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Posts from — May 2009

How to Deal With Post-Withdrawal Depression

Although I would classify acute-withdrawal as the worst part of opiate detox, the post-withdrawal depression is a close second…it’s HORRIBLE! I remember every time my main “kick” was over, and as soon as I thought I was in the clear, I would get slammed with the worst depression ever. It was bad enough to make me want to go back to the drugs.... continue

May 23, 2009   128 Comments

What is PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome)?

Oftentimes we focus most of our attention on the acute-withdrawal from opiates, but we fail to realize that there is a far milder form of withdrawal that can last up to 12 months after all the hardcore stuff is over. This “mild” withdrawal is called:  Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome or PAWS for short.... continue

May 5, 2009   12 Comments