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The Opiate Withdrawal Survival Kit Part 3: The Detox

Now that we’ve talked about how to prepare, and what detox medications you can use to help with your withdrawal, it’s time to get through the actual detox process.

The Day Before:
Get yourself mentally ready for a qrueling week ahead. It’s going to take a whole lot of strength to get through what you’re about to experience, so find that person inside who’s tuff as nails. We all have that persistent-unrelenting attitude inside of us, we just need to search it out. Don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up. I can’t say that enough.

The Day Of:
It usually takes 24 to 48 hrs for you to get into full blown withdrawal, so plan accordingly. Once you’re in the thick of it, just hold on for dear life. You won’t get much sleep, you won’t be able to get comfortable and if you’re using anywhere near as much as I was, you’ll probably have some hallucinations as well. I’m not really going to talk about any of the other symptoms. You’ve probably already read them in my past posts, so I’ll focus on what you can do mentally and spiritually to help you through. Now I don’t know if any of you believe in God, but I do, so prayer was a huge part of my detox. There is something about opiate withdrawal that makes you feel spiritually close to God. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we usually call on Him when we’re in desperate situations, either way, He helps so keep praying. Time will crawl by, it will seem like an eternity, but I promise you that when you come out on the other end and are finally free and healthy, you will feel like it was all worthwhile.Like I’ve said before, a support system can also be of tremendous value to you during your time of need. When you’re at your worst, and you feel like you just can’t take another minute, let alone an hour, of withdrawal you can gain some strength from someone who has been there done that. Heck, you can even post your troubles here or email me, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Self Suggestion:
I’m going to take a page out of a self help book here, and I know some of you are going to think this is cheesy, but please bear with me. I’ve been through detox more times than I can count, so I guess you can say I’m kind of an expert on it. One of the things that I wish I knew about, earlier in my “career” as a junkie, was how powerful self suggestion can be. Self suggestion is basically just “self talk.” It’s like being you’re own cheering squad, and rooting yourself on when times are tough. This positive self talk is called affirmation. Whenever I would start craving the dope, I would just repeat to myself; “I am getting better and better by the minute, soon I will be done.” I would say this so many times that it would actually drown out the sound of my cravings. So, create some of these affirmations for yourself and repeat them over and over again until you start to believe them.

Finishing Up:
Well, I’ve pretty much covered everything here. I wish you the best of luck with your journey, and I’m here for anyone that needs my support. There have been times in my life when I’ve felt like dying. I’ve been through suicidal depression and countless detoxes in my past. I’ve been to jail for drug related charges, and was put through an 18-month drug diversion program where I was tested 5 days a week. I’ve felt hopeless, worthless and pretty much like a scum bag, but I was finally able to turn all of that around. I feel like God gave me a new lease on life, and what a life it’s turning out to be. Sometimes I just step outside and smell the fresh air, grateful to be alive. I’m a nature freak, and I must tell you that no matter how strong a pill or how potent a high I have felt from drugs, they are no comparison to the high I feel from mother nature. Going on a nice hike, bike ride or doing some kayaking on a sunny day is just an incredible feeling. I know you’re incapable of feeling that right now but one day you’ll be staring at an amazing view, sitting on cloud nine, and wondering what all the fuss was about. 🙂


1 Morgan { 10.24.11 at 4:17 pm }

Obviously, my name is Morgan. I started taking lortabs when I was 19. (am now 21.) Would rely on about three lortab 7.5’s for a three hour high of energy to feel “normal” (whatever the hell that is anymore) so that I could do amazing things with my son like a normal mother. I continued taking those pills over a three year period until three days ago. My son is now 18 months old and I have an amazing man who helps me out (women- they do exist, he helps with my son and they have no biological common). Well, found out I was pregnant again and decided to kick the habbit that has enslaved me for three years. I’m on day three. Day one and two were horrible. No sleep, period. Mood swings, goosebumps, having the “bubble guts” for a lack of better term. I’m slowly feeling the detox coming to an end but still have NO energy. I am very proud of myself but fear I still have a long way to go mentally. I did this for my kids and soon to be husband. Hot baths help and herbal melatonin was a suggestion by my doctor to help me sleep at night (but Tylonal PM for those women who are not six weeks pregnant would probably suffice.) Sleep within the first three days will not happen, period. Then it’s the RLS if not the insomia that sucks, too. I found that laying next to my son or soon to be husband and just watching them sleep have given me the inspiration to quit this bullshit. So not only detoxing and not eating, but the whole horemonal thing from being pregnant doesn’t help either. So I hope all who are going through this stay strong and in turn give me the inspiration to stay strong as well. (I’m hoping I will have a baby girl. fingers crossed.)

2 Andrew { 10.31.11 at 7:00 pm }

I have been suffering with drug addiction, all sorts for a few years. My first “hard” drug was coke. After a year or so of doing it, I decided to stop and it was easy. I then discovered OCs and thought that it would be just as easy to quit. Boy was I wrong. My habit spiraled out of control and brought me in contact with people I would never want to be in contact with. I was living with a couple of junkies (like myself, for the most part) and got involved in ripping people off to get high, etc. After a couple of months around them, I realized that I was better than this and had to make a change. I moved to NY and have been drug free ever sense. Tomorrow will mark 6 months clean. Through the pain, depression, sleepless nights, and all the other unpleasant wds, I can say that life gets better. When you feel your body getting back to your own self and not having something control your actions is great. To everyone facing wds it is horrible, but it will pass (slowly), but when it is over, you will feel great. I never went to N/A meetings, but did one-on-one counseling and it helps a lot. Once through wds, you have to focus on what is really behind the addiction. Just as Neil Young sang, “every junkie’s like a setting sun.” You have to be ready to quit, ready to work hard and better yourself, and not give up. It sucks, but anyone can do it. I hope all of you the best of luck. Remember, if you relapse, you relapse…don’t be too hard on yourself. I relapsed numerous times. If I hadn’t relapsed, I would be a year sober tomorrow. Your body can take more than you can think…and so can you. Good movies/music and your soul help out a lot.

3 Angie { 11.14.11 at 8:42 am }

Hello! im 22 yrs old and its been 6 yrs of being a heroin addict… i am an IV user … i stopped like 6 mths ago but i relapsed 50 days ago… im using 1 or 2 doses daily…not that much compared with what i was using before ( up to 20 doses daily) but i do feel the withdrawals starting each morning that i wake up… i really need to stop cuz im pregnant… please tell me what can i do? i need to stop cold turkey because if i go with a doctor child protctive services would take my baby away… do you think that this time would be easier?

4 Ann { 12.07.11 at 8:08 pm }

I’m glad I found this website; so many helpful tips! I am addicted to snorting heroin. Right now I am snorting about 4 or 5 $20 bags a day (sometimes more) as my best friend is also my dealer! I was sober for 8 years up until 6 months ago when we moved back home from down South. I just knew moving back here was going to be a mistake..boy was I right! My husband and I plan to quit cold turkey on Friday. I am so afraid as I’ve been threw WD’s before and ALWAYS on the 2nd or 3rd day I break down and go get my fix. Christmas is right around the corner and I don’t want to disappoint anyone and would HATE to not have a decent Christmas because I can’t say “no”. For me the toughest part is the “sick” and the mental part. My mind is saying one thing but my body refuses to cooperate. I do want a better, normal life and I know what needs to be done. I have a few hydro’s, valiums, phenegran’s, to help with the WD’s and I will be praying harder than I ever have before this weekend for God to give me strength. I can’t believe I have become powerless of this drug and let it control my every move; every decision I make is based around “will this interfere with getting some more dope”. I can’t stand to live this way anymore. Kudo’s to all of you who have beat it and good luck to those of you who are in my shoes. This can be done..we can beat this drug..I refuse to let the devil win anymore. The hardest part for me is even getting any motivation to get out of bed..even though they say exercise helps I still find it hard to move..any suggestions on making this attempt any easier?

5 Holly { 12.10.11 at 8:18 am }

I’m in beginning stages of withdrawal, stopped NA for now, waiting on rehab again :/ hope it works this time

6 Rachel { 12.19.11 at 10:57 pm }

I am on day 8 of my last withdrawal. I’m 24, I’ve had a 3 year oxy/norco habit. I have tried to kick these before unsuccessfully. This time physically has been much better. I prepared myself with a healthy diet. I’ve also followed the Thomas recipe which I think has helped tremendously. I was just wondering when my energy will return… I’ve never gotten past day 3 before.

7 Nick { 12.30.11 at 2:51 am }

Hey! Was on all sorts of opiate medication….codeine, subutex etc for about 10year….I am now 6/7 months clean after doing a 2 month stint in rehab and detoxed cold turkey with NO OTHER MEDICATION!….it took about 2 weeks to be able to function normalish! lol! and about 2-3months to not really have any cravings, I still feel a bit iffy in the mornings but after I am up and about I feel normal.

Good luck all! It CAN BE DONE! I thought I was never going to be able to get of this crap but here I am typing this! SO if I CAN you CAN! 🙂



8 El { 01.13.12 at 8:24 pm }

Hi, everyone I am a 24 year old mother of 1 two year old little girl. I have been addicted to Lortab 10 mgs for alittle over 1 year now. I take up to 5 aday….I am going through some serious withdrawls now only on day 2……Hopefully this will not last too much longer. I know we can all do this what ever our addictions maybe….I have found this page to be sooo helpful to me,just to know I am not alone in this is very comforting to me..Also SELF talk has been very helpful…anytime I feel like getting my fix I tell myself to BE STRONG…..THIS TO WILL PASS///,,,,..has hard as it is I know I can do this for me and my lil girl….I just pray for everyone going through any type of recovery to just STAY STRONG YOU CAN DO IT~!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS

9 RayRay { 01.26.12 at 1:14 am }

Hello I am 30 yr old mom of now 3 wonderful children, I have used hydrocodone on/off for 5yrs now, the first time I used one was a friend who told me here take this it will give you energy I was like AHHH what’s it gonna do she said give you energy I can’t describe it mind you she is my long time High School friend who got me hooked way back when on smoking, doing pot, some other drugs, and occasional drinking. I really don’t talk to her ne more now a days just an occasional hi how are ya and hey I’m gonna come get your kids other then that I distant myself from her, she isn’t a user no longer, BUT is on methadone and has been since 2006 and I don’t think she will ever get off of it because I don’t think she is a strong enough person just yet after all these years so that is why I keep myself from her because I don’t want her to convince me of something else. Ne ways back to my story I tried the hydrocodone she gave me just a half pill of a 10 and then it knocked me out cold for 6 straight hours I needed the sleep mind you and it felt GREAT because I had my own issues going on with out having a stable home for myself and my daughter so that felt good, but when I woke I felt drowsy and was like I thought you told em it was gonna give me energy she’s laughing at me of course and says that’s what they do to me I don’t know why it did that to you, here try another one so I did being the idiot I was and it did just that made me talk, dry mouth. like I was stoned kind of on pot which I can’t smoke no more due to anxiety and I’m glad I haven’t since I was 16. Then I myself started taking them here and there with her it wasn’t until months later that I really noticed SHE had the BAD addiction and was up to 15 pills a day and then started fighting with me (yes I was living with her at this time) because they would disappear bcuz I was taking one here and there BUT I was the one paying for them anyways so it was like a F**** you thing, but then I realized when she had given almost all of the money her family had borrowed us plus the support her x gave us to run the home after there split and the money I was paying towards bills to her dealer I was like I got to get the hell out of here, cuz mind you I already had a bad drinking binge I was on due to the fact of my own issues, so after her losing the house and me finding my own we kind of went our separate ways bcuz I didn’t want ne thing to do with that no more that was in Feb of 06 I moved in March of 06 into my own place then I started working and was doing my own thing still with the drinking bcuz of crazy hours I didn’t have daycare so my daughter stayed with family in the next state only and hour to 2 away but still it was a long drive to pick her up at 1am and then come home so they pretty much kept her while I was on those schedules and I went out doing my drinking binge I did this until April of 07 and then I realized I had gotten myself pregnant and I knew there was NO way I could take care of another child but I also knew that God did this to me to settle me down needless to say I did not have the baby I couldn’t and I went back to work from a FMLA and then I met my now fiance in May 07 and then we started dating and I realized he was an occasional user of pot and then knew where to get vicodin from and we started buying them not for us but for everyone in his family who is addicted and then my bro-in-law has been prescribed them for over 8yrs now and started buying more then his script when he’d run out so we then started charging higher prices to make money off them and then b4 we knew it, it turned into a us just getting pills for the cash so now from Aug 07 to July of 08 when i find out I’m prego with our son I quit taking them but was on/off that whole time then I had my son got them when I left hospital did not take them and then he had them in house started a vicious cycle again with me and the lack of sleep and a colic baby I started back on them a few months later on and off never consistently never more then 2 in a day maybe 3 if that, then I find out I’m prego again on April fools day of 2010 with our 2nd son I stop taking them again I never mind you felt like I had withdrawals from them just going cold turkey on these occasions but then after I birthed my son in Dec 2010 hospital then gives them to me again and I started taking them from that day until all the way til Aug of 2011 EVERYDAY it got easier for us to get our hands on them now cuz we found more and more connections then one day everyone ran out and I had also started prozac for sever mood swings and was on that for 30 days to tame it while taking prozac and then I had no more vicodin I was on day 3 of not having them and then the feeling of jitters, shaky, diarrhea, throwing up, loss of appetite, and then nothing left in me to throw up no more or poop out I started with BAD thoughts going thru my head, the anxiety int he pitfall of my stomach and it was HORRIBLE I ran to the doctors telling them what was wrong but never told them I abused vicodin and they gave me anti-vomiting medicine, anti-diarrhea medicine and that still would not let me eat it was horrible! I ran back to an urgent care doctor he gave me a blood test and enzyme to check liver gall bladder etc….it was fine he then gave me stomach acid reducer medicine and put me on a bland diet so by this time I’m at a week of detox and I do the acid medicine HELPS I eat chicken that night and white rice felt so GREAT but in toddler portions and I mind you I lost 15pds during this not healthy in a week and a half time, finally after my body gets back to normal after a MONTH of this I swear to myself I would NEVER take these again, WELL my fiance is on them for back issues not prescribed but he does need to get into a doctor to get it taken care of bcuz I see his anger in him the 3months I was clean bcuz either he couldn’t have them get them or smoke a doob it was horrible I thought many times of leaving him, but I know he is a GREAT man underneath all this, but I also can’t go on to let my boys keep thinking the lifestyle is ok if they catch on when older, so ne ways I swore to myself I would not take them again well bcuz he had them here I started with a half at a time again bcuz I had so much stuff to get done and get ready over a month for Turkey Day, our sons 1st, and Christmas that I started at a half again and then went to a whole then b4 I knew it in Dec I was up to 2 every now and then taking 3 and then thru month of Jan it started with 3 then I had medical conditions in Jan of present and my doc gives them to me only 20 at 5/5 and I was taking 3 a day and then he took 11 of my script so it left me not taking those but then we got off street ones and I was up to almost 3 of 10/660 again now I have been off them as right now today for a little over 48hours and I had such bad diarrhea today and just wanted to sleep felt week all day and of course my pain in the abdomen comes back mind you I need umbilical hernia surgery so I call doc for more meds he gives my T3’s I get home they make me sick last night, I try again today sick, so I call today and ask for something different he gives me tramadol I think bcuz he knows of the addictions not with me just around so I’m so shaky and jittery diarrhea gonna throw up I now take one 50mg of tramadol at like 9:30 and I’m up still its 3am and I can’t sleep and I only have 10 of these and I don’t want to take no more I can’t have my surgery for at least another week waiting on a surgeon to pick it up but I’m scared after surgery I’ll go back on these and get addicted all over again!!! I’m up to 3 a day as it is and I know my fiance is getting street ones this Friday I tell him to hide them but I always find them and I start taking them again but at same time I don’t want to feel sick from the withdrawal like I did back in August so I’m trying to figure out how to get away from those plus not take the tramadol either, I know it would also help ALOT if I could get him off them if he would go to a doctor and get fixed but he won’t and I can’t take being around this if he’s not gonna get fixed I’m gonna have to figure out daycare, money, etc…and go back to work to get out on my own so he can clean himself up and come back if he is clean. Sorry for long post I just wanted to explain my over time addiction and how it all started!!!!! Thanks for listening!

10 dustin. { 01.28.12 at 5:29 pm }

Hi im a 17 year old boy in highschool still, I’ve been doing about 2 to 3 perk 30s a day, I know its not that bad but my withdrawls are horrible, ill gett really anns6 and get cold sweats, and ill twittch alot, so I just keep doing the pills, I don’t know what to do, because I can’t tell my parent or ill feel so ashamed, and I can’t let anyone know or my whole school will find out, I don’t know what to do, I want to stop so bad but I just don’t have the will power to do it. Can you give me advice please help me

11 Andrew { 02.17.12 at 7:31 pm }

Warning: Long Post Ahead! The only new thing I have to recommend is Adderall (read for details)… otherwise, it’s just encouragement and repetition of what others have said.

Dustin, how are you doing? Any luck? You being in high school adds to the difficulty, because there’s no way you can hide withdrawal from your parents. I would honestly recommend faking the flu… the importance of getting clean justifies a little lie here.

I totally understand the shame, and I also haven’t been in a position to tell anybody… I’m in my 20s, single, would be too ashamed to tell my parents, and while some of my friends know I enjoy the pills, none know I’m addicted.

I’ve been on Percocet for four years, peaking at 8+ 7.5mg in the last few months. I’ve decided to stop for a few reasons. 1) It has completely replaced my social life, 2) it’s costs me a fortune, and 3) it’s causing various minor, but increasingly noticeable health problems (poor sleep, trouble urinating, nose problems from snorting).

I’ve been off for 96 hours, none of which have been fun. But honestly, it hasn’t been as bad as I expected. I’ll tell you my little “tricks”, most of which are the same as those from the awesome authors of this site.

1) TERMINATE THE SUPPLY, DO A BRIEF TAPOR, PLAN SOME TIME: Luckily I have access to a set number of pills per month. When I decided to quit, I consciously went through them too quickly so I’ll have a long time without access (2 weeks). I could never succeed in a long, gradual tapor… I’d always give in. So I used as normal until I had 13 pills – over my final five days, I took 5, 5, 2, 1, and 1. I wanted to be more gradual, but couldn’t hold back those first two days. Importantly, I was able to plan some time free of obligations, away from people who can’t know what I’m going through. I know this is basically impossible for a high-school kid like you, but for anybody else out there… I took three days of vacation from work, leading up to a weekend, so I have five days to get past the worst of it.

2) ADDERALL: This is the only thing I have to suggest that I haven’t seen on this or any other forum. This is totally counter-intuitive, but I believe it has helped me a ton. I took quite a bit (40 mg when I woke up) during the tapor days. It takes an hour or so to take effect, but it almost completely eliminated that horrible, helpless drowsiness that you feel when you need the pills. It’s also kind of fun, so it gave me something to enjoy a little bit while missing the high. I’ve taken smaller doses (20mg) each morning during my detox. It keeps me less drowsy during the day, which in turn gives you better sleep at night. I believe, although I have no science to prove this, Adderall (which supposedly works a lot like cocaine) artificially boosts your confidence. I have felt a constant sense of “I’m going to succeed, even though this totally sucks” throughout the process.

3) XANAX: Plenty of people already recommended this or similar… there is absolutely no substitute for soothing the mind and getting some legitimate sleep. Every hour of sleep is an hour of torture skipped. I also take Melatonin (with vitamin B6) and NyQuil. I’m guessing NyQuil+Xanax is a pretty unhealthy combination, but I really believe getting sleep outweighs most other concerns during this process.

(And Dustin, I realize I’m recommending illegal drug use to a 17 year old… but I think because of the huge impact of opiates and the fact you’ve crossed that line, I’m still being moral here. Also, I’ve been taking less and less of both pills every day, because I don’t want to be left with a new addiction.)

4) HOT SHOWERS!!!!!!!!!!! Oh god… the hot showers. Seriously, every time my limbs were aching, every time I got chills, every time ANYTHING was getting to be too much, a hot shower would take the physical and mental symptoms, and just take them down to tolerable levels. If you’re laying there miserable, and don’t have the energy to take a shower, and you just want to die… just drag yourself there, somehow. It’s amazing. It’s closer to a magic bullet than anything else. I’ve taken easily 20 showers in the last six days. Don’t even bother soap up… just let the water warm your bones, and blood, and muscles, and your mind and heart will calm.

Other tips:
-You won’t want to eat, but neglecting all nutrition will just add to your misery. Stock up on juices and gatorade (for calories and salts), get some multivitamins… this will probably have to suffice for your first day or two. As soon as possible, eat some easy foods (pudding, yogurt, ice cream). But for a million reasons, try to eat real food ASAP – high-protein food will not be appealing, but it’s important.
-Immodium (Loperamide)… oh yes, you’ll want that
-Music – I found I couldn’t focus on TV or books, but I could close my eyes and enjoy my favorite, non-aggressive music. I got unexpectedly weepy to some of my favorite, sad songs. You might think sadness is bad, but it was strangely pleasurable compared to the depressed emptiness opiate withdrawal leaves you with.

12 Lori { 02.27.12 at 4:48 am }

I feel I probably should try one more time to stop all my pain Meds but am so scared I like you have done it many times in my life from many different substances! Now the substances being pain medicine and anxiety medicine for truly real illnesses and disabilities thus the fear my body is so ravaged by not only my disease but by the treatments for the diseases causing me much Dis-Ease! Lol!
The point I’m trying to get to is I am not sure my body can handle the trauma of the withdrawals and I mo longer have my husband to care for me while I go through it this time, he passed away so I’m scared but considering trying to detox and yes probably a medically supervised detox would be best but don’t know if that’s possible?!
Thanks for your awesome sharing and thanks for listening.
Peace & Love…….Lori 🙂

13 swirlsmom { 03.20.12 at 9:13 pm }

ok so here is my story, kinda lengthy but I have to tell it. I am a mother of. I am 32 years old. Roughly 2 weeks after my 3rd child in 2005 I had severe chest pains long story short I had to have an emergency surgery to have my gall bladder removed. When I was discharged I recieved a script of 120 perc 7.5. So the story starts here. The first week they were MANDATORY for the after affects of the surgery. Then I noticed my house was clean, kids were fed and bathed and in bed, laundry was done and I was HAPPY. I could deal with ANYTHING at this point. Then they were gone. I felt ok very MILD w.ds. But I still needed them well thats what my head told me anyway. I left my then abusive alcoholic husband in 2006. I moved away with my mother. Never even thought about them. Well guess what…I went back to him. In 2007 I had my 4th child. During this pregnancy I would get CHRONIC UTI. Unfortunately i had to have federally funded healthcare and where I live it is not wonderful. Of course my 1 of many OBGYN student practiontioners from the local WELL known. medical college would write me a script for antibiotic and vicodin. This UTI would reoccur every month or so for some unknown reason. I had the baby in August, of course with a c-section you get percs around the clock. When I left..guess what so did 90 percs script already filled in hand and in the car with us.I never slept so I was up with the baby, able to take care of the other three kids like superwoman….and HAPPY!!!! I unfortunately have had horrible c-section issues with this hospital. Everytime I would have to have my incision reclosed at least twice…so guess what that was 30 more percs. I then had a big scare with endemetriosis and cervical cancer….guess what…60 percs a month. I would make them last because i could not bear to have my children who needed me see me through a wd. I refused. I then was clear of the endemetriosis and cervical cancer. But had to have 7 teeth cut out and 4 root canals….Guess what….more percs. Well at this pont nothing is wrong with me so i had no reason to go to a doc. I would find a reason and the doc would send me on my way….with a script. This lasted 2 years. In 2009 I left my hubby once again…guess what didnt even crave them anymore. In 2010 I lost my baby sister and my mother…so I started to get severe migraines and back pain. Ha more percs. I then found out I have Rheumatoid arthritis. More percs…no insurance. But I found a way to deal with it using ibuprophen after the scripts were gone and no insurance. Then my hubby tapered down to a few beers a week and went to anger management classes. We are back together and i see a side of him I have never seen before. But I am still buying percs, hydros, vics, roxys etc. Not for the anxiety but for the ENERGY!!! I have four kids and work part time and am in school part time as well. Its alot, and noone can tell me these energy drinks work. I havent had anything that has the same energy level as the opis. So I had no one to get anyfrom yesterday I went a 30 hr periiod with none…hello I was in dyer pain and the anxiety was HORRIBLE. My kids needed me and I felt BAD about it. ASo guess what I scored 12 5mg roxys. So the 30hrs of the shits and no giggles were for nothing. My husband doesnt know what i am doing so i cannot tell him or he will leave me and take my kids. I have no insurace and cannot get fed ins anymore because of income so I dont know what to do. He cannot take off work to see me thru the “flu” and I have a 4 yr old that stays home during the day. we have no family here and not alot of friends. Especially ones I can trust to tell my dirty secret to or to help with the kiddos…….what to do

14 Ruined { 03.27.12 at 11:44 am }

I am on day 3 of detox from a narcotic 10 times stronger than morphine that I was injecting intravenously several times a day >> Dilaudid. The worst part? I was so able to hide the fact that I was using for the past year from my husband and family that I feel like I am going at this alone. I am too ashamed to tell anyone, and I found out I am pregnant. Mostly I just want my life back. I have diarrhea, I am constantly cold with the chills, my body aches, I’m depressed as heck, and I just wish this withdrawal s&*t was over… on what day will I start to feel like I can even drag myself off of the couch? Right now, I just lost my job, so I am saying it’s just depression (though I know it’s more)…I would just like to know the end is near. I need to apply for jobs, but the thought of even having to walk up 10 stairs to get to the shower for an interview is excruciating…. It looks as though no one has posted in a while but if anyone out there knows when the physical part of this shitty addiction wears off, that would be great… this is my first time detoxing as I have never done anything like this before… Thanks guys.

15 bitch03 { 05.29.12 at 12:06 pm }

I am on day 3 of vicodin withdrawal
day 1 i really wanted to get the drug i was mad that i didnt have it. didnt want to do anything
day 2 some loose stools restless leg syndrome but i could sleep and eat i dont have the urge to eat but i do eat
day 3 can’t hold still its a little harder today i feel like i am in a cloud of fog or something. runny nose watery eyes i am taking otc meds liek allergy meds and cold medicine and advil to help it seems to work
any ideas how long this will last
i was taking them here and there for a few months and in the last 3 weeks i have taken them everyday at least 3 a day 7.5/325mg not too much but enough to cause an issue will post how day 4 goes.

16 jeremy { 11.12.12 at 11:27 pm }

Well im on day 3 . Ive been on day 1 pretty much for a month waiting on some kratom hopefully itll get me out of bed

17 seferino momtoya { 05.02.13 at 7:03 am }

Hello everybody I’m 48 years old I started taking benzodiazepines any kind for 15 years and 7 years ago I broke my right hand and I started taking norco 10-325mg I started taking the dose the doc prescribed me. but now I don’t. have pain,about 3 years ago I started increasing my dosage by myself from the beginning I was talking 2mg of Xanax a day now I’m taking up to 6-7mg. And the norco I started 3×a day now I take 9-10 pills a day I’m worry because my doc he doesn’t want prescribe me to many pills he wants to give me 2mg a day of Xanax and only 4 norcos a day so I don’t know what I can do,I’m going to buy some at the streets in case I can’t get anything and I’m putty sure I’m going to start with W/D please if someone knows where I can buy some pills let me know,I don’t know how I’m going to feel when the W/D start, any help or suggestion on how manage this situation will be very very appreciate it thanks everybody.

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