3 i was thinking to myself that my mind seemed clearer than i can remember in years. I’m only 3 days in and I can’t say I have got this beat but I’m doing the best I have ever done so far. I also have a buddy at work thats been at it for about a year and thats a little support for me as it gives me someone to talk with. And I’m trying to convince him, It’s only going to get worse for him, and Fast. Well I got to get up and clean my living room floor as I had my sons dog here to keep me company this weekend. I will stay in touch with updates.
Julie, I hope all is well with you. I have enjoyed reading your posts as we are about in the same place.

296 hadenough { 12.28.11 at 8:20 pm }

Julie…………………..Where are you. Like to here how things are going for you. I haven’t been C/T but have been less than 2 a day since last Friday. Hang in there. I know I’m going to.

297 julie { 12.29.11 at 4:31 am }

hey guys, I’m here…made it through the physical w/d thanks to a ton of hot baths (like 4-5 a day) and alot of immodium. Battling the cravings now. I saw my doctor yesterday and told him I went off the meds and the funny thing is that he actually called me an asshole for not letting him help me. I have a very good relationship with my doc obviously and said that i shouldnt beat myself up over this. Said that since I have legitimate pain, it doesnt mean that i am a junkie. He is going to let me ride without the meds for a while and we are going to try alternative ways of pain management. Not sure if Im off the meds for good, but for now, I am off……..my back hurts like always but what can you do? I hope you all find the strength deep inside to keep up the fight. Be proud of yourself for seeing a problem and doing something about it. Best to the new year, let it be all you want it to be and just remember it belongs to you…………..Bless -Jules

298 ashley { 12.29.11 at 1:18 pm }

third day at my peek havent slept in three days and im miserable i just want to relax what do i do

299 Timetoquit { 01.01.12 at 7:31 pm }

Anyone have some good ideas for quitting? I’m almost out and imodium ad isnot really helping with my symptoms and going to c dr isn’t really any option… Thanks for any suggestions

300 Kitty Mom { 01.02.12 at 1:10 pm }

Dear Timetoquit – sorry it took so long to answer – sometimes posts do not show up or I do not see them. I hope you are OK! I used the Thomas Recipe and took plenty of hot showers and all I can tell you is that the hell of withdrawal does get better – if you give yourself a good week, the worst should be over – all except the sleep – that takes a while to come back, but it does. Look up thomas recipe and take all the vitamins and minerals that are suggested. I used the recipe but did not use the Xanex or Valium for sleep – used natural products instead. Good luck and I will be praying for you. Just be patient and take one day at a time. You can do it.

301 John Doe { 01.06.12 at 12:35 am }

Hey Jason, this might sound crazy, but I’m a med student, and LSD has been shown to completely reverse a migraine in its tracks. If you were to take about a fourth of a single hit, I believe your migraines would disappear completely for up to 12 hours without any considerable hallucinogenic effects. This would only be recommended for the most extreme migraines, though. Long-term use of LSD could cause a mental status change. Intermittently, though, would give your neurotransmitters the ability to return to equilibrium, keeping you sane. Though opiates can effectively treat migraine pain, they do not address the fundamental causes. LSD (and perhaps similar, even legal, analogs) do in fact address the fundamental neurochemical process. [Not a doctor yet: this is not a substitute for a visit to a certified physician] Hope this is not too wacky of an idea. If it helps, Dr. House gave it a shot :)

302 Jett { 01.06.12 at 4:20 pm }

I’m ready to quit vicodin as I’m going through menopause and can’t tell if symptoms I’m having……headaches, anxiety, sweats, etc are from menopause or the pills…..I’ve been taking 4-6 vicodin for two years….how should I step down off these pills to make w/d more bearable? take 3 for one week; then 2 for a week then 1? Or do I need to stretch it out more…….thanks

303 Purrsephone13 { 01.12.12 at 2:50 am }

Has anyone here ever tried Ibogaine? I was addicted to heroin in my early twenties and went through detox plenty of times. Someone earlier mentioned their legs “having a life of their own” which no one had told them about… That is why they call it “kicking”!!! Because your legs kick involuntarily, or you have to kick them out to lose this creepy crawly feeling that seems to permeate your bones! Honestly, methadone was the best detox I ever had, but once the methadone went away I suffered about a half power withdrawal phase that lasted until I relapsed three weeks later. Couldn’t sleep the whole time. The only way I got sober was actually cold turkey, but the reason was I stayed in a quality rehab for 3 months. I know many people are reluctant to commit to that long a period, but it really takes that long before you “get it”, and once you do everything changes. I have not had an urge to use heroin ever since. I did however develop a drinking problem which sent me back to rehab ten years later. So, even when you think you are done with addiction, you can never safely use addictive substances again, or I guess I should say “I”, but this is the rule not the exception. I have had to take opiate pain medicine for my back, I had one back surgery two years ago, and was able to stop taking the meds after the surgery with mild withdrawal. I did it myself cold turkey with no assistance. I also went through a bupranex detox, which was really still pretty bad. I have heard that Suboxone is like a miracle cure, leaving one with no symptoms at all, but find this hard to believe, considering bupranex, the medicine it is based on, was worthless.

Anyhow, I recently read about Ibogaine, and ended up writing a research paper on the subject. It is a schedule 1 hallucinogen in America, but there are facilities in Mexico and Canada that offer it for detox. It basically pits you through a 12 hour plus mind trip, where you come face to face with the reason you seek escape through drugs, and you actually resolve it right then during the trip. Now the trip IS NOT fun, it is very arduous, like weeks of intensive psychotherapy in just half a day. And if you have any other drugs in your system, such as cocaine, it can be deadly. Some places also provide you with heroin while you are waiting to detox so they can monitor what is going in your system. Ibogaine is meant to leave you with a continuing resolve to stay sober, although participating in a twelve step program increases your chances of staying sober. I believe places range from $5000 to $10000 on average.

Which brings me to a question I have never been able to answer: why is rehab so expensive when most of us have to hit rock bottom before being ready to stop! Drug addicts are not known for there massive bank accounts.

I am currently using pain meds again because I have arthritis, spinal degeneration from the back surgery, and three more herniated/slipped discs. My last herniation was so severe that without surgery I would have had permanent nerve damage to my leg. My reflexes in my foot were gone, and I could no longer feel my toes. I couldn’t even get my heel a cm off the floor. The doctor said it was the worst case he had ever seen, and he is an expert in that field. I defend myself because inevitably someone says “I have sciatica, and you don’t need surgery!”. People need to understand that every case is different, and severity ranges. Unfortunately, without the pain meds My legs are so weak that I can barely walk, this is probably aggravated by the withdrawal symptoms to the legs!

Very glad to know this site is here! I will check back often!

304 mimi { 01.23.12 at 12:37 pm }

I am currently using kratom from a long chain of pill addictions. I went from vicodin to tramadol and that was pure hell going off the tramadol because y0u not only have opiate withdrawal you get serotonin withdrawal which is majorly crap because you feel like you will have a seizure at any moment (which i did have a few tonic and petit mal)- now being on the kratom for 4 months i feel its time to stop that- because like anything else,i crave it and become painful,evil,and get the runs when it runs out.
I can say there are a few good remedies for some of the maladies-
restless legs/insomnia- combo of magnesium supplement,melatonin,and a benzo- (i prefer lorazepam 2mg)- all of these things will help you sleep and keep you a bit more still
Daytime- bcomplex plus addl b12- if you can,get on an snri antidepressant,like effexor- it will manage some of your pain and help with the depression- also wellbutrin assists in dopamine receptors
diarrhea, loperamide,plus chamomile tea
sweats- yarrow,but you will sweat harder,but it will be faster
epsom salts baths are nice- breathing exercises and having someone massage you with eucalyptus oil
I have started the antidepressants and will go off kratom soon when they take effect- but kratom really has helped a lot of people kick heroin,etc and is cheaper and more annonymous than subs or methadone. dont forget to hydrate and eat fresh foods when you can stomach them.! peace and namaste to all

305 mike { 01.24.12 at 11:33 pm }

I have been using pain pills now on and off for the past 10 years, it started out I would take a oxy or perc when offered on while our drinking, and to be honest I never really considered them a “drug” like coke or heroin. For years I would take them when they were around, it they were not, no big deal, then slowly it would progress, instead of just taking them on the weekend I would take them during the week, I used to feel good off 5 mg of oxycodone, then I needed more and more, for approx the past 5 years I have been doing something everyday, I cycled between Oxycodone—Methadone—Suboxone. I considered myself “clean” for the months that I was taking 2mg daily of suboxone. I don’t want to use anything anymore, I have my first child on his way in May and I want to be clean for real. I think that methadone is no better for you then taking oxycodone, the half life is longer, therefore it is cheaper because you can take less, Suboxone helps with the PHYSICAL withdrawls, but does nothing for the mental withdrawls and it can be tough to adjust to life without suboxone. I gradually tapered myself down, I have not taken anything other then methadone for about 2 months and I was down to 5mg/day for the past 2 weeks, today begins day # 3 with nothing, staying positive, hoping that the taper lessens acute symtoms. I consider myself a strong willed person, this addiction snuck up on me and it is a tough one to break, but I will. Frost said something to the effect of “I have many promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep” I couldn’t agree more…..

This is a great site, especially for someone like me who couldn’t picture myself going to a “meeting” especially in my area, I would need to be missing teeth etc, so I am thankful to read other’s stories and share my own…keep fighting the good fight everyone!

306 Jason { 01.25.12 at 1:08 pm }

Heres the truth. withdrawals are gonna be completely based upon your daily intake of hydrocodone. If you are taking 100mg a day brace yourself for a few really rough days. The chances are you are an addict and taking other drugs to quit hydro is a gamble. I fought through the first few days which are like having the flu. After that every day got easier physically but harder mentally. You will need to see a dr or psychiatrist to make it to the end. Its just too easy to take any drug to relieve the anguish that you will feel which is how we bacame drug addicts in the first place. You have to find a way within your mind to break the addiction cycle. In my mind, as a true life long addict, this just cant be done without counseling. You will just find yourself using an alternate drug or mood enhancer. I would like to offer my support and advice to anyone who wants it. My email is jaymay252000@gmail.com. Im a 34yr old husband and father from peoria, il area. I will never lie to you or myself and I will never ask for anything in return.

307 paula { 01.26.12 at 11:48 am }

My sister has been taking pain meds for 9 years and the last year has been taking 2 Lora-tab 1000mg at a time , her doctor has switched has prescribed her the fentanyl patch 25 mg , We are concerned that she will go threw with drawl , seeing she has been on these for 9 years , she all to well knows what withdrawal is , and wishes to Never go threw it again , so I was wondering if any one had or has been threw this ? any help will be great

308 susan miller { 02.03.12 at 8:51 am }

I’m new at posting actually have never done it before but I got to tell ya if you don’t. Have insurance your pretty much screwed! So I had no choice but to go cold turkey after taking over 20 30mg of roxys every day! I knew my day was comming cause my only connection on those got busted.. I read just about every post on the web awaiting my own personal dooms day and it hit. I thought I was going to die I’m on day five and feel a tad bit better. I did take some lesser opiates hydrocodone 5mg well I might as well be taking sugar pills but maybe they took a very slight edge off. I do feel better and have no choice but to do this alone any advise????

309 Jane Doe { 02.05.12 at 9:51 pm }

I have been taking vicodin for about 9mnths straight and im only 22yrs old and have a 1yrs old daughter no one knows i am addictided to them not even my fiance who ive been with for six years and about to marry in May. I had one night of withdrawls and i thought it was the flu until i started reading this i got some vicodin the next day. I am sooo scared i wanna be okay and i really dont wanna be addictided to this drug anymore please someone give me inspiring words to help me thru this!

310 Stacey { 02.11.12 at 4:26 pm }

Thought I would share my experience as I am not done yet. For me I went from all kinds of pills to heroin. I moved to another state, changed my life, friend, and career. But I was on Suboxone for a long time, since 2004 on and off and from 2005 on. have insurance now but I am so sick of being on it so when the new year came I swore I was stopping. I used a bunch of methods combined, took a couple weeks off and am half way through. If you plan it try working out for a month or so before. Cut your doses, make it a challenge if you can. Start taking vitamins and make sure you drink a ton of water. I am using the Thomas Recipe combined with a couple more. I was taking my doses twice a day so my WD’s started quicker than I thought they would and I believe that is why. The T-lyrosine has really made a difference, or at least I think it has. I also went into this positive, not because I have to. It costs over 300 a month with insurance and I am sick of spending money on it. I will not say Suboxone is a bad drug because without it I probably never would have accomplished the changes I made. I have no other Dr besides my sub doc so I do not have access to other meds. So I went with OTC meds.

So this is my supply list
Multi -Vitamin complete
Potassium suppliment
Vitamin E
Omega 3,6,& 9
Alka-Seltzer Night time (dissolving kind, works better and faster)
Veggies (Brocoli,Spinach, Sweet Potatoes (Good source of potassium)…ect)
Lots of water (1 Gallon a day) If your pee is clear your drinking enough
Imodium AD (Take regardless it helps with the brick in the stomach feeling)
Advil for muscle aches (have not needed yet though)

Try not to eat any sugar even if you crave it, it makes you feel good for a short time but you crash hard.
Eat small meals every 30-60 minutes whether hungry or not. I have been eating Brocoli, Eggs, oatmeal, and other light meals. Try and eat healthy as possible. I am the worst person when it comes to this. I never eat healthy but during this I have been and I can feel the difference. Bananas are a good source of potassium and also help with stomach sickness, the only downside is the sugar because I was told to stay away from sugar. The worst part for me is the sweats and chills, I think I can deal with all else but that. An electric blanket or heating pad is good for the chills, cool cloths and showers also. Take as many showers as you want because it helps.
Days 2-5 seem the worst. Try and keep your mind on something other than your WD’s. Walk, do jumping jacks, get out even if you do not feel like it. If you exercise it is natural source of dophamine and you will instantly feel better, it will also help to burn some energy for better sleep. I have been taking the night time cold whether I need it or not but only very low doses during the day, enough to give me a sleepy calm feeling. I am using it more like a valium than for sleep but it helps a little with the cold like symptoms. And I really think the L-tyrosine has helped allot because my mental state this time is far better than any other time I quit before. That is also important, keep positive, it is very hard but keep telling yourself it will pass. If you can get someone to help out as well that is a big plus. I have someone who has been helping out, but I have basically kept busy so I can’t dwell. It is hard, and even scary but a year from now you will look back and know you did the right thing. I do not know how long it takes for your brain to heal but I have heard it can take up to a year, the worst being the first month. Have a support system even if it is online. I do not care what Doctors say opiates change the brain severely and it takes a long time to do that damage so it will take a long time to heal. Keep positive and it can be done. Think about all that extra doe you will have to spend.

311 triumph_over_tragedy { 02.14.12 at 1:11 pm }

Hey Jane just saw your post now and I exactly how you feel. Im 31 and had a serious infection from a accident at work and was prescribed vicodin for awhile. Then it slowly progressed over the years to the point I was sucking to coating off and eating 2 80mg oc’s a day easily more if i had money. Stupid im such an insatiable extremeist about things. That being said I know it is scary that feeling of anxiety cause your low on pills, money both or can’t get a hold of anyone or any pills. Resorting to less than savory means of aquiering money like selling all my valuables and spending mt whole paycheck . Im not saying you have done any of this or that you will but at the very least it is a dead end road. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get to a point where you don’t want to be addicted anymore you’ll eventually get there. Seeing as you have been on vics for about 9 months I would highly recommend trying to quit asap. Im not saying anything will happen but God forbid there was another katrina or other natural disaster or our failing economy what would happen if you couldn’t get your meds? Im currently coming down from 125mgs of methadone for the past 5 years. I have gone thru withdrawal from oc’s and methadone wafers before going to clinic and it sucked but I could have pushed thru it but thought my injury justified pain meds. I was wrong let me tell you just by searching out how to stop shows me your strong enough to want to stop. You will be able to overcome your addiction I always think if someone else has done it so can I. Follow other peoples advice aleast with the non-pharmaceutical remedies, kratom , withdrawal ease, restless legs, hot showers, maybe an electric heating pad on legs etc. But no matter what BELIEVE, stay strong, and find something that excites/ inspires you and eating healthy and naturally will help balance all chemical levels and keep you pill free. I am personally eating a organic vegan diet and love it for a year and rest of my life. Anyway sorry for the novel I guess it’s a bit therapeutic for me!

312 Someones MOM { 02.16.12 at 7:39 pm }

Let me just say that I’ve been taking Percocet for 6 years and I would take anywhere from 6- 10 a day. I stopped taking those and went to vicodin which I needed even more of to get the same feeling. I’ve had months where 10 days out of the month I wouldn’t take any however, I would have to take some sort of pill whether excedrin or IBU. My son is at the age where he can question what I’m taking and my husband knows as well. I’m having the hardest time just stopping pills altogether. I don’t get it, I quit smoking 2 yrs ago after smoking for over 13yrs cold turkey, but stopping the pills is proving to be more difficult. Not doing rehab since I have no insurance and I’m always working to support my family. Anyone have any suggestions? Exercise isn’t really working for me and I NEED TO QUIT TAKING STUPID PILLS!

313 wendy { 02.19.12 at 5:47 pm }

i am now down to my last 4 pills.i am just about broke from my habit of percocet,oxycodone and oxycontin.i am 3 months post surgery of hysterectomy.the pain pills they prescribed wouldnt even touch the pain from surgery.but i need to quit taking these things.its like i cant function w/o them.doctor said i had every right to be in severe pain where my omendum (part of your colon)had attached to many organs.but now i only have my RLS and thats it.how do i not break down and buy more?i have been taking these for at least 4 years and take an 40 mg oxycontin twice weekly for my leg pain BUT i just cant afford them.i have ran out before and found out how bad my legs truly hurt.i think i just need to learn to deal w/ this chronic pain but how do i start?

314 Jay Bronnis { 02.24.12 at 3:11 am }

hi fellow opiod sufferers, I take 20 x 60mg dihydrocodiene per day , in the mirning i drink about 160ml of vodka then 15x 60mg dihyrocodiene and chew them up for a stronger effect, then later in the day i take another five. is this a serious habit? Iam going to stop taking these over easter. any help would be much appreciated, thankyou

315 tcook29 { 03.02.12 at 7:49 pm }

in was on methadone for 1 yr. worked my way up to 70 mgs. Now that im off that im back on my one 30 mg a day habit. i kno thats not bad at all but with the methadone for a year and now for 2-3 weeks the whole pill thing AGAIN what is your reccomandation on how to do this with just otc. and the more i sweat the quicker it will be gone, please tell me yes and tonight is the first night lol

316 jeremiah { 03.04.12 at 8:29 pm }

Hello, I’ve been addicted to opiates (Percocets, Vicodins, Oxycotin) for the last 6 years. I’ve never been into any drugs until I had an abcess and was treated with Vicodins for a a few week. After that the addiction started. Pain pills were always easy to come by after that. I went “Cold Turkey” last June after taking at least 7-8 pills a day and was three months sober. It was painful to do and I regretfully relapsed in October and have been on the amount of pills everyday since. I recently made the decision to distance myself from pills again. I went “Cold Turkey” again four days ago and I feel like hell today. The leg spasms and I only slept a few hours the last 36 hours (did I mention I’m at work?). I praise you all for making the choice to quit and all your suggestions have been helpful, It took about 10 days for me last time to feel better, but the battle to stay sober will be my next challenge.

317 Samantha { 03.19.12 at 2:10 pm }

I have been addicted to Vicodin for 5 years now. I have taken up to 8 a day but currently I have been taking 3 a day and when I run out I loss all control. I am emotional, crying and I am so mean to my spouse. I don’t want to get out of bed let alone make it through the day doing everyday shit. I quit when I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant and I started up again after I quit breastfeeding. I am going through withdrawals now and I am so depressed to the point to were I can’t focus at work or at school and I feel as if I’m going to die…I know that if I just stuck it out for another week I would be ok. I have gone months without taking any Vicodin and I was fine after the withdrawals and I know that if I could just make it through I will be alright. On the other hand, I have become to addicted to them that I want to get more. After I take a Vicodin I am ready to just into my day, running after my son, playing at the park, laundry, work, cooking… ect… I am so happy and alert when I take them I feel as if I’m on top of the world. I am the best mother, wife, friend, worker and student I can be. I am a very hard worker and I love school but when I am going through withdrawals I am the complete opposite. I just want another Vicodin and all will be good in life… or something to help me through the withdrawals until I get better on my own…

318 sickofit { 03.21.12 at 8:32 am }

Hi everyone,
Here I go again. My back was injured in a work related accident in 07. At the time I was given vicodin and soma. Had several injections, no results. Continued pain meds and of course started taking more than prescribed. Dr. upped my script and put me on norco and sent me to a pain management Dr. He took me off the norco, and put me on ER morphine twice daily with ir tablets for breakthrough pain. I did not abuse these, they just made me crushingly depressed. 14 months after my accident, I decided enough!! I cancelled my next appt, took my last pill and suffered my ass off for two weeks. I still wasn’t right, but better. Made an appt to see my md and told him what I had done. He suggested this little non narcotic, non habit forming pill called tramadol. It was great. I had no pain, energy, and was in a fantastic mood.
Fast forward four years. I do not abuse these one bit, but I still feel like a slave to them. I want off but I am terrified of the awful w/d I have read about. More worried about the depression than the pain, that will go eventually. Going to start a taper next week and take neurontin for a couple a weeks after I stop. I have read it is wonderful for w/d. Also going to get some trazadone for sleep, and phenegran for nausea. Everything else I will combat with OTC stuff. Planning this for two weeks, then done with it all. I can’t wait till the day I am liberated once and for all from these drugs. I did it once, I can do it again. Congrats to all of you on here who fought and suffered for your freedom!

319 Richard { 03.25.12 at 4:38 am }

Story is a very long one and i will begin soon, if it can help ANYONE then great!! But anybody going through WD stick with it, it seems impossible but it will pass and you never have to do it again if your wise, don’t give in your not on your own, someone is having a real bad time lokie you right now! BE STRONG!!

320 Jay Bronnis { 04.06.12 at 7:52 am }

so here i am on day 8 cold turkey for the first four days i took lyrica, baclofen and valium not that i hav slept more than a wink, but they eased withdrawl . its the sleep thing right now thats getting me. been looking at a few websites that talk about p.a.w.s and there is some interesting info on some of them, mainly to do with re-lapse. best of luck to everyone out there going through the opiate hell.

321 Dana { 04.11.12 at 12:51 pm }

Hello. I’ve been on opiates for pain about 4 years. A few days ago I ripped of my fentanyl patch and went to my pain management doctor. He gave me a script for 90 Vicodin for me to taper off of. That’s 3 a day, but yesterday I had 8. I am fine except for the RLS. Maybe I’ll contact my sleep specialist to get some benzos to help with that. A year ago, I was on MS Contin 30mg twice daily and 15mg of oxycodone every 4 hours. Getting down to 3 vikes a day will be a miracle, but my receptors will keep down-regulating the longer that they are deprived and it will be possible.

322 cornelius { 04.20.12 at 11:03 am }

it hasnt been that long for me but i feel like im really ready this time. i took my last pill which was for my wife for her tooth lol about 10 hrs ago and while shes gone with the girls for the weekend im going to try to restore my life back to the it needs to be. i just ordered Withdrawal-Ease, so ill let yall know how it goes.

323 Kitty Mom { 04.21.12 at 6:48 pm }

Cornelius – good luck – I know it is hard – look into the Thomas Recipe. The vitamins and minerals were a God send to me when I was quitting. Man, I feel for you cause I have been there. But there is light at the end of that tunnell…believe me.
Anyone wishing to discuss anything while you are detoxing, please let me know at
I am not an expert, but have been in your shoes 18 months ago.
Love and best wishes

324 Metoo { 04.23.12 at 8:48 am }

Hang in there, folks!!! You CAN kick this! I just realized that I have been free from the vicodin he’ll for two years now. And if I can do it, so can YOU.

Does anyone watch Nurse Jackie on shotime? I just discovered it this past weekend..wow…what a true to life show for us!

325 Imwithuall { 07.29.12 at 8:43 pm }

Im with you all!! Ive had it with pills. Im sos sick of them. I was taking pills for herniated disks in my neck and artritis, for years like 6 0r 7 years and Im so sick of them. I want my life back!!! My kids and boyfriend dont want to talk odr deal with me because there sick of it and its hard to try to explain to them what Im going through, they dont understand. 2 to 3 weeks ago I tried stopping and withdrawls have been the worse experience/pain/feeling what ever you what to call it. The worse for me was the creepy crawly feelinh in my arms. For 2 days it fely like my arms were 500lbs and like I had straps on them. I dont ever want to feel that again!!! I was taking 15-20 a day percs and am down to 5 or 6 a day. In the next week or so I want to be off completely. I find it hard when I still have pain though I dont know wht Im going to do about that. I feel foreveryone on here. Ive been through alot in my life and Ill be damned if this is going to kill me. Plus I dont know about anyone else but have had tons of teeth problems too. Anyone else have that? Good luck all!!!

326 Kitty Mom { 08.10.12 at 9:03 am }

Hi Imwithuall …this is a ditto to what I told newgirl/dude on the other board –
I know it is hard because I have been there/ But, you know what, this is one of the most important decisions you have made and I pray and hope that this is it for you and you continue to make it to the other side of the tunnell – there is light there my friend and if I can do it, anyone can. I was so sick with addiction to pain medication that I could not leave the house without the freaking stuff….I did not know who I would be without it, and I was paying a fortune for internet pharmacies and multiple prescriptions. It is over now – I am one month shy of two years clean. I would not have made it one week without the folks on this site. I hope you keep posting as I will be watching out for your posts and chirping in with my 2 cents worth…..you can do it newbie – Hang strong – you CAN do it….take it one minute at a time and remember that each little increment of time without the devil beast – is one minute closer you will be to freedom…..email me at kittymom001@gmail.com if you like – would love to hear from you.
Love and best wishes,
Kitty Mom

327 JL in Texas { 08.14.12 at 7:52 am }

PLEASE READ. A couple of months ago I came here because I was dying. Been on Vicodin since I got my leg chopped off at 18. And then ten or so years later the pain doc put me on Tramadol because it was a “non-opiate”! BS! Withdrawal from Tramadol/Ultram is far worse than Vicodin. Anyway, I’m 45 now and of course the drugs have wrought Hell on my life. (I got my wife hooked 23 years ago: because I wanted her to feel goo, too. :( ). Been going through all the jonesing horror stories written here and then some over the decades and that’s when I found this place. Then two weeks ago I bought two Suboxone from my jerk addict cousin. He sells the Suboxone so he can buy Crack and Shrooms. I took HALF a Suboxone, gave my wife one. I took the other half 36 hours later, didn’t need it but you know how it is afraid the withdrawals would hit. But they didn’t and I haven’t had withdrawal pains since. TWO WEEKS! I don’t know if I it is some sort of freak accident; the Suboxone jammed my opiate receptors or what, but I’m off for the first time in 27 years! And even if they come back tomorrow half a pill for two weeks of peace is a miracle to me. I’m not an Suboxone salesman! :) Just a regular guy from Texas. Anyway this page and reading of all the people like me helped a while ago when I was curled up on the floor with my spine on fire so I felt it was my duty to let you know there might be somthing out there for you. The Suboxone only worked for 24 hours for my wife, but personally I think that might be psycological, or because she still gets a buzz off enough Ultram or Vicodin. I don’t no matter how many I take so I just wanted off! I don’t know how hard it is to get a doc to prescribe Suboxone, but I swear to God it worked for me. I sincerely hope it works for you. Questions: knightender@gmail.com (John) Good luck.

328 kp in iowa { 08.18.12 at 3:39 pm }

My name is Kathy I am 39 years old . I was prescribed hydrocodone well over ten years ago for chronic back pain . For at least the past 5 years I have struggled with opiate dependency for both pain as well as pleasure of how it makes me feel .I have also struggled with methamphetamine addiction . I am hoping to get feedback on is since I have been blessed with an addictive personality and/or a character defect. So here is my question; does SOBOXIN and METHADONE work; and if so… I am hoping some one can explain how these medications work, and how and why they are different from opiates (since they are both opiate based medications) .I have a friend that was on soboxen for approx 9 mo and was recently taken off due to a dirty UA for street drugs and he is having withdrawal symptoms from soboxen. That being said he did awesome while taking it. I am questioning if I were to try and get on soboxen or methadone ,would that be prolonging the agony ? I have broken the methamphetamine habit, however the pain control and dependancy on these opiates is a completely different issue as well as raising questions as to what route to take to become free of opiate dependancy…..If anyone has feedback or insight please contact me as my life is hell at this point ….Thank you for taking the time to read this.

329 Kris { 12.20.12 at 2:09 am }

Hey everyone I was wondering about why my experiance kicking pain pills that were prescribed to me for almost six months are so much worse kicking than both heroin ive kicked many times or methadone ive kicked a few times now. These pills are the wrse yet. I dont know why they would be worse than the other stuff. I never was into pills when I was off and running doing dope and being on the methadone program so I have no experiance detoxin6 off pain pills…just looking for some knowledge on the subject…

330 Southerngal2 { 12.23.12 at 7:46 pm }

Oh, and I should add that I have been taking 20+ Tramadol a day for about 2 years now. I have yet to have a seizure, thank God, and I am SO ready to be rid of these, just so scared of the RLS.

331 Vanessa { 01.19.13 at 7:34 am }

If anyone knows of a pharmacy that sells “withdrawal ease” please let me know. I live in connecticut and cant seem to find them anywhere.

I have 3 years sober from heroin and pills. used pills from age 17-20, then dope for about two years til 22. Got sober in july of 09… found out I was pregnant in sept. 09… had my daughter 10 weeks early at 7 months, 3lbs and change… and went thru serious depression. I was sober my entire pregnancy, after leaving the hospital and my daughter having to stay there (over an hour away, and me with no car) I was devastated. Had a week and a half long relapse… and IMMEDIATELY got on the methadone clinic. I have pretty much been on the methadone clinic since. for a total of about 3 years. Started at 60 mgs and leveled out at 40,mgs. I got invited on a free trip to disney world for me and my two year old, that I could not pass up… I didnt have take home bottles so I was gonna have to drive two hours to get dosed daily on someone elses family vacation that I was just invited on. (still with no car lol, it was in ct at this point) Anyhow I tried to detox myself… I went 40, 35, 30,, 30, 25, 25, 20, 20, 15, 15, 10, 10, 5, 5, 0, 0 AND THEN took a few suboxins once the withdrawals set in. Was doing OK, not great but OK, got back to ct, wrecked my car, got BACK on the methadone.

I am detoxing now, I am tired of the handcuffs of my past controling my life. I have 3 y ears clean, no dirty urines, no slip ups… I have been coming down alot slower now since I am not paying for it ALL myself… I went down from 40 mgs…. started by jumping down 10mgs the first week, figuring i wouldnt feel it, and i didnt. then I waited a few weeks, went down again 1mg a day for ten days. When I got to 20 I started waking up feeling like shit (I have a high metabolism and the low dose was burning thru me like nothing) So I bought a buncha backup methadone (so instead of having nothing when I start to feel really sick, I AT LEAST HAVE THAT!!) So what I have been doing is, Giving myself either a 2.5 boost dose or a 5mg boost dose at like 4-5am every morning. Right now I am down to 10mgs… plus the 2.5 or 5 I give myself. I also have the clinic doing a blind detox, meaning they only tell me where my dose is at when I ask them to. I made an appointment at a regular dr to get help with the stomach ache. Because shitting liquid 10+ x a day, gets old FAST and its fucking frustrating. the dr gave me zofran. WORKS GREAT. Also before I had my appt I had bought some anti diarreah medacine from walmart, 88cents so its affordable to even the poorest of detoxer. I also found something at walmart called “nerve tonic” Because I was noticing AFTER BEING NUMBED BY DRUGS FOR YEARS AND YEARS whether it was dope or the methadone I was numbed. Noticed my emotions were on a roller coaster, being female im already part cunty so this was not gonna help. I figured I would try them since they are hemeopathic meaning all herbs and vitamins and shit. WORKED GREAT. I was having super anxiety before hand… I also am taking a homeopathic pill at night called “restless legs” both of these are by a brand called “hylands” I used to get homeopathic teething tablets by them for my daughter that worked like a charm. THE restless leg pills work wonders. Also noticeds the more active I am during the day, the less I will have restless legs, so I try to tire myself out during the day. I also have 800mg ibuprofen that I take for lower back pain and just over all achy and soreness.

I did all of this for pretty cheap.

I also spoke to a pharmacist who told me that taking vistiril or librium really help during a detox. Unfortunately you have to go inpatient somewhere to get either of them ussually. Because you go in there telling the dr your a recovering addict so they are more hesitant to give you pills that have the potential for abuse. I was told vistirl is like an antihistamine and if you double up on benedryl it has the same effect. I havent gotten to the desperation point of trying that however.

My boyfriend also rubs my legs belly or back when needed. THAT HELPS TREMENDOUSLY!!!!

If anyone needs someone to talk to or some advice… message me on Facebook Vanessa Hoyt from Connecticut. I will be more than willing to help you, or take advice you have to give me too.


God blesssss*

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